Simon Guobadia is Accused of Shading Dennis McKinley + Dennis Notices?

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Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley clashed on “Porsha’s Family Matters.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams’ engagement to Simon Guobadia is very controversial. While some RHOA fans have been supportive of the romance, others have been very critical. In fact, they think it’s very messy that Porsha is engaged to a man who used to be married to her former co-worker.

Regardless, Porsha has denied that the optics tell the true story. And she said that she was never friends with Falynn Guobadia. Porsha also denied being the cause of Simon and Falynn’s divorce. As for Simon, he’s accused Falynn of cheating on him with her former assistant, Jaylan Banks. Jaylan and Falynn are now engaged and have a child together.

Interestingly enough,  Porsha’s spinoff show only caused more controversy. While many figured the show would show a closer glimpse into her engagement, the drama seemed to be centered around Dennis McKinley. Dennis and Porsha went through a very nasty breakup. For Porsha, Dennis hurt her tremendously when he cheated on her while she was pregnant. Despite the painful situation, Porsha still tried to make things work. They even tried counseling. However, Porsha decided to move on when Dennis wasn’t all that determined to get married.

On “Porsha’s Family Matters,” there were some heated moments between Porsha and Dennis. They clashed over their daughter PJ. But Dennis also felt like Porsha was spiteful at times. In fact, he took issue with Porsha not returning some of these things. This includes a Versace robe he loved.

Well, Simon caused a stir on social media after some people suspected he may have thrown some shade Dennis’ way recently. And Dennis may have peeped it, too.

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  1. So true Shayla because they stay praising the corny actions of quite a few people, especially Kanye. This society idolizes the most problematic and superficial people. Even if this wasn’t shade to Dennis, why is a 50/60 something year old man bragging about Versace robes? Buying designer clothes doesn’t make you special, sir.

  2. I know I’ve seen some of Porsha’s stans say they find Simon’s behavior to be attractive but I’m seeing red flags everywhere. I’m getting narcissist vibes.

  3. Once again I can go on IG and see proof of Dennis actually working and running multiple businesses but I can’t say the same for Simon. Dennis needs to ignore this because all Porsha and Simon want is attention since Porsha was too afraid to do another season of RHOA because she knew Kenya and Marlo had the receipts ready. Porsha and Simon have to shade people like Kenya and Dennis to keep people’s attention.

  4. Why does a supposed multimillionaire businessman have so much time on his hands? Something isn’t adding up.

  5. I agree with all of the comments and if i was Dennis i wouldn’t respond because it doesnt deserve one. It is obvious that Porsha is still in her feelings about Dennis but is too much of herself to tell him so instead she involves herself with a Simon Simpleton that loves attention. So Dennis sit back in silence because its golden and run your businesses while co parenting because the both of them together aint worth a bag of chips and a soda.

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