LHHATL Recap: Erica Confirms Scrappy is Late on Child Support + Scrappy Calls Her Basic

LHHATL Season 8 Episode 19
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Karlie confirms Joc wasn’t faithful to Kendra.

Joc says he and Kendra have been together for three years.

Kendra says nothing matters in the past because now they are engaged.

Karlie says that Joc didn’t tell her he was in a relationship with Kendra last year. She confirms they didn’t sleep together during last season’s trip to the ranch.

But she confirms Joc messed around with her and Sina in the last three years.

Joc apologizes to Pooh for pouring his drink on her while they were dancing in Trinidad. She accepts and says it was disrespectful because Joc is friends with Hiram.

Not too long after, Pooh and Karlie start arguing.

Accusations are made and Sierra tries to jump in to defend Karlie.

She says Pooh has not been with Hiram for 12 years and Pooh says BK said Sierra has a new man every six months.

This angers Pooh and Karlie and Sierra to run up on Pooh.

Security keeps everyone apart.

Ty is accused of cheating on Mimi.

Stevie apologizes to Mimi for not keeping his word and telling Eva he married Faith. They were supposed to tell Eva together.

Mimi doesn’t think his apology is genuine.

Ty calls Stevie out and says he isn’t around Eva much.

Stevie says Ty doesn’t have kids, so she can’t speak on being a parent.

But Ty says she knows how to raise a child.

After Stevie says Ty will only be around for a moment, Mimi clarifies that they have been together for three and a half years.

Stevie says Ty has cheated on Mimi with other basketball players.

Mimi doesn’t believe this.

When Nina points out that Stevie doesn’t ever get along with anyone Mimi dates, he says he just wants her to find a steady relationship.

Mimi again reminds him she’s been with Ty for three and a half years. And Stevie has been with a lot of women over the years, so he can’t talk.

Bambi and Erica clash.

Momma Dee talks about her beef with Bambi’s mother CeCe.

She says that sometimes there are misunderstandings.

But they are still family.

Erica Dixon then hits the stage.

She says her twins are now five weeks old.

Momma Dee has been there for her. She considers the twins her grandbabies too.

The drama at Emani’s birthday party is discussed.

Erica says that she and Scrappy still don’t communicate. They just text.

She feels like Bambi acts like she has to communicate with her. But she has a child with Scrappy, not Bambi.

Bambi says anytime Erica texts Scrappy, she’s texting them both.

Scrappy and Erica start arguing.

Erica pulls up information from DCFS that says Scrappy is three months late on child support.

Scrappy says he’s only one month behind.

He then calls Bambi a basic baby momma.

Scrappy goes on to say Erica is just mad he married Bambi. Bambi agrees and says Erica got a restraining order on Scrappy. But then hung out with him again after he and Bambi broke up.

Erica’s other baby daddy comes up. Scrappy says Erica isn’t even with him anymore and she needs to stop faking like she’s happy and moved on when she hasn’t.

Rasheeda says Scrappy, Erica, and Bambi are going to have to learn how to get along.

Mo is still in the picture.

Karlie gets emotional talking about her relationship with Mo.

They are still engaged. But Rasheeda and Mimi feel it’s a toxic relationship. They believe Mo is very controlling.

Mo is still going to get a paternity test for the child that may be his. And Karlie is still moving forward with the IVF process.

Karlie and Pooh discuss their feud.

Pooh still says Karlie slept with her and Hiram. Karlie denies this and says if it happened, she would say so because she wouldn’t be ashamed.

Sierra then jumps in and says Pooh is a fraud. She’s not married to Hiram and she was a pr*stitute.

Pooh denies this but Nina says they couldn’t find an actual marriage certificate for Pooh and Hiram. Just a marriage license from several years ago.

But Pooh says her marriage is legal and the paperwork is in another state. Karlie seriously doubts this.

Karlie agreed to take a lie detector test with the show’s assistance.

But Pooh declined and says she will take her own like Karlie did prior.

Nina says Karlie’s results are ready.

The episode concludes before the results are revealed.

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