‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: OG Confronts Feby About Her Diss Raps + CeCe Has Regrets

Basketball Wives Season 8 Episode 7 Recap
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The group has peace, temporarily.

The episode begins with Evelyn and Jennifer reconciling. Evelyn accepted the apology.

Everyone is relieved this occurred, however, Malaysia isn’t ready to forgive Jennifer just yet. After the apology session, everyone is finally able to get to enjoy their trip to San Diego. Evelyn notes that she’s even able to tolerate OG without her “puppet master” CeCe on the trip.

They spend their time in San Diego renting two-seater motorcycles and having lunch on the beach.

Unfortunately, the good times only last but so long because OG decides to bring up her desire to confront Malaysia about being confronted at CeCe’s bridal shower.

Jennifer then brings up how Malaysia should apologize to her for throwing the table, to which Shaunie disagrees. Shaunie says Malaysia threw the table out of anger and passion.

Interestingly enough, Malaysia doesn’t feel like Jennifer’s changed and just doesn’t want to talk to her.

Malaysia still wants nothing to do with Jennifer.

While everyone is in San Diego attempting to get along, CeCe’s busy planning her wedding. She’s shopping for a dress with her friend Ross and her mother. They are shocked when CeCe tells them Kristen and Londen won’t be showing up to the wedding.

Back in San Diego, Dominique tells Jennifer and OG she’s cool with Malaysia. Although she says she’s not threatened by this revelation, Jennifer side-eyes this, as Dominique recaps her conversation with Malaysia. Meanwhile, Malaysia doubles down on her feelings about Jennifer with Evelyn, Jackie, and Shaunie.

When they tell her Jennifer feels Malaysia should apologize about the table, Malaysia reluctantly agrees. However, Malaysia feels Jenn is fake. Jackie brings up how OG didn’t appreciate the “drive-by” at the bridal shower, and she shuts that down.

OG stands her ground.

Later in the evening, they all sit down for dinner. OG takes the time to address Malaysia, telling her that it wasn’t the time to address her at CeCe’s event. This leads to OG telling them how CeCe baited her into saying what she did about Thomas and Byron.

Evelyn jumps in and tells her she shouldn’t have repeated the information and CeCe only told her this so she could use her like a puppet. Shaunie agrees with Evelyn.

This only leads OG to double down on her feelings on the situation and brings up how Kristen brought up her boyfriend, talking “dirty” about him in the past.

Luckily, Feby lightens up the mood by offering to show them her music video. Before they go downstairs, Jennifer hips OG to Feby dissing her in a rap.

CeCe feels guilty.

After her dress fitting, Byron and CeCe are talking about their wedding plans. Byron doesn’t like how Thomas may not be attending. CeCe’s not happy about being accused of causing the friction between Byron and his kids.

Byron then tells CeCe about his conversation with Malaysia. In the end, CeCe really wants Byron to sit down with everyone.

OG has some words for Feby.

Back in San Diego, OG takes the time to confront Feby about the diss rap. Feby tells her if she wants to rap about her, she can make it about her. Evelyn points out that this is karma for what OG did to Kristen.

OG tells Feby she can catch this fade, noting that she’ll, “kill her with her bare hands.”

That silences the whole room. Shaunie notes OG’s aggression is driving a wedge between OG and the entire group. Feby now calls all of this clownery.

Luckily for everyone, tempers come down and Feby shows them her music video. OG had about enough of everything and is ready to leave everyone alone, despite Jackie’s surprise twerk contest.

Luckily for everyone, the trip to San Diego ended without violence or anyone catching anyone’s fade and Kristen’s ready for this drama with Byron and CeCe to end. She recaps the San Diego trip to Thomas. Thomas still doesn’t want to attend their wedding and doesn’t like CeCe at all.

Meanwhile, Byron and CeCe have dinner with OG and they seemingly set things straight. They tell OG that they aren’t sitting around and plotting on Kristen and Thomas. Byron tells OG she isn’t being used as a pawn.

In fact, they don’t know where all of this ammunition talk is coming from.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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