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Tami Roman Talks Quitting ‘Basketball Wives’ & Her Fallout with Shaunie O’Neal

Photo Credit: VH1

Tami Roman is done with “Basketball Wives.” She recently opened up about her decision to walk away from the show to Keyshia Cole via “One On One With Keyshia Cole.” And she had a lot of interesting things to say.

When it comes to the show, Tami felt as if it only showed one side of her. And that was her confrontational side. She loved the cast they had the season before Evelyn returned. In her opinion, things went downhill after Evelyn came back. And she got really tired of feuding with Evelyn and being so one dimensional on the show. So she felt it was time to leave.

She also feels like she tried really hard to form a friendship with Evelyn. But Evelyn never really liked her. So she didn’t see the need to keep trying. And when she found out the things being said behind the scenes about her health, miscarriages, and mother’s death; she knew that she could never be cool with Evelyn again.

Tami also discussed Shaunie O’Neal. She believed that she had a true friendship with Shaunie. And she thought they had a true sisterhood. But over the past three seasons, she stopped feeling the sisterhood. And it just seemed as if Shaunie had her favorites.

Although Tami is done with “Basketball Wives,” she’d be open to doing another reality show. But she would have to have creative control.

People need to understand that she is an actress who happened to do reality television. She’s not a reality star who just got into acting. Tami is proud of her resume as an actress, and she does believe she stayed on the show too long.

Check out the video below.

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