'Greenleaf' Recap: Mae Moves Forward + Grace & Darius Take a Major Risk
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‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Mae Moves Forward + Grace & Darius Take a Major Risk

Greenleaf Season 5 episode 6

Photo Credit: OWN

Grace loses evidence and James goes off about Rochelle.

James is on the phone with FBI agent Dulles, going off about Rochelle Cross. He’s not a person of interest for the FBI and he’s running late for his doctor’s appointment. Mae wants James to head to his doctor’s appointment before Tara comes over. Mae plans to talk to Tara about everything before signing over the house in spite of Rochelle returning.

Meanwhile, Darius calls Grace from a new number. He returned from Vegas with his phone and computer stolen. Darius asks Grace if she still has emails of revealing information about Bob’s business dealings. She says yes. But when she grabs her computer, the emails are being deleted one by one from her email account. Grace is stunned and not sure who has access to her files. Meanwhile, Charity gets a surprise visit from Phil’s father.

As this goes on, Jacob and Kerissa are getting ready for their meeting to tell their son Winkie about their divorce. Although it’s not an arbitration, Jacob’s going to insist on joint custody.

Grace gets Yusef to talk.

Grace talks a reluctant Yusef Shabazz (Phil’s father) to meet with Darius to speak off the record. As this happens, Sophia helps Zora prepare a demo tape for a prestigious music school. It’s in New York and Sophia’s surprised to learn her flight is the next day. Sophia suspects Zora’s freaking out about the divorce.

When Grace and Darius meet with Yusef, he tells them Bob was using Eden Vale Lending to target black people struggling to pay their bills. Phil’s mom was apparently a pawn for Bob’s scheme and Bob is desperate to keep this hidden amid his political goals. Charity pleads with Yusef to tell Phil about his mom’s past with Bob.

Afterward, Grace agrees to talk to Darius about their future together after all of this is over.

Tara pleads to Mae and Rochelle taunts James.

Back at the house, Tara pleads with Mae that she didn’t know about Rochelle returning. However, Mae doesn’t seem to trust her. Tara tells Mae that she’s convinced God sees good plans for the house. But they both know Rochelle won’t let it go if Mae doesn’t give the house to Tara. Meanwhile, Sophia tells Jacob and Kerissa about Zora’s spur of the moment trip to New York.

At the bar that James is converting into a church, Rochelle stops in unannounced. Rochelle taunts that she’s receiving holy favor compared to James’ recent misfortune. She also gives him a warning that nothing he does will stand until he admits the truth about her father’s death. But James insists he wasn’t involved. She doesn’t believe him and tells James that Basie should’ve killed him when he had the chance.

Grace is with AJ and Noah at AJ’s doctor’s appointment. Grace tells Noah about the information in the journal in his old room and asks Noah how AJ was convinced to go to the doctor. Noah says James left an impression on him. AJ walks out witnessing his parents talking, teasing them about their growing relationship. Noah also tells Grace he found a place for him and AJ and offers a place to stay if she ever needs it.

Jacob shows maturity and Mae’s inspired to reveal her truth.

At Zora’s, Jacob and Kerissa talk to Zora about going to New York. Jacob convinces her to hold off on the trip to New York until he and Kerissa talk. Zora accepts the offer. Meanwhile, James storms into his room and demands they won’t give the home to Tara. However, Mae’s troubled by how they received the home in the first place. James reveals that Loretta Davis is a white woman and Mae reveals that they may have never known Loretta until shortly before James Davis’ death. Jacob interrupts to let them know Kerissa and Winkie are leaving.

When he leaves, James continues his argument.

At Calvalry, Charity comes in with Yusef and meets Judee and Phil. Back at the house, Kerissa is reluctantly packing. Kerissa keeps thinking back to their conversation with Zora. She’s coming to the realization that Jacob’s maturing at the consequence of their marriage. As a result, she tells Jacob he can have shared custody.

Back at the church, Phil hears everything about his mom and Bob from Yusef. Phil doesn’t believe him and tells Yusef he never wants to see him again. Charity then walks out in disgust. When they are alone, Judee refers to the Greenleafs as pigeons as Phil stands in anger.

Mae reveals the truth about her and Grace.

Eventually, Jacob, Zora, and the family send-off Kerissa and Winkie. Kerissa and Zora hug and Zora’s sad. After they leave, Mae tells everyone Lionel is Grace’s biological father. The news stuns everyone and Mae walks away calmly.

Later in the evening, Grace, Jacob, and Charity are talking about Mae’s big proclamation. They’re venting about everything as they share wine. Charity’s shocked that Aaron and Kevin knew before she did. Darius calls to tell Grace about the tip Yusef gave them. Someone is willing to go on the record about Bob taking her house with predatory lending.

Meanwhile, Sophia and Zora are talking about Mae’s reveal. Zora says she got over her anger about Sophia telling her parents about her trip to New York by telling Grace about the racy photos she sent to Dante.

Speaking of Grace, she’s at Darius’ home and he doesn’t answer the door. Instead, Fernando shows up to deliver a warning to Grace to stay out of Bob’s way because journalists aren’t spared anymore.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Veralyn Irving

    August 2, 2020 at 9:20 pm

    I did not like this episode. When youbthink the Greenleaf family is about to get something useful so they cab get the church back,another let down getting boring. Wasting good talent and time.

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