‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Lily Comes to Blows with Charmaine & Danielle

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” Lily gets fed up with both Charmaine and Danielle as they work on moving forward with Loyal Ink.

This leads to Lily coming to blows with Danielle and Charmaine on two separate occasions.

Lily’s violent reactions to disagreements doesn’t sit well with everyone else.

As her actions are questioned, Ryan hopes to convince Junior to return to a new 9Mag.

Here’s a recap of “New Lease, New Reese.”

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  1. This Loyal Ink thing is going to end up flopping so bad. You can’t run a business without there being a boss. Everyone can’t be in charge.

  2. Lily got a lot of anger in her… Now everything Lily said about them was nothing but the truth. What’s get me they think Ryan wrong for dropping them. It’s like they some of them don’t wanna see the truth

  3. Lily made some good points about Charmaine and Danielle but at the same time, Ryan left because they were unprofessional. Does she not realize that fighting every time she disagrees with someone is you know, also unprofessional?

  4. Lily can’t fight. All she doe is windmill and since Charmaine and Danielle can’t fight either, she thinks she’s big and bad.

  5. Lily out of line and out of control as usual smh. All they doing is validating why Ryan paid them dust.

  6. That is straight nonsense and shenanigans. Smh ??‍♀️ That’s a HAM!!! Loyalty Ink??? Where is the loyalty? To whom? They can’t even get along. Ryan you made a smart move. They’re salty bc he left but, he didn’t want his brand tarnished and I agree. None of them are serious, professional or responsible. ??

  7. Lily is the most unprofessional person in the shop though. She’s the reason Junior left. So she can’t lecture anyone.

  8. The watch how you talk to Latinas sh-t annoyed me. How about Lily needs to watch how she approaches and talks to black people! She’s out here saying the N word like she’s one of us. I can’t stand her and I wish someone would beat her a-s already.

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