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RHOA Recap: After a Wild Bachelorette Party, Tension Worsens Between Kenya & Porsha

rhoa season 13 episode 10

Photo Credit: Bravo

Kenya is ready to find out the truth.

At the beginning of the episode, Kenya says in an interview that someone slept with the male dancer Bolo, and she’s going to get to the bottom of who did.

Producers then flashback to the ladies getting ready at the South Carolina rental house to be entertained by Bolo. Cynthia still has no idea about what’s happening, so her surprise Bachelorette Party will go as planned.

When Cynthia comes down from her room, she’s surprised to see the other women in their s*xy outfits. Kandi welcomes Cynthia to “The Dungeon” and everyone introduces themselves to Cynthia using their alter ego names.

Cynthia is then told to go upstairs and change her attire to fit in with the others. Marlo helps her get dressed. Kandi also requires Cynthia to wear a pair of “vibrating panties” so she can “turn Cynthia on” whenever she wants.

Bolo makes his entrance.

When the ladies get outside, they see Bolo dancing around in a box. They marvel at the size of his “manhood.” When he comes inside, it’s clear things are about to get really interesting.

The cast gets the camera crew to cut off the cameras and they cover up the remaining cameras to enjoy Bolo without any restrictions. However, it looks like one is forgotten about.

Apparently, Bolo may have slept over. And in an interview, Drew says she has no idea where he slept.

Kenya says she went upstairs to check on Brooklyn and heard some s*xy music. She went into the room and sat with Cynthia as she enjoyed looking at Bolo.

LaToya and Porsha make out. This went on to almost 3 am.

Did the ladies have too much fun with Bolo?

Around 6 am, Kenta gets up and she says she heard moaning in the hallway. She believes someone slept with Bolo.

Cynthia and Drew talk about what happened in Cynthia’s room the next morning. Drew had a good time dancing with Bolo. But they think something else may have happened, but they aren’t sure what else went down.

Kenya comes down to the kitchen and says she knows she saw some people in the bed together. But Kandi tells her that what happens in the dungeon, stays in the dungeon.

Cynthia tells Kenya the girl-on-girl action kind of turned her on. Porsha, LaToya, and Tanya were making out.

Kenya says Drew shocked her. She saw Drew was humping Bolo. When LaToya comes out to join Kenya and Cynthia, she acts like she doesn’t recall kissing Porsha. As for Kenya, she wants to know who went all the way with Bolo because he left the house at 7 am.

LaToya says Bolo wasn’t in her room and she has proof of this on Instagram. So Kenya rules her out.

Tanya is on Kenya’s radar.

Shamea and Tanya join the conversation. While Kenya rules out Shamea, she says in a green screen interview that Tanya is very sneaky. So she won’t be ruling her out.

While Marlo is fishing with Drew, Kandi, and Porsha, they discuss how well she and Kenya got along the previous night. But Marlo still thinks Kenya doesn’t like her, so they are struggling to move forward.

Marlo and Kenya make up.

Later on, Kenya tries to press Kandi to tell her who was messing around with Bolo at 6:30 in the morning. She heard moaning but Kandi thinks people should be able to keep their business to themselves. So she wonders why Kenya won’t let it go. Regardless, Kenya says she knows she heard Porsha but she’s not sure who the other female voice was in there with Bolo. And someone told Bolo to “f*ck” them harder.

Cynthia pushes Marlo and Kenya to talk things out in her room. Kenya says that her issue is Marlo hits below the belt. And it hurt her when Marlo brought up her mother abandoning her during an argument. On top of that, Marlo doubted her pregnancy and shaded her while she was pregnant. So it made it hard for them to be in a good place.

In response to this, Marlo says that she just wanted to say things to hurt Kenya because they weren’t on good terms. But she apologizes for saying anything hurtful to Kenya.

Kenya also apologizes for her treatment of Marlo over the years, including putting her in an awful room.

They even hug it out.

Porsha is over it.

Meanwhile, Shamea tells Porsha and Tanya that Kenya is starting to suspect that they slept with Bolo. And Marlo tells Kenya that she did hear some intense sounds.

Porsha says she’s not about to let Kenya upset her. Tanya is heated.

When they get back to the kitchen, they talk to LaToya about it. And LaToya says she now understands the issue with Kenya because she’s making their fun night “into a problem.”

It’s time for the ladies to have dinner. And it’s awkward when Kenya and Marlo arrive together and appear on good terms again. Porsha looks irritated and says that it’s “f*ck Kenya” for her at this point.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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