LAMH Recap: LaTisha Feels People Are Jealous of Her Marriage + The Guys Return to ATL

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Martell has another Atlanta guy’s trip on the latest episode of “Love and Marriage: Huntsville.” Martell does his best to be sneaky, not letting the guys know about the setup for the wine tasting. Meanwhile, Kimmi and LaTisha have their suspicions about Martell and how their husbands will behave with him.

Martell has planned enough events to not only make their wives uneasy but the men, too. This includes an all-women wine tasting and a trip to the strip club. 

Tiffany also has her concerns about Louis’ possible behavior on the trip and goes to Melody for advice. 

Here’s the recap for, “Wine and Grind”

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  1. Jealous of what, a marriage that she needs constant reassurance about. Spare me. If she enjoys that drama from a man who is clearly hiding something then so be it, but trust sis nobody wants your trouble including the trouble you got coming.

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