Are Stevie J. and Faith Evans Married? (UPDATE)

Faith Evans and Stevie J. have always had an interesting relationship. They’ve known each other for well over twenty years, going back to their Bad Boy days.

Faith even appeared on his reality show “Leave it to Stevie” on multiple occasions. On the show, Stevie tried to make their relationship beyond the record studio and their friendship. However, Faith wasn’t down with his usual antics.

Well, this morning, It could appear his persistence possibly paid off.

Stevie posted to Twitter that he loves Faith Evans. What’s interesting is that he wrote out her full name, giving her the last name of Jordan.

Faith, who usually brushes off Stevie’s affection didn’t here. In fact, she wrote back “I love you” to Stevie.

Check out the tweet exchange below.

Interestingly enough, Faith Evans and Stevie J have a song and music video releasing July 27th. From the looks of the preview, the video appears to be quite steamy between the two.

Could the tweets be a stunt to promote their new music? Only time will tell.

As Stevie J and Faith Evans seemingly expand their relationship, Joseline Hernandez is still putting Stevie on blast. Apparently, Stevie’s not holding up his end of the court agreements they made earlier this year.

So in typical Joseline fashion, she called Stevie a bum on Twitter, demanding he pay what he owes.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Faith and Stevie J. tied the knot in Vegas on Tuesday. As for Joseline, she posted a text message exchange in response, making many suspect Stevie may have tried to marry her last month.

Happy honey moon ???? Petty Wednesday

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