‘Love And Hip Hop New York’ Star Yandy Smith Called out by Mendeecees Harris’ Mother

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Mendeecees Harris opened up.

The latest episode of “Love And Hip Hop Unlocked” was a controversial one for Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris. In an earlier episode, Yandy said that she wasn’t happy that her mother-in-law Judy Harris was invited on the trip to film the special. This is due to the fact that Yandy was hoping for some more alone time with Mendeecees. He was released from prison last year.

Now Judy has some complaints of her own.

On the recent episode, Mendeecees opened up to the other cast members about his past struggles.

“I’ve been shot twice. I’ve been stabbed 19 times. People plotted to kidnap my son. So to be standing here today, I’m very grateful.”

In a green screen interview, Mendeecees said, “I was taught to be a drug dealer before I could read and write. I had no father figure in my life. I had no role models. The only role models I had was people in the streets.”

As he went on to tell the others about his past, he said, “A lot of the times, I wondered why me. At a young age, I used to have to try to figure out how I was gonna eat.”

At this point, Judy then asked him, “Why is that?”

Mendeecees Harris clashed with his mother.

After making sure Judy was okay with him finishing up his speech, Mendeecees continued with, “My mom wasn’t always there. It kind of left me and my brothers f*cked up.

Judy got up and said it was time for her to take it from there. And she didn’t recall things happening the way Mendeecees did.

Later on, Mendeecees attempted to talk to Judy about what happened earlier. But it went nowhere, and Mendeecees came to the conclusion that she has too much guilt to accept what he had to say.

Yandy had some things to say to Erica Dixon. She broke down in tears and said it always seems like Judy picks on her all the time for no reason.

Before the end of the episode, Judy continued to be frustrated. She also said that Yandy is teaching Mendeecees how to disrespect her.

Judy Harris vented on social media.

After the episode aired,  Judy said more on Instagram.

In the caption, she wrote, “When people have a storyline within all the platforms they have, they never talk about their parents’ drug habits, but they run behind everybody else and try to make them look bad. When you’re a perfect person, you don’t have nothing bad about your parents and your parents did things that nobody never done in a whole life growing up. But you’ll never hear that ?  somehow I truly respect that!!!!”

When someone told Judy that crack took over in black communities in the 80s and no one is perfect, Judy said that she wasn’t on drugs.

She wrote, “I have a story. I’m real with it. But that’s not it and my son did not sell drugs at the age of 6. He did go to school.”

Judy also agreed when someone said that Yandy should have told Mendeecees not to say what he did on television. In response to this, Judy wrote, “Thank you. I truly appreciate it and what you said is a mouthful as the woman that I am, I would have been telling my family members that as a woman, I would have never ever did that to a man that I call my husband or somebody that I’m involved with. I would have talk to the mother and it would’ve been a private inside family situation. When you need attention and props and you fake cry and you need the world to hold you up for a storyline or to make me look bad, you go through any length and it will always backfire.”

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