Towanda Says Her Ex Husband Andre Isn’t Feeling Sean’s Relationship with Their Kids

Towanda And Andre Carter
Photo Credit: Instagram

Towanda’s ex-husband Andre Carter is having a hard time seeing her with another man.

On BFV, Towanda claimed Andre hasn’t seen their kids in several months.

Now it seems as if that is due to him seeing Towanda find love with Sean.

During an interview, Towanda stated that Andre is having a really hard time.

And he’s furious that Sean is already close to their kids.

Here’s what she had to say while gushing over Sean:

He’s supportive. He loves my kids…he doesn’t have any children. So he calls my kids his kids.

It’s a little challenging because my ex-husband, he’s having a very hard time. So when my king told my son Braxton, ‘Hey, Braxton I love you man,’ he was livid.

Andre supposedly told Towanda that it’s disrespectful for Sean to tell the kids he loves them.

Towanda doesn’t see the issue and has even invited Andre on double dates. However, he isn’t interested.

Check out the video below.

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