‘Braxton Family Values’ Recap: Traci Braxton Continues to Film Without Her Sisters

Traci breaks rank with sisters, continuing to film.

The episode opens with Traci crying in her friends arms. Michael Sr.’s there too. Traci decided to not stop filming. 

She tells Michael that she’s distraught her sisters are not filming. 

“One of my sisters said I am dead to them.” – Traci

Michael continues to support his daughter Traci, telling her that’s not the case, and they will not cut her off.

“You got the same DNA in you…” – Michael Sr.

Traci brings up how this reminds her of how she was kicked out of their group when she gave birth to Kevin Jr. Despite that, Michael does his best to motivate Traci to keep moving.

As a result of crossing the picket line, Traci doesn’t communicate with most of her sisters. However, she does talk to Toni and Evelyn. 

While Traci continues to film, production did try to negotiate with the other Braxton sisters. 

Cliff says that he feels Traci’s always gotten the short end of the stick when it came to her other sisters. Although Traci isn’t sure if she’s doing the right thing, Cliff has her back.

Michael Sr. wants his great-grandson baptized.

The show then followed Michael Jr to his church where he’s meeting Kevin Jr. Kevin and Michael talk about christening Kevin III. However, Kevin Jr. isn’t sure if he’s ready to do it. 

He doesn’t want to baptize Kevin III if Oliviah isn’t ready for it. Oliviah grew up as a non-christian. 

With the sisters not on the show, the producers followed Kevin Sr. and Traci furniture shopping for their “boom-boom” room.

Later on Kevin Sr., Michael Sr., and Traci have a cookout, talking about the other Braxtons not showing up. 

All they can really talk about is Michael Sr. wanting to baptize Kevin III.

Production then brought Traci’s wardrobe stylist on the show to fill air time. While trying on clothes for her tour, Traci’s disappointed in her size.

Later on, Kevin Jr. and Oliviah made everyone remaining happy by allowing Michael Sr. to hold a dedication ceremony.

Natalie Nunn and Phaedra Parks join the show.

It appears the negotiation between production and the other Braxton sisters reached a critical point. But for now, none of them made Kevin III’s dedication ceremony. Their other family showed up, including Ms. Wanda. 

Despite the sisters not showing up, the ceremony was a success. Later, Traci’s back in LA. She’s with her friend Nicki to work out at a wellness camp. 

Before it begins, comedian Lunell, Natalie Nunn and Phaedra Parks join Traci. They all discuss the strike.

Next, week Tamar will finally appear on the season, with Toni and Towanda. However, it seems their walk-out continues.

What are your thoughts of the episode?

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