BFV Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: Don't Rock The Boat
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BFV Recap: Tamar Disses Traci + Refuses to Film With Family Amid Divorce Drama

Someone has to deliver the bad news to Toni about Denim’s party.

Towanda and Trina are hanging out at a bar and Towanda tells Trina about her shopping trip for Denim’s birthday party.

Evelyn, Towanda, Trina and Traci are still against going to the party. However, they don’t want to hurt Toni’s feelings. Towanda volunteers to tell Toni they aren’t going.

They also talk about Towanda’s possible lawsuit. Towanda hasn’t told Tamar about the potential of the lawsuit. Trina thinks it’s in Tamar’s best interest to know about this possible lawsuit.

“Family and legal don’t really mix.” – Trina

Towanda agrees and she assures Trina that Tamar will learn about the lawsuit from her.

Toni films a video for her single “Deadwood.”

Meanwhile, Toni is with Billy Woodruff filming a music video for the song “Deadwood.”

“Deadwood” is the first single off Toni’s album “S*x and Cigarettes.” The song is a somber one about a breakup.

Toni wants the video to have a retro, 90’s vibe, reminiscent of her image from that time. She notes that working on the project and planning Denim’s birthday has been stressful for her. But she’s thankful for her family’s help.

Traci wants to buy a boat.

Trina and Traci attend the Atlanta Boat Show and Trina is really excited to look at boats. She’s looking to buy one.

Traci isn’t as enthused.

“We came on boats, now we’re buying boats.” – Traci

She also tells Trina that she’s concerned about her ability to drive a boat. However, Trina is unbothered by Traci’s concern.

Later on, Trina and Traci talk about Kevin Jr. becoming a father with Oliviah. Traci hopes that Kevin still focuses on his education, following his dreams. She reveals that she is disappointed in not following her own after she gave birth to Kevin.

Trina can relate because she was a young mother herself. She also apologizes to Traci for moving on and signing their record deal without her.

Towanda delivers the bad news to Toni.

The next day, Towanda calls Toni to deliver the bad news. She tells Toni that she, Evelyn, Traci and Trina won’t be able to make Denim’s birthday.

She explains that it’s because the party will be at Vince’s house. Towanda is not comfortable with this.

“There’s a part of me, that does not understand.” – Toni

Toni also reveals that Tamar invited her to have the party at the house. She also doesn’t feel that Tamar and Vince will divorce.

Tamar is also planning Evelyn’s birthday. Towanda wants to use that time to talk about the lawsuit. But Toni doesn’t agree that’s it’s the appropriate time to give Tamar that news.

Traci FaceTimes Olviah to check in on her and her grandbaby. As the days go on, Traci’s excitement grows. She also learns the gender.

Towanda and Traci trick each other into a double-date.

An excited Traci will throw a gender reveal for her family and she will reach out to Tamar to get her to come out. Later on, Towanda and Trina are out to eat and Towanda is angry.

Her ex-husband Andre is still upset at Towanda for seeing somebody new. Trina asks if they had a conversation. Towanda told him, “Why does it matter?”

“It’s none of your business.” – Towanda

Interestingly enough, Trina revealed more details about her boyfriend. But Trina is nervous about bringing her man around the family.

“They don’t just know how to act.” – Trina

As a result of all of this, Towanda and Trina surprisingly agreed to a double date.

Despite everything, Tamar wants to plan Evelyn’s birthday.

Toni gets Tamar on the phone to talk about Evelyn’s birthday party. She wants to have Evelyn’s party in Atlanta, however, she isn’t going to ask Tamar about her divorce.

Tamar says that, “it might look a little bootleg,” but she will need help. Toni notes that although they aren’t on the best terms, Tamar is excited to plan Evelyn’s birthday.

Meanwhile, Trina is out on the lake with Traci to show off the boat. Trina flips Traci the finger when Traci brings up Trina’s bad driving.

“Driving a boat is different from driving a car.” – Trina

While on the boat, Traci tells Trina about the gender reveal plans. She’s going to throw a reveal and a baby shower. Traci also delivered news that Toni invited her and Tamar to open up on Toni’s upcoming tour.

She’s excited because she’s never performed by herself while on tour with Toni.

Tamar disses Traci majorly and Traci learns Tamar no longer wants to film with her family.

Lastly, Traci is heading out to L.A. and hopes to reach out to Tamar as Tamar films a movie.

“Maybe if I do this, it will be one step closer to being back together.” – Traci

Her mood changes when she learns about Towanda and Trina’s double-date. But Trina tells Traci she’s nervous about her boyfriend meeting all of her sisters. She doesn’t want her sister to ruin her relationship.

Traci heads out to the movie set. She spots Tamar’s car and sticks her head out the window, playfully asking Tamar where she’s been. But Tamar drives right by, ignoring Traci. Traci calls her but she doesn’t pick up.

Julio, a producer, calls to tells Traci that Tamae doesn’t want to film with anyone in the family.

“This is some crazy-ass s***.” – Traci

She then calls Towanda to reveal that Tamar doesn’t want to film with anyone.

Towanda and Traci talk about Vince being arrested & possibly fathering a love child.

Back in Atlanta, Towanda and Trina are picking out a cake for Evelyn’s birthday. Towanda will withhold the news she got from Traci about Tamar. She feels it isn’t her place to deliver this news to Trina.

But, Towanda tells Trina that Vince got arrested. This leads to the two gossiping about Vince getting called out by Tamar on Instagram for allegedly having a love child.

“And you’re raw dogging randoms, allegedly?” – Trina

Towanda notes that Tamar is flip-flopping being with Vince or divorcing. Trina notes that Vince has been seen with Tamar lately and it would be a disaster if Evelyn sees Vince.

Traci tells her sisters about Tamar’s request, and Toni isn’t happy.

It’s Evelyn’s birthday and the sisters, sans Tamar, show up. Toni tells her sisters that Denim’s party was good. However, she was disappointed they didn’t show up.

Toni then notices that Traci ordered a “Toni Braxton,” which is a heavy liquor drink. She notices something is wrong and asks Traci about it.

Traci tells them about Toni kicking her off the set and revealed that Tamar doesn’t want to film with them.

“I’m sorry. I’m the oldest and I feel like I could say it; that was f***ed up.” – Toni

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Anonymous

    April 20, 2018 at 10:09 am

    I really don’t like how Tamar did Traci. At the end of the day, they are sisters no matter what. You don’t do your sister like that ever.

  2. Nicole

    April 20, 2018 at 10:15 am

    I’m so over Tamar’s stank attitude. Like ma’am get over yourself.

  3. Anonymous

    April 20, 2018 at 10:26 am

    Tamar is doing the absolute most! She’s only avoiding filming because she’s embarrassed that her marriage is a mess and the world knows that now. All that bragging she did and Vince is trash!

  4. Lisa

    April 20, 2018 at 1:53 pm

    Tamar is a brat.

  5. Nessa

    April 20, 2018 at 2:33 pm

    This season has been frustrating. All everyone talks about is Tamar and Vince. But neither are filming like that. It’s weird.

  6. Anonymous

    April 20, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    When you’ve been faking like you have a perfect marriage and the receipts come out, you’re going to avoid facing the people you have been bullish-tting for so long.

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