Watch: Kandi Burruss Gets Kim Zolciak All the Way Together

Kandi and Kim Beef

Kim Zolciak’s return to “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” isn’t sitting well with the majority of the cast.

In fact, most of the ladies feel like Kim gets away with a lot when it comes to the production crew. However, they feel everyone else isn’t granted the same privileges.

Some also feel as if Kim thinks RHOA is her show alone and she can do what she pleases while everyone else has to follow the rules while filming.

On the upcoming episode, Kandi tries to explain this to Kim to no avail.

Kandi calls Kim out for always bringing Kroy to events. Apparently, she makes him sit in the car outside so she can leave quickly.

Kandi tells Kim that she’s always trying to make a speedy exit when it’s time for everyone to come together and film. Kim gets irritated and curses at Kandi.

And Kandi was not having it either.

This angers Kandi who snaps back with, “Who the f*ck you cussing at?”

A startled Kim is once again shut down when Kandi tells her, “Well if you’re getting irritated, do what the f*ck you normally do and take your a*s on and get in that car.”


Check out the clip below:

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  1. Kim doesn’t need to come back next season. She’s very unlikable and she can keep that superior stank attitude on Tardy for the Ratings because she’s not needed on RHOA.

  2. Kim will always deflect from the truth. She came back to RHOA to get a check and wants to do the bare minimum for it.

  3. Kim did the same stuff that season she was pregnant and quit. She does not like to be around any of the other women. Never has. She has her own show so I don’t know why they brought her back. Especially when she thinks she’s better than everyone else.

    1. i can’t stand it. Brielle is the same way. They cause mess and then pretend they have no idea what you are talking about when you call them out and play victim about it too.

  4. Kim needs to go. We don’t need her back next season. The way she acts now is such a turn off and I can’t see why Andy loves her so much. I looked at the ratings for her show and they aren’t good. So her stuck up attitude isn’t even warranted, nor all the handouts she keeps getting from Bravo.

  5. I agree with Kandi but to me this is a issue they need to bring up to Bravo. All of them need to show some solidarity and take that up with the top people at RHOA because that ain’t fair. Kim probably gets paid one of the top salaries and does the bare minimum when everybody else has to follow film rules this issue should be addressed with Bravo if they are serious.

  6. Bravo has always given Kim preferential treatment because she’s white. And they don’t promote RHOA like the whiter shows because it’s a primary black show and they can’t stand that a primarily black show gets all the ratings.

  7. Kim ain’t sh-t. How do you sign up for a job and then refuse to do the damn job? RHOA is a got damn job. If everyone else can’t bring bae to work all the damn time and leave early every shift, what makes her special? Especially when the show was just fine when her a-s wasn’t there.

  8. This will be Sheree soon. Kandi tried to befriend Kim and Kim crossed her and stole that song. And Sheree is trying to be close to Kim and Kim will cross her soon enough as well. Kim is too self centered to be anyone’s true friend. I can only hope Porsha doesn’t take too long to see the real Kim.

  9. I’m not sure why people hate Kim because if t wasn’t for her, the season would have even more boring than it already is. Eva flopped, Shamea flopped and Kenya has done nothing this season which is why she had to be on ten at the reunion. The season needed a good villain and Kim delivered with Sheree being the perfect side kick. This is what Phaedra used to do.

    1. It’s so annoying when y’all give Kim too much credit. Remember that the show hit record ratings WITHOUT Kim.

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