Ana Responds to Backlash over Altercation with Cola

Ana From Hustle And Soul IG
Photo Credit: Instagram

The current season of “Hustle And Soul” has been a controversial one.

Lawrence decided to open a second restaurant in Miami.

He made Ana the manager and put her in charge of hiring.

She brought Cola on board but there’s been a lot of tension.

Cola hasn’t really been getting along with a couple of the new hires.

And when Ana brought Thandi into the fold, things got worse.

After Thandi and Cola clashed in front of customers, Ana decided to call a meeting.

Before the meeting, she also heard that Cola had been talking behind her back.

During the meeting, Thandi and Ana ended up jumping Cola.

Many viewers have taken to social media to call out Ana for her actions.

Lawrence made it clear that he has Ana’s back and he’s thankful for the ratings.

Well, it looks as if Ana isn’t worried about the backlash either.

She posted the following to Instagram recently:


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