Falynn Guobadia Sends Porsha Williams a Warning

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Porsha Williams has been discussing her relationship in recent interviews.

There have been a lot of conversations about Falynn Guobadia and Porsha Williams over the last several months. “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans have been questioning if Porsha violated the girl code. She feels she did not. But others feel as if it’s never a good idea to date the ex of a coworker.

Interestingly enough, Falynn had some things to say during an interview with Tisa Tells. When Tisa told Falynn that Porsha talked about her baby when she was on “Watch Happens Live,” Falynn was heated.

To refresh your memory, Andy Cohen asked Porsha what she felt the biggest misconception is about her relationship with Simon Guobadia. Andy questioned if it’s the fact that some people think Porsha “stole” Simon from Porsha.

In response to this, Porsha said, “I talked about it on the show at the beginning that I just beared through the tough social media bashing…all that. And it’s okay because I’m a grown woman and I make my choices. She’s also grown. She has had her baby. Congratulations. I’m happy for her and her fiancé. It’s just grown folks making decisions. That’s all it is.”

She continued, “I knew the optics weren’t great for the public and I know that y’all love me. I know that y’all love me and I know you didn’t understand at the time. And I am appreciative of those who get it now. Cause now it makes sense.”

Falynn Guobadia clapped back.

After Tisa told Falynn that Porsha discussed her baby, Falynn said, “A lion does not acknowledge a sheep. And I’ve always said nothing but, ‘I’m happy for her union.’ Don’t get me twisted. Ever…ever. Don’t mention my child. Ever.”

She added, “You can say whatever you wanna say…Anybody can say whatever they wanna say about me. This is my career. I didn’t choose it. But I was thrown into it and I ran with. I made lemonade out of lemons. I get it. Cool. So be it. I’m as real as they come. But I’m too real. Okay? Don’t mention my child. And we can leave it at that.”

Although Falynn has confirmed she now has a baby with Jaylan Banks, she said that she didn’t start anything with Jaylan until she and Simon were separated.

“Simon and I were not together. And whatever I did in my time, however, fast y’all may think it is, okay…I did it fast. He did it fast. We all did it fast. You don’t have to bring up my name as deflection. You did what you did.”

The RHOA cast comes up.

Falynn was also asked if she thinks Porsha was already seeing Simon when they came to the house to film the RHOA scene.

“Yes. Absolutely. 100 percent. Simon started acting weird in December. That lets me know that he was already dealing with someone way prior to December.”

Tisa asked Falynn if she thinks LaToya already knew about Porsha and Simon while they were still filming. “Absolutely. I think LaToya knew.”

She added, “I think Marlo knew. I love Marlo but there are certain people that don’t wanna be caught up in certain business. I don’t want to be caught up in certain business. Don’t hate Marlo for it.”

She continued, “I think there were a few people that knew. But they just didn’t want to be attached to that because it wasn’t their business to tell…”

Falynn accused Simon and Porsha of deflection.

“However it is that him and Porsha got together, that’s how they got together. How I got pregnant, that’s how I got pregnant. And I don’t want anybody to bash anybody. However, I think what really upsets people or what keeps coming to the forefront or what makes this all come to the forefront, is someone else speaking about me whenever they’re asked a direct question about their relationship and how they got together. They used deflection. And they use me and my relationship as deflection as a tactic.”

She added, “And that’s not right.”

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