‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Recap: Melody Wants a Divorce + LaTisha Says Martell is in Love with Mistress

Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 2 Episode 1 Recap
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Marsau and LaTisha disagree on relying on her mother.

The season begins with LaTisha getting the kids ready for school and a doctor’s appointment. Meanwhile, Marsau still isn’t all that helpful around the house. He picked up a new job site in Tennessee and is getting ready to leave.

Marsau is concerned LaTisha has too much on her plate. LaTisha really wants Marsau to “step up” with the kids to help her out. It seems this isn’t going to happen and LaTisha suggests her mom Wanda to come help. Last season, Wanda and Marsau didn’t have the best relationship. Instead, Marsau comes up with an idea to instead select someone else to help her around the house.

Newlyweds Kimmi and Maurice are spending quality time out in a safari of sorts in Huntsville. They haven’t had their real honeymoon yet and Kimmi wants to make it happen soon. She has to stay on Maurice so this doesn’t get placed on the back burner. They then speak about Martell and Melody Holt and their personal and professional drama. Homes are getting slowly built on the property and Kimmi really wants to find out what’s going on. Melody is hosting an event and Kimmi is planning to show up.

Melody’s ready for a divorce.

Martell and Melody have hit another speed bump in their marriage. While they were heading out of town, the woman he cheated on Melody with in the past called him. Martell said he didn’t talk to her recently and didn’t know why this happened. This really didn’t sit well with Melody.

Martell, on the other hand, is meeting with a psychologist to talk about his past infidelity. The psychologist digs into their past and learns that Martell has been cheating the past three years with the same woman. He tells the story about his mistress calling him and Melody exchanged words with the woman on the trip. Now, the marriage is over according to Melody.

As this goes on, Melody has a meeting of her own; with a divorce attorney. She’s learning about her options regarding filing for divorce. Despite not knowing if the cheating is going on currently, she doesn’t want to be burned again. Meanwhile, Martell blames his infidelity on being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Blame is placed on the crowd of people he’s hanging out with who are cheating on their own spouses.

The lawyer tells Melody she can gain more than 50% of their assets in the divorce due to his behavior. The piques Melody’s interest.

During his session, Martell learns that the image of a good and successful marriage is not enough. Instead, he needs to work on his own self-study and improving communication with his wife. Interestingly enough, Martell calls the other woman a low-class, peasant and went to her to get what he wasn’t getting from his wife.

Melody opens up about dealing with Martell’s cheating.

The next day, Melody is hosting her event, Mimosas With Melody. This event is for women to come together who experienced infidelity. The crowd gets to ask her questions and they aren’t easy for Melody to answer. Kimmi showed up and she feels Melody is more open with the crowd than her.

The event gets emotional and tears flow from Melody and the women in attendance. It serves as sort of a therapy session of sorts as Melody opens up about Martell’s infidelity. After the event, Kimmi and Melody exchange pleasantries and catch up. The Comeback Group comes up and Melody bluntly tells Kimmi she’s ignoring anything involving this group and wants to do her own thing. Instead, Melody invites Kimmi to an open house for a property she’s working on. Kimmi is also surprised when Melody says she likes the venue so much she may have her second wedding there.

Kimmi and LaTasha discuss Melody.

LaTisha is in her office when Kimmi stops by to catch up. LaTisha brought her youngest daughter to work and that surprised Kimmi just a little bit. Kimmi and LaTisha recap Melody’s revealing event and Kimmi says she doesn’t know if things are working out. She tells LaTisha that Melody joked about having her second wedding at the venue that hosted her event. This has been more than what Latisha’s been getting from Melody.

In fact, LaTisha tells Kimmi that Melody didn’t reach out to her as LaTisha dealt with the passing of her grandmother and mom. Interestingly enough, Melody made comments on social media about Marsau not wearing his wedding ring. Apparently, Melody said she knows why Marsau doesn’t always wear his ring. LaTisha feels like Melody was insuinating that Marsau hasn’t been faithful. That irritated LaTisha as she wishes Melody came to her privately about this. She questions how Melody would feel if she brought Martell’s mistress around in retaliation. Both LaTisha and Kimmi claim to know the woman’s identity. During her green screen interview, LaTisha says Martell is in love with the other woman. Regardless, LaTisha says her friendship with Melody is dead.

Maurice meets his brother Marsau on a job site in North Huntsville. They’re renovating a shopping center in North Huntsville, thanks to LaTisha. Although Marsau likes this idea, he doesn’t like the idea of his mother in law Wanda coming to help with the kids. Maurice scoffs at Marsau’s notion she’s going to outsource motherhood. He tells Marsau to be open to the idea of his mother in law moving in.

Melody is moving forward with the divorce.

Martell’s taking time moving out of the house which is further angering Melody. He really doesn’t want to leave but Melody doesn’t want to hear him out. Melody stands her ground and wants him out of the house ASAP. The episode ends with Martell and Melody’s conversation devolving into an argument. Martell says Melody told him to get a girlfriend during a past argument. Melody says that Martell told her to do the same but she didn’t actually go out and cheat.

Melody ends up throwing their clothes at him and a shouting match ensues as both of them blame one another for their marriage falling apart. She tells Martell that she’s leaving their relationship, calling it a wrap.

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