Traci Braxton’s Son Has Something Else to Say About Tamar Braxton

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Traci Braxton told her side of the story.

Traci Braxton addressed the drama that occurred on the recent episode of “Braxton Family Values.” She did so during an interview with DJ Richie Skye. And she explained what happened that led to it. According to Traci, Oliviah did not tell her she saw Traci’s sisters laughing while she sang with their father at Trina Braxton’s wedding.

Traci also said that she was so heated when she saw it happen that she went to Trina’s dressing room to cool off.

However, Tamar would eventually come and try to talk to her. Traci alleges Tamar started touching her hair and it angered her more. She told Tamar to get out of her face and then she grabbed Tamar’s hair and hands to get her away. But when David Adefeso saw this, he pulled them apart. And Traci alleged that he ended up pushing her and she went all the way off causing her husband Kevin Surratt Sr. to deescalate the situation.

Traci Braxton’s son wants to make something clear to fans of the show.

While Traci may have her own issues with Tamar, it seems her son Kevin Surratt Jr. does, too.

Recently, he posted a screenshot of a DM conversation with Tamar. After the exchange, Tamar blocked him on Instagram. Kevin Jr. shared all of this with his followers.

Of course, this led to a lot of responses from fans of the show. Regardless, Kevin Jr. now wants people to know that despite their issues, Tamar is still his family and the love is still there

He posted a photo of him and his dad Kevin Sr. smiling with Tamar.

In the caption, he wrote, “No matter what we still family just not seeing eye to eye on situations. It’s still love respectfully.”


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