‘Power’ Season 5 Spoilers: The Feud Between Angela & Tasha Ends?

Fans of “Power” know that the animosity between Tasha and Angela is due to an affair that took place between Ghost and Angela.

Ghost and Angela are childhood sweethearts, but they reignited their feelings although Ghost is now married and a drug kingpin.

So it’s no surprise that the feud between Angela and Tasha also lead to a bit of a divide between viewers.

Some are Team Angela, while others are Team Tasha.

People take the feud so seriously that Lena Loren has received death threats.

But both actresses confirmed in an interview with TV Guide that the feud pretty much loses steam in season five.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“Tasha would love to never see Angela again but their fates are inextricably tied together. It’s this interesting circumstance where people who don’t entirely trust each other, who don’t necessarily like each other, have to work together because the predicament they’re in is bigger than all of their petty dynamics,” Lela Loren told TV Guide.

Added Naturi Naughton: “This is the year where she has to put aside her issues about Ghost and just be the bigger person and go to Angela for help. But it’s really about power. She needs to have some sort of power when it comes to keeping Tariq out of jail and Angela’s the best resource to use.”

With their energy focused on Tariq, there won’t be time for the former enemies to rehash the past. Instead, the unlikely team-up will be an opportunity for both women to see each other in a new light now that they’re no longer fighting about Angela’s lengthy affair with Ghost.

“What’s going on with the love triangle doesn’t matter. Raina’s death levels everybody. It’s the crack in the foundation. I think Tasha starts to see Angela in a different way because she needs her and Angela starts to see Tasha in another way because that conflict isn’t really front and center. A new sort of respect can grow,” added Loren.

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