Robyn Dixon & Monique Samuels Talk Almost Coming to Blows

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Season 3 of “Real Housewives of Potomac” has been full of drama.

On the latest episode, Monique Samuels and Robyn Dixon almost came to blows.

And now both are addressing the situation in their latest blogs.

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  1. People are going in on Robyn but I can honestly say I understand why Monique annoys her. All she does on the show is brag about how she’s some business woman but I’ve never heard or seen any of these businesses. But I do know that Gizelle has an actual makeup company that is now sold in Target. People like Monique talk a good game but others actual shut up and just work and make stuff happen.

  2. Is Mo serious? Did she forget she’s the one who made the threats to Robyn and not the other way around? All Robyn said is do it. Don’t say to someone I’ll beat you down, I’ll choke you out with this umbrella and then play victim later like you didn’t start it. Mo started it. She just got shook when Robyn told her to back up her threats.

  3. Monique really talks like she’s the only one with anything on this show. It makes it hard to like her.

  4. Monique has been so unlikable this season. I know she had a miscarriage but this victim act she does all the time has gotten old. Everyone on this show is messy. Just own it already.

  5. Monique, Monique when will you learn, probably never. Nobody is jealous of you and your things. People value different things in their lives. Nobody cares that it rained on your Chanel outfit, I would think you wore enough Chanel that you didn’t have to mention it. By the way I don’t like your new house, I liked the other one better….

  6. Monique need AA. She’s annoying. Robyn and Gizelle need to stop bullying everyone. This isn’t high school or college stuck-up club. I’m enjoying Candiace and Karen is Bringing IT..

  7. Oh girl hush. I hate when messy people try to say they are being bullied. Let’s breakdown what Ms. Monique has been up to all season.

    1. drinking and driving, then lying about it after she gets called rightfully called out
    2. getting Candiace to beef with Charrisse and Gizelle and then throwing her under a bus a day after
    3. being the reason why her husband no longer has a relationship with his mom
    4. telling her brother to start a fan page so she can talk sh-t about Gizelle, Robyn and Ashley like a lame high school girl
    5. Accusing Gizelle of looking down on people financially when she actually does that herself
    6. Baiting Robyn to a fight but pretending she was the one baited when she’s the one who initiated it

    So how is she not a bully? Honestly Monique is one of the messiest people on the show just like Ashley. But at least Ashley owns it while Monique doesn’t and constantly plays victim like the majority of us viewers can’t see through her bs. It’s sad she had a miscarriage but she’s still a sucky person.

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