GUHHATL Recap: Bow Wow & Kiyomi Break Up + Da Brat Doesn’t Like Lil Mama

Bow Wow and Kiyomi have different versions of their breakup.

The episode opens with Kiyomi in tears. She and Bow Wow got into a big argument when he got home last night. In the morning, Bow Wow’s venting to BT and Pimpin’. Kiyomi felt neglected when she was left hanging in the studio for hours. However, Bow Wow’s blowing that off, and he’s fed up with her attitude.

In fact, he compared her attitude to Joie’s.

Meanwhile Kiyomi is venting to her friend, revealing Bow Wow was drunk. Kiyomi revealed she was called a bum and didn’t feel safe. As a result, she packed up her stuff and moved out.

However, Bow Wow’s telling a completely different story to his friends. He holds up a torn shirt and says Kiyomi got physical with him. That crossed the line. BT and Pimpin’ tell him that he needs a “normal girl,” but Bow Wow says he’s not a relationship person.

Interestingly enough, he’s supposed to be at a cover release party and deal with questions surrounding why he’s not there with Kiyomi. Kiyomi, on the other hand, she’s in tears telling her friend that she didn’t even want to go public with their relationship.

Lastly, Bow Wow tells his boys that he is single.

“Single Bow is back.” – Bow Wow

His first act as single Bow Wow will be to holla at Lil Mama.

Deb wants Masika to work with Jhonni Blaze despite their shady past.

As single Bow Wow returns, Masika’s filming a music video. Deb stops by the shoot to give Masika a proposal. This excites Masika a bunch, and she feels Deb’s closer to managing her.

Of course, Masika reveals to Deb that she doesn’t like Bow Wow dating Kiyomi and it’s interfering with her friendship with him. But Deb wants Masika not to focus on this. Deb presents an opportunity for Masika to work on a record with Jhonni.

That’s not gonna work as they have beef over Jhonni dm’ing Fetty Wap while they were together.

“I’m not asking you to be her friend.” – Deb

Despite this past, Deb ain’t looking to get these two to become friends, she just wants them on the record.

As this talk goes on, Bow Wow texts Masika that he misses her and wants to link up later.

“Good ol’ bi-polar Bow.” – Masika

Bow Wow shows up to his party for a cover shoot he did with Kiyomi & Kiyomi isn’t there.

It’s the night of the Rolling Out cover party for Bow Wow and Kiyomi, so he’s going to be facing questions.

Of course, those questions come from Ayana and Shaniah. Despite Bow Wow being solo, his family and friends are at the party. When Ayana asks where’s Kiyomi, he lies and says she’s at the studio.

They see right through him and Ayana hopes nothing crazy happened because she’s booked at her fashion show. After the questioning, his cover is revealed and Kiyomi is all over the spread. This makes him even more nervous because of his strife in their relationship.

After the reveal, Bow Wow runs into Da Brat and he gets honest with her about Kiyomi. He’s counting on getting a woman’s prospective from Brat. He tells her how long he was gone from the studio. Brat side eyes his side of the story, but she stays in his corner. He mentions that Kiyomi had good reason to be insecure.

Lil Mama showed up to the party and she’s kicking it with Bow Wow. Ayana tells Lil Mama about her clothing line and how she’s putting her own money behind it. Lil Mama’s interested in her line and Ayana invites her to the fashion show. Bow Wow comes over and lays the compliments on Lil Mama quite thick.

However, Lil Mama has her attention on Bow’s friend BT. Bow Wow ain’t caring too much because he’s looking to mingle with all of the other women at the party. He also texts Masika again to come over, and she asks if he’s really single.

Bow Wow tells her yes. He’s definitely looking to spend a night or 3 of “quality time” with Masika.

“If Masika wants to be with me for the night, or 2, or 3, I’m definitely rocking with it.” – Bow Wow

Lil Mama is sick of being asked about the infamous Jay-Z incident.

The next day, Da Brat and MC Lyte link up to chat and catch up. During their conversation, Brat reveals her bankruptcy over her lawsuit judgement involving her aggravated assault. When MC Lyte reveals she’s managing Lil Mama, Brat tells her she’s not feeling Lil Mama.

“Why her?” – Da Brat

“Because she needs it.” – MC Lyte

Da Brat doesn’t like Lil Mama because of how they interacted at the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and what happened at the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards. She really doesn’t like how she brushed off Beyoncé when she tried to stop Lil Mama from going to the stage during that infamous incident.

Ayana and Shaniah are driving around and Shaniah’s still tracking her boyfriend Willie. Kiyomi gets a call from Ayana and she reveals to Ayana she and Bow Wow broke up. This news shocks Ayana and Shaniah. Ayana’s hopeful Kiyomi will still show up to the fashion show. She gets assurances from Kiyomi that she will show up.

After hanging out with Da Brat, MC Lyte checks in on Lil Mama. She tells Lil Mama about what Da Brat said about her trip to the RSMS, and how everyone felt disappointed about Lil Mama being there.

She brings up how she was asked about the infamous incident and Lil Mama feels she shouldn’t be asked about it.

MC Lyte gives her tough love in saying that she needs to accept people asking that question and use it to promote her new projects.

“We’ve been at this for seven years. And I just want to see you win.” – MC Lyte

Masika looks to help Bow Wow get over his breakup.

At “The Moss Mansion,” Bow Wow eagerly awaiting Masika’s arrival. When she arrives, they exchange a big hug.

“We’re allowed to be friends now?” – Masika

“We’re good now.” – Bow Wow

It’s been a long time since they hung out and she’s bringing it up. She’s also making fun of his emotional text messages.

Lastly, she tells Bow Wow that she loves him with all of her heart.

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