‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Ceaser Has Second Thoughts on Brooklyn Shop + Alex & Donna Clash, Again

Black Ink Crew Season 8 Episode 10
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the latest episode of “Black Ink Crew,” Ceaser goes through a range of emotions. After a blowup with Donna, he questions if opening up a shop in Brooklyn is the right move. Donna brought up safety concerns. And this upsets Cease because he blames himself for his best friend Corey being murdered in his first shop. His first shop happened to be in Brooklyn.

However, a visit with Corey’s mother will put things into perspective.

Donna and Alex clash yet, again. After Sky urges Donna to put together a fake wedding, Alex takes an issue with this. And the couple continues to struggle to find common ground.

Here’s a recap for “Nice Day For A Shotgun Wedding.”

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