Former Associate Spills Tea About Dutchess and Sky’s Son Genesis

Although she isn’t on the “Black Ink Crew” anymore, Dutchess seems to have the most buzz from the show. From her breakup with Ceaser, and her ongoing beef with Sky, Dutchess is more entangled in the show’s plot than ever before.

As reported earlier this year, Sky’s oldest son Genesis and his father were spotted at Dutchess’ Charlotte, NC tattoo shop Pretty-N-Ink. At the shop, they conducted an interview and contradicted everything Sky has said regarding his adoption.

Genesis and his father claim Sky willingly gave him and his brother up for adoption and they each had a different father.

As we’ll see on the show this season, Sky will try to reconcile with both Genesis and his brother. However, according to preview clips, things don’t go well between Genesis and Sky.

Ceaser also has been calling out Dutchess for apparently trying to sue him for half of his company’s value. Dutchess’ mom and sister denied this, and claimed she financially supported him, including paying his child support.

Sky is furious at Dutchess for allegedly getting involved with her son, helping him blast her in the media. As Dutchess denies any malicious involvement, a former associate has stepped forward.

Yesterday on Instagram, Dutchess’ former associate claimed that not only is Dutchess involved in making Sky look bad in terms of her children, but she’s been plotting against her and Ceaser.

In fact, he claims her plotting goes all the way back to the end of season three.

Check out his post below.

The former associate sent the posts over to Sky, who angrily reposted one of them. She also claims Dutchess did not quit “Black Ink Crew,” but was instead fired.

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  1. It’s amazing how they have made this whole season about Dutchess and not about the fact that Sky has been exposed as a compulsive liar.

      1. Girl are you serious? Sky lied about having TWINS. She lied about having JUST ONE BABY DADDY. She lied about being forced to put her kids up for adoption. She lied about giving them up for adoption when she was 15. It’s like you don’t watch the show at all. You just came on here ready to defend Sky. And this is why she keeps lying. Her own stans encourage it. I don’t blame Genesis one bit for being angry with her.

  2. Well Sky can’t blame Dutchess for why her son hates her. Maybe if she didn’t try to use him as a storyline, just maybe they could have a decent relationship. She needs to get her priorities in check. I know she has a lot of fans, but a lot more people are starting to see her for what she really is. Time to stop playing victim. Yes, Dutchess was vindictive, but Sky should not have lied on her kids just for public sympathy. That’s disgusting.

  3. The producers are obviously trying to save Sky’s image. So they are going to make her look like the victim when she really needs to explain why she lied as much as she did about her kids. Back when Black Ink was real, they would have shown all sides and Sky would have had to explain herself.

  4. I think people missing the point the fact still remains Sky has been lying this whole time about her kids. Why isn’t that the focus? I have yet to hear anybody question her lies like I thought your son was in a good home this child been in juvie. No question Dutchess definitely wanted to get even she gave him a platform but her son has so much animosity towards her rightfully so he was eventually going to blast Sky regardless. Sky’s lies led to this point blank period.

    1. I’m confused, so claim he wasn’t in a good home cause he went to juvie. Lol. Do u realize how stupid that sounds, cause ofcourse kids from good homes never get in trouble. psssh okkkk..??

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