RHOA Recap: Kenya Feels Like Her Marriage Could Be Toxic

RHOA Season 12 Episode 4
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NeNe keeps it cordial.

While trying to speak to someone else, NeNe says hello to Cynthia and Eva. She also has a couple of words with Noelle, too. In a green screen interview, NeNe says that she was too close to Cynthia to not speak to her. Regardless, all the women are able to enjoy their time on the Pride float without any drama.

After Eva spots Marlo, she decides that she doesn’t want to interact with her.

Another therapy session puts things in perspective for Porsha.

Porsha goes to see her therapist. They discuss the fact that Dennis revealed he cheated while Porsha was pregnant. After her therapist asks if Porsha was too quick to trust Dennis, Porsha says that she should have considered Dennis’ dating history a lot more. She breaks down in tears and says she will not tolerate him disrespecting her. Now that she’s a mother, she really has to consider PJ in every decision she makes. So being in a toxic relationship isn’t something she needs to do. Regardless, Porsha’s therapist says Porsha shouldn’t make any decisions while she’s hurt and she should always be open to having a peaceful co-parenting relationship with Dennis.

Kenya stops by Kandi’s place. Kandi confirms that her baby will arrive in November. They then discuss Kenya’s marriage. She admits that she clashes with Marc a lot when it comes to parenting. It’s also frustrating that Marc doesn’t want them to use a nanny when they go on his birthday trip.

Eva walks away from Marlo.

Cynthia and Eva go out to dinner while still in New York. In a green screen interview, Cynthia says Marlo invited her. After she tells Eva that Marlo is on the way, Eva says she won’t be staying long because she has no interest in being around Marlo. When Marlo arrives, Eva asks her waitress to pack up her food and she leaves to finish her food at the bar. Marlo wastes no time in slamming Eva to Cynthia after Eva walks away.

Marlo then changes the subject and says she has custody of her nieces and nephews. After they make some small talk, they then discuss NeNe. Cynthia doesn’t like that NeNe has been slamming her in recent interviews. Regardless, Cynthia still has love for NeNe. But that doesn’t mean they have to be friends.

NeNe doesn’t want to hear Marlo out.

Porsha is getting ready for her first day back at Dish Nation. She’s going to take PJ with her. She’s thankful to have Lauren and her mother Diane around to help her out.

NeNe and Marlo go get a bite to eat. They quickly discuss Eva’s brisk exit and then move on to Cynthia. Marlo tells NeNe that Cynthia was hurt by NeNe calling her weak in an interview. NeNe says she only said this after Cynthia has been calling her toxic in her interviews. In a green screen interview, NeNe breaks down in tears while discussing Cynthia. Marlo says she feels both NeNe and Cynthia are wrong. NeNe gets upset after Marlo suggests that NeNe apologizes to Cynthia. So she storms out of the restaurant.

Kenya feels her marriage is toxic.

Todd, Kandi, and Ace go see Dr. Jackie and their surrogate Shadina. Shadina gets another ultrasound as they discuss how things are going to go on the due date. Ace says he wants his little sister’s name to be Blaze.

Kenya confides in Kandi again about her marriage. She admits she went on an anniversary trip without Marc. At this point, she feels like Marc loves Brooklyn more than he loves her. Kenya also feels like Marc crosses the line during arguments and says hurtful things to her.

But Kandi understands and says that her first year of marriage was tough. And sometimes she has said things out of anger to Todd.

Kenya breaks down in tears and says she worries the marriage may be toxic.

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