‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Another Bombshell is Dropped on Grace

Greenleaf Season 4 Episode 1
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Harmony & Hope complete their church takeover.

Season four begins with a thrilling gospel selection led by Harmony and Hope’s choir director as Charity and the Greenleaf family look on from the congregation in disgust. Bob Whitmore introduces Grace Greenleaf to the church as their interim Lead Pastor.

As they cross paths, Bob tells Grace to keep her sermon short.

After the sermon, Bishop and Mae meet Grace outside the sanctuary. Grace reminds them of their plan to have her take the permanent role of Lead Pastor only to set up a vote to vacate the Harmony and Hope family. However, Bishop and Mae want to use more aggressive ways to take their church back.

Mae takes things into her own hands and heads to talk to Bob and Connie. She lets them know in her own way that her family is going to fight for their position in the church. Connie reminds Mae that the Deacons don’t want her in charge of the church. She then walks away with a piece of tissue stuck to her shoe.

Inside the office, Grace is told by Phil that Charity or Jacob won’t be given positions in the church. Meanwhile, Bishop walks into his old office where Bob is kicking his feet up on the desk. Bishop chastises him about a hostile takeover of his friend’s church. However, Bob doesn’t budge to Bishop’s threats.

Grace makes it home and Aaron calls. Aaron reminds her that trying to get Charity and Jacob’s jobs is similar to what Mae did to keep their paternity a secret. This grounds Grace a little bit. Meanwhile, Jacob and Kerissa are moving back into the Greenleaf mansion. Zora wants her own space away from her family but her parents say no. Jacob’s phone rings and Kerissa suspects it’s Tasha and Basie looking to set her up.

Grace agrees to try and work things out Harmony & Hope.

Back at the Church, Bob and Phill talk about the Greenleaf family plotting to take the church back. They suspect that Grace tried to get Charity and Jacob a job and know what her underlying plan is. Back at the mansion, Charity and Kerissa chastise Grace. Interestingly enough, Mae defends Grace. But that doesn’t stop Grace from leaving the table in anger. When she leaves, Mae unleashes her own venom towards Kerissa, who’s been drinking too much wine.

Later, Mae joins Grace in her suite and tries to give her a pep talk. This dinner talk just gave Grace an even heavier stone on her back. But Mae reminds her to stand strong with the family and to keep the paternity thing a secret until they get the church back.

Meanwhile, in their suite, Kerissa’s looking at a house online while Jacob tells her about a job to be a life coach.

Lastly, James walks in on Mae as she’s changing into her bed wear and asks if he can move back into their bedroom. Mae tells him that he has to sweep her off her feet as he courts her once again.

As everyone is sleep, Grace gets a message from AJ Delay, who’s locked up.

Zora moves into Noah’s pool house.

The next morning, Zora runs down to ask Mae if she could move into Noah’s old pool house. Mae agrees to it if Zora agrees to go to bible study at 5:30 am. Zora really doesn’t know what she is getting herself into. But she doesn’t care as she happily gets the keys.

Phil runs into Grace and Grace remains short with him. When she gets into the office, Noah leaves a message for her asking to talk.

Meanwhile, Charity is doing her best brown-nosing bit for Phil looking for a position. He agrees to make her Associate Pastor if she agrees to give him information about her family’s takeover attempt and to help him become a lead pastor.

Bob stops by as Grace is moving into Bishop’s old office.

Jacob meets with the General Manager for the Memphis Red Devils to talk about the life coach position. However, this position is likely dependent upon being named associate pastor.

Grace blows up on her family

Lastly, Grace tells Bob she’ll leave if Charity and Jacob aren’t hired. However, Bob doesn’t take the bait, mentioning he’s been following her career for a long time. He tells her that putting family first is a mistake.

Back at the mansion, Jacob tells them the job is his if Grace gets him the Associate pastor position. That disappoints Kerissa. Meanwhile, Zora and Sophia are hanging out one last time before Sophia heads away for college.

At night, Grace tells the family Jacob got Associate Pastor. However, Charity pushes back when Grace says she couldn’t get it. This leads to Charity throwing a tantrum over this. Out of anger, she tells them she will be bringing dignity to Calvary. When she leaves, she agrees to Phil’s proposition.

The episode ends with Noah calling Grace, telling her he received a call from someone in Phonenix, locked up, and telling him that he’s their child.

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