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‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Jennifer Clashes with OG + Jackie Asks OG to Leave

basketball wives season 9 episode 7

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OG continues to stand firm.

Jackie tells Jennifer that she feels like there’s no way that the group will be able to move forward from OG’s colorism accusations. In a green screen interview, OG says she refuses to back down from her perspective.

Meanwhile, Kristen and Malaysia are thinking it’s time for them to go home since Evelyn and Shaunie already left. They pack their things and say their goodbyes. Liza leaves as well.

Nia and Noria return to Jackie’s mansion.

OG FaceTimes her boyfriend Kwame while she’s in her room to recap what happened. At this point, she’s tired. And she feels like she needs space from the group. In her opinion, they aren’t willing to do what it takes for everyone to move on. She’s frustrated and she’s been open to talking about how she feels.

A Covid free Feby makes it to the mansion.

Feby finally arrives to what was Evelyn’s mansion. She tested negative for Covid and finished her quarantine. She finds out no one is there, so she FaceTimes Evelyn. Evelyn feels bad that they forgot to tell Feby they were leaving and she’s on the way back since she does still live in LA. Evelyn wants to explain what led to people leaving to head back home.

Back at Jackie’s mansion, Jennifer suggests they have a pool party. So Jackie, Nia, and Noria drink and have a good time in the pool.

Nia ends up telling the others that OG told her the other women are bitter from failed relationships and they talk about her behind her back. In a green screen interview, Jennifer says OG talks behind other people’s backs herself. As for Jackie, she doesn’t like that OG pulled her into the colorism accusations. But she’s still hopeful that a resolution will happen.

Evelyn wants Feby and Nia to talk.

When Evelyn returns to the mansion, she talks to Feby about Nia. For Feby, the issue is she didn’t like that Nia sent her an Instagram DM of a video of Lance having s*x with some other woman. This was weird to her. And she doesn’t understand what the point of that was. Regardless, Evelyn hopes that Feby will be able to hash things out with Nia.

Jackie calls Evelyn and she says that she and the others will come over there to see Feby. In a green screen interview, Jackie says she never had a problem with Feby despite their messy past. She doesn’t know how things are going to go, so she’s preparing for the worst. As for Jennifer, she’s open to going to Evelyn’s mansion. She would rather be there than alone in Jackie’s mansion with OG.

Breakthroughs happen.

Jackie, Jennifer, Nia, and Noria make it to Evelyn’s mansion. Of course, Feby doesn’t waste any time confronting Nia. She asks how Nia even got there, and Nia says OG tried to talk her into coming around to get at Feby.

They then discuss the video Nia sent her on Instagram. Nia said she sent the video because Lance said the woman he was having s*x with in the video was Feby. And they were fighting at the time. But Feby said it wasn’t her in the video and Nia admits that it was a petty moment for her to do that. But things have changed, and she’s no longer in a toxic relationship with Lance anyway. Both women are glad that they no longer deal with Lance. So Feby is willing to let it go.

Feby and Jackie then hash things out. Both women admit they are both willing to move past their issues since Feby has a love/hate relationship with Jackie anyway.

At this point, Jackie pushes Evelyn and Jennifer to talk. Evelyn says that she doesn’t wish anything bad for Jennifer. In a green screen interview, Jennifer says she feels the same for Evelyn. And maybe they can be on better terms again in the near future. Evelyn also has good feelings about her future with Jennifer.

Things get testy between Jennifer and OG, again.

Jennifer and Jackie talk to OG. Jackie says that the group doesn’t feel anyone has been racist or colorist towards her. OG doesn’t budge. After Jennifer says that she thought some progress was being made at first when Kristen and Malaysia came by, OG disagrees. And Jennifer says OG has been very “snappy.” And OG even went at it with her.

OG doesn’t see it that way and she says that Jennifer actually was combative with her. And Jennifer is making things up. Jennifer gets mad and says that everyone has been trying to appease OG and walking on eggshells. And nobody can get along with her.

In a green screen interview, OG says Jennifer is now switching up on her.

It’s time for OG to leave.

Jackie then says she’s done with all the arguing and fighting. It’s just not going to work. Jennifer asks why OG just can’t leave since she’s not getting along with people there. Jackie agrees and asks OG to head home.

In a green screen interview, OG says that Jackie turned on her. And she doesn’t know where they go from here.

Jackie breaks down in tears and says that the accusations OG is making is ruining people’s lives. And no one has been colorist and racist towards her. Nia, Noria, and Jennifer console her. And Jennifer thinks it’s no way for people to move forward with OG. OG has issues in her opinion and no one can help her.

In a green screen interview, OG says she brought up colorism so they could address the issue. And one day the group will have a rude awakening.

What are your thoughts on the season finale?

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