‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Star Martell Holt Responds to Melody Holt Allegedly Having a Boyfriend

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Martell and Melody’s divorce will play out on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.”

Martell Holt and Melody Holt’s marriage issues played out on “Love And Marriage: Hunstville” since the first season. Infidelity is something that Melody had a hard time moving on from. This is due to the fact that Martell hasn’t exactly stopped cheating, according to Melody. And since she feels he’s a “serial cheater,” she decided it was time to walk away from the marriage.

While this has not played out on the show yet, it’s expected to be a focal point for the remaining episodes of the current season. Filming for the rest of the season had to be put on hold due to the pandemic. But viewers will see what’s next for the Holts as they go through the divorce process.

In the meantime, Martell thinks things could have worked if Melody was accepting of having an open marriage.

Martell responds to the rumor of Melody having a new boyfriend.

As for Martell, he’s been wanting to let his social media followers know that he’s just fine with his marriage ending. Months ago, he even posted a messy video. The video had some suspecting he was insinuating that he wasn’t the only one who hadn’t been faithful in his marriage.

Interestingly enough, it’s been rumored that Melody has moved on to another man. And she’s living in Atlanta these days.

So when one of Martell’s Instagram followers told him they recently saw Melody out and about with a new man, Martell responded. And his response seemed petty to his other followers.

He wrote, “next time tell her to come get her kids ? ? ”

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