LHHH Recap: A1 Clashes with Family Amid Cheating Rumors + Safaree Makes a Confession

Security intervenes after A1 tries to run up on Safaree.

Both men exchange verbal jabs, as Safaree doesn’t exactly deny what K. Michelle told A1. When A1 straight up asks him if the rumors are true, Safaree plays coy.

“It is what it is.” – Safaree

Princess and Paris catch up.

Of course Princess wastes no time in giving Paris a recap of what happened at the gender reveal event. She says she’s never talking to Brandy again because Brandy sends her nasty text messages but plays nice in public.

Ray J. appears and says that he should have never caused all this drama in the family.

Paris leaves them alone to talk.

“I’m sorry. We are growing apart and let me just say it’s my fault.” – Ray

Princess admits that she never thought Ray was cheating on her but she just hated that he was away so much. They then discuss what went down with Moniece and Ray gets heated when he hears that Moniece tried to throw a chair at Princess.

Ray wants to check Moniece but Princess says she will handle it after she has the baby.

Brooke gets some scary news.

In a green screen interview, Brooke admits that she regrets spilling Lyrica’s tea after Lyrica kept some of her secrets.

She wants to look into getting a breast reduction. But her doctor says he discovered some lumps. He’s going to take the lumps out and test them.

Lyrica has a chat with her mom Lyrica, Sr.

She comes clean about the rumor about Safaree. She feels K. Michelle started it all.

So Lyrica’s mom Lyrica, Sr. calls K. a “dirty b*tch.”

Since Brooke feels that something also went down between Safaree and Lyrica, Lyrica’s mother wonders why multiple people have the same impression.

Lyrica’s mom says that Lyrica once told her that Safaree sent her an inappropriate picture. She gets upset and says her mom is being messy because she was just trying to be nice to Safaree. She beaks down crying and her mother says she’s going to talk to A1.

Ray J. and A1 catch up at Ray’s business event.

A1 says he and Safaree almost came to blows because Safaree was talking slick.

Photos of Safaree’s “man hood” were just leaked on the internet. Ray is feeling like he really needs to sit down and talk to Safaree to get to the bottom of things.

Bridget and Brooke talk.

Brooke tells her that Lyrica is in denial and she even told her that Safaree is “blessed” down there. Now that pictures are out, they agree.

The subject then changes into the lumps found in Brooke’s breasts. Brooke admits she’s scared and doesn’t know who can support her since her family is in Houston.

Fizz makes an appearance.

He says he’s just been trying to do him lately.

Roccstar arrives. He’s a successful producer. He tells everyone that he remembers when A1 was trying to get on. In a green screen interview, A1 says Roccstar is just hating.

Apple arrives.

She tells Brooke and Bridgett she’s ready to start her music career. Roccstar comes over to speak.

When he hears Apple has been working with A1, Roccstar he tells her she should work with him.

A1 and Lyrica’s mothers clash.

A1 talks to his mom Pam about Lyrica. She thinks he should just focus on himself for now.

Lyrica’s mom then pops up and says A1 has been ignoring her calls. She feels A1 is listening too much to hearsay.

But A1 says three people are saying similar things. This angers A1’s mother Pam and she almost come to blows with Lyrica’s mom. Security restrains both and Lyrica’s mother is taken out of the house.

Not too long after, A1 and his mother start arguing. Pam tells him that he’s been acting too Hollywood. So A1 tells her to leave.

Brooke meets up with Marcus to talk about her health scare. He originally thinks they are there to argue about the woman he’s been dating.

She explains that there were lumps found in her breasts. She admits she’s scared.

Marcus says he’s going to support Brooke even though he does have a girlfriend. They hug it out.

Roccstar and Apple get in the studio.

He tells her that he has an issue with the fact that she’s working with A1. He says A1 has beef because Roccstar remembers when A1 was struggling to get in the industry.

Apple says she refuses to let Roccstar use her to get back at A1. So she decides to just work with A1 because Roccstar iis being petty. So she leaves.

“Yeah, he definitely hit before I did.” – Roccstar

Lyrica’s mother tries to confront K. Michelle.

Bridgett opens up for K. Michelle’s show.

After K. has a successful performance, she goes backstage to recoup. Paris comes by to congratulate her. K. is happy to see her.

Lyrica’s mother shows up and fails to get past security. She wants to confront K. Michelle. So when she starts yelling for K. to come out, Paris comes out instead to calm her down.

Paris says K. can’t come out. This makes Lyrica’s mom goes off. Paris says it’s a blessing that Lyrica is messing with Safaree because he’s blessed down there. This angers Lyrica’s mother more as she attempts to break free of security.

Ray J. sees all the commotion going down and he goes backstage to talk to K.

K. wonders how many more people are going to confront her for Lyrica.

Just then, Moniece shows up and speaks to K. Ray J. asks her why she threw a chair at Princess while she was pregnant. But Moniece feels Princess gets a pass to do crazy stuff while she doesn’t.

He then asks her why she lied on Brandy and said Brandy is carrying their baby.

“You’re a very bad person, man.” – Ray J.

Before leaving, Moniece tells Ray to keep Princess away from her.

A1 meets with his mother and his older brother.

He invited his mother to dinner to apologize. He wasn’t expecting to see his brother there too.

His brother Lloyd is upset that A1 thew their mother out the house.

“You got some explaining to do.” – Lloyd

“Who you talking to?” – A1

“I’m talking to you. I’m the big brother.” – Lloyd

His mom says Lyrica is an instigator and so is her mother. So his brother feels A1 is way out of line and has changed. He even suggests that A1 divorces Lyrica and get his life back on track.

It doesn’t take long for A1 and his brother to almost come to blows.

They have to be restrained by security. A1 feels like his family doesn’t have his back.

His mom then gets in his face and tells him to wake up because Lyrica doesn’t mean him any good.

Ray J. meets up with Safaree to find out the truth.

Safaree says he didn’t do anything with Lyrica. All he did was text Lyrica and he accidentally sent her the pictures floating around on the internet.

Ray lies and says that Lyrica told A1 that they slept together.

“So she said me and her?” – Safaree

“You know you smashed. What did you do?” – Ray J.

“Like I didn’t mean for it to happen…it’s like you be talking. People want you to get on the song then…” – Safaree

“Why did you do that?! Listen, I thought you would deny it so I could clear your name. But now that you admitted it, I don’t think I wanted to know.” – Ray J.

Safaree then seemingly admits that something did happen and Ray admits he lied to get Safaree to tell the truth.

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