LAMH Recap: Marsau Gets an Apology from Louis + LaTisha Confronts Her Cousin

LAMH Season 4 Episode 4
Photo Credit: OWN

On the latest “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” many conversations occurred in an effort to reach understanding about various controversies and set boundaries.

First, Kimmi sits down with LaTisha, and Kimmi dishes what LaTisha’s cousin KeKe spoke about at Melody’s Christmas party. This leads to a very tense conversation between the cousins at the cigar lounge.

Next, Louis and Marsau hash things out for the first time since the reunion. This includes Louis apologizing to Marsau for speaking about his marriage.

Lastly, Tiffany and Stormi sit down one-on-one as Stormi wants to get to know Tiffany better than she did at Melody’s event. The two of them speak about their personal lives including Stormi revealing a traumatic experience while giving birth.

Here’s the recap for, “KeKe, Do You Love Me?”

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  1. Kimmi is my ace boon but she carried a bone that didn’t need to be carried.
    Mel and LaTisha don’t care for each other so why even discuss any aspect of her at Mel’s party? Not only disrespectful but very high school-ish.
    Let’s keep it a buck…Melody is no ones real friend unless they haven’t made her mad.
    Melody comes off like people are beneath her.

  2. Yes she does. It’s that “southern light-skinned pedestal privilege mentality”. She has been put on a pedestal because of her skin shade, so she treats people as peasants. Martell said what they really think of people at the end of the 2nd reunion. Mel and her former husband both have too high of attitude about themselves. I just alwayz wat to know, why does everyone looks so old and they are only in there mid to late 30s?!

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