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GUHH Recap: Boogie & Briana End Their Friendship + Angela Responds to Online Criticism

GUHH Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

Photo Credit: WE tv

Eric and JoJo get advice from Stevie J.

Eric and JoJo are meeting with Cree to discuss details for the showcase. Savannah also joins Stevie J by her side. Unfortunately, Stevie J can’t make the showcase but JoJo still wants to pick his brain. Stevie J tells them all that they need to bring it and make it crisp.

JoJo goes over the details and Eric reveals he wants Luke, Pepa, and Da Brat to be part of it. Luckily for Cree, her relationship with Luke is improving and Stevie encourages Cree to ask Luke to be part of the panel.

When Egypt’s name comes up, Savannah reveals Egypt won’t perform if Sam can’t be involved. Savannah compares Egypt and Sam to her father’s relationship with Joseline Hernandez. Stevie convinces JoJo that he needs to have a sit down with Sam and JoJo agrees.

Angela learns of Tanice’s pregnancy.

Meanwhile, JoJo’s mom stops by to visit Tanice. She asks about the baby and Tanice tells her everything is okay despite feeling horrible. Angela stops by for the chat. Angela’s mom gets surprised when Angela reveals she and Daniel broke up. Next, Tanice reveals to Angela she’s pregnant and tells her to keep it a secret.

It’s revealed her baby is due August 3rd. While surprised about not learning about it sooner, Angela understands the secrecy. Lastly, Angela tells them she can’t be at the showcase because she booked a photoshoot for her calendar. Tanice wonders if this could be revenge for the beak-up.

Briana’s fed up with Boogie.

The next day, Lil Twist and Briana meet up. Briana’s on a break from moving into her new home and office. She’s expanding her incense business that’s inspired by her grandfather. Of course, they talk about Egypt’s rumor about Tee Tee. Lastly, Lil Twist brings up how Boogie was talking to him about Briana’s drinking.

This causes problems for Briana as she’s frustrated with Boogie not coming to her directly, and Twist doesn’t believe Briana has a drinking problem. Briana says she will get even by meeting up with Boogie and drinking in front of him.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Pepa takes Egypt to a bridal shop to try on wedding dresses. The ladies are emotional about this moment but things get serious when the rumor comes up. Egypt explains she vented about everything to Savannah which is how it got out to everyone. She also explains she talked to her dad Treach about the tension between her and Tee Tee. Pepa reveals she hasn’t talked to Maureen.

Despite this, Pepa says Egypt needs everyone in her corner.

Eric tries to get JoJo and Sam to try and squash their beef.

The next day, Eric has their partner Corey take JoJo to a possible venue for the showcase. While at the venue, Eric reveals he is going to have Sam pull up to squash things and get Egypt to perform. It’s at this moment Sam walks in. Sam says he has no problem with Egypt performing. However, Sam feels they need to squash their issues first.

JoJo tells Sam that he’s always hearing Sam’s music but never Egypt’s music exclusively. Things get tense when JoJo says Sam is not part of Pepa’s family yet. At this point, cameras pan to security ready to spring in order to keep things from escalating.

Eric steps in and tries to calm the situation and JoJo wants an apology for the shade Sam threw on IG live. Eventually, Sam apologizes and says he’ll talk to Pepa about being a judge for the showcase.

Back in Miami, Angela visits Cree at her Slip-N-Slide studio and Cree takes her to her patio for a drink. Angela tells Cree she’s doing her calendar and reveals she wants Vanessa to join her for the shoot. Cree then reveals she’s going to meet with her dad Luke to ask him about judging the showcase.

Briana kicks Boogie out and is Angela going topless?

Meanwhile, JoJo’s riding around with Savannah while he’s on the way to Briana’s office. He reveals to Savannah he and Briana are in a “weird” place because of his concerns about her drinking. So they stop by Briana’s House of BLK office. When they walk in, Briana excuses Savannah so she can have a one on one with Boogie. When she leaves, Briana opens up a large bottle of liquor, making herself a drink.

This leads to Boogie telling Briana she needs to slow down on the drinking.

At Angela’s condo, Angela tells her friend and assistant Katrina about the swimsuit calendar idea. Katrina says this idea is an empowering way for her to get over Daniel. Katrina brings up the topless photo and Angela is ecstatic that it must happen for her birthday month September. She wanted to pose topless in the past but resisted due to not wanting to deal with online criticism. But she’s over it. She doesn’t understand why her body offends people.

Lastly, Angela calls her sister Vanessa about doing the shoot but Vanessa’s unsure.

Back at Briana’s office, Briana’s still sipping her “drank” in front of Boogie. Boogie says he doesn’t like seeing her drunk and he wants to send her to rehab. At this point, Briana says Boogie’s irritating her and tells Boogie it’s time to leave. She then requests her security to escort Boogie out of the office.

At this point, it doesn’t appear their friendship is going to be mended. Boogie says he’s done with Briana for good.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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