CeCe Gutierrez Says It Was Malicious for Evelyn Lozada to Push Jackie Christie to Take Lie Detector Test

Photo Credit: VH1

Jackie Christie opens up to CeCe Gutierrez about taking a lie detector test on the upcoming episode. She’s not really sure how she feels about it. But CeCe tells Jackie that it was a malicious move made by Evelyn. CeCe says, “You got to be kidding me. That’s some malicious sh*t.”

When it comes to Jackie’s friendship with Jackie, CeCe questions it. And she doesn’t think a real friend would do what Evelyn did. She says, “I mean you don’t invite a girlfriend to come over and you walk in and there’s this big lie detector test with this professional sitting there, about to hook up sh*t up to your body…like you’re a criminal.”

CeCe goes on to say that she’s not surprised Evelyn did this. And she doesn’t understand why Jackie didn’t refuse to take the test and just walk away instead.

Check out the video below.

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