Tammy Rivera Claps Back at Racist Troll on Social Media

Tammy Rivera, firstly, was at the airport waiting for her flight when she recorded a white woman who got on her due to her hat.

The camouflage green hat has the American Flag with a red “X” over it.

Apparently the hat offended the woman and the two got into it.

Tammy recorded the aftermath and posted everything to her Instagram Live.

Check out the video below:

After the video was posted, Tammy was the target of alleged racist direct messages.

She posted one of them for the world to see, and posted the person’s Instagram account, which is private. In the DM, the woman actually called Tammy a racist “black b***h,” and said she doesn’t know any better because she doesn’t know anyone who served in the military. Tammy retorted that her father served but it didn’t stop him from being sentenced to a 30 year prison sentence.

Check out the now deleted post below.

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    1. He sure does. But they don’t understand that sh-t gets real when you don’t have the protection that comes with being president.

  1. Tammy can wear whatever hat she wants to. These racists need to remember it’s 2017 and slavery is over. They can no longer tells us what we can and can’t do.

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