‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Star Marsau Scott Shades LaTisha Scott’s Cousin?

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Melody Holt and LaTisha Scott aren’t on good terms.

Marsau Scott has been the target of rumors ever since his “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” costar Martell Holt accused him of cheating. Martell would later walk back the accusations. He admitted he just wanted payback because he was upset Marsau joked about his longtime affair on the show. Interestingly enough, LaTisha Scott‘s friendship with Melody Holt fell apart because Melody wouldn’t say there wasn’t any truth to what was alleged. She also told LaTisha to go to the bars in Huntsville to see for herself what Marsau is up to. And LaTisha clapped back by alleging that Martell bought his mistress a car. Things have been rocky between them since.

On the recent episode, Melody told Kimmi Scott that she wasn’t inviting LaTisha or Destiny Payton-Williams to her holiday slumber party. For Melody, she didn’t appreciate how LaTisha came for her at the reunion. LaTisha said that Melody doesn’t know how to be a friend. And her comment came after Destiny said that she didn’t talk to Melody while they weren’t filming the show. Plus, LaTisha said that Melody tried to ruin her marriage.

So these days, Melody wants nothing to do with either. But she did invite LaTisha’s cousin KeKe to the event. LaTisha and Marsau were discussed. Melody was able to get KeKe to say that rumors about Marsau existed before the show. And LaTisha even questioned her marriage at one point because of what she was hearing.

Marsau Scott may have penned a shady message about LaTisha Scott’s cousin.

Some LAMH fans feel as if KeKe crossed the line. They didn’t think it was appropriate for LaTisha’s cousin to say these things to Melody considering that she and LaTisha are not on good terms. And they felt the whole scene was very messy.

Interestingly enough, Marsau may agree. The other day he posted an interesting message that some suspect was for KeKe.

He wrote, “What a great show! Sometimes the performer can throw their voice so well to the point where it’s hard to tell who’s the dummy. In the end, the real dummy is the one who doesn’t even get a check. #KeepItRealWYaDawgsNoMatterWhat #Preach.”

You can check out the post in the video below.

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  1. Marsau is starting to act like Martell. Men should not be this messy and catty. And when will these people allow Latisha to fight her own battles?

  2. I don’t agree with Keke’s actions but this isn’t cool either. I would never be okay with my husband speaking this way about my cousin.

  3. A little off topic but it’s interesting that Melody’s haters can say Keke was being messy but they don’t think Destiny was messy to talk about Melody to Latisha when she knew they weren’t cool like that. The hypocrisy is never ending with this fan base.

  4. Marsha is narcissist and Teisha is delusional. Some people love the idea of just being married that they will be in denial about their partners even if if hits them in the stomach. Martell is messy and is always trying to make Melody look bad because he messed up. Teisha is messy just like her mother. They’re all crazy as bats.

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