Dr. Heavenly Kimes Doesn’t Feel ‘Married to Medicine’ is Promoted Enough by Bravo

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Another dramatic season of “Married to Medicine” is on the way.

Married to Medicine” returns on July 10 at 9/8 c on Bravo. For months now, there have been a lot of rumors about the drama that may have taken place while the cast was filming. Dr. Heavenly Kimes would later tell fans that a lot of surprise twists and turns happened with the friendships within the group. And so far, it looks as if her friendship with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe has fallen apart. In the trailer for Season 9, Contessa and Heavenly were exchanging words as the other women kept them from throwing hands. While it’s unclear what led to their issues, some fans do suspect that they may have clashed over Contessa’s controversial marriage to Dr. Scott Metcalfe.

Interestingly enough, it had also been rumored that a couple of altercations occurred during filming for the upcoming season. And a report claimed that violence ensued during Quad Webb’s holiday party. Dr. Eugene Harris also revealed that it wasn’t just the wives having explosive moments. Apparently, the husbands had some messy moments, too.

Some of this was confirmed in the Season 9 trailer. Eugene went off on a couple of the other husbands. And the trailer ended with Toya Bush-Harris mushing newbie Audra Curry. While Toya denied that doing this led to an actual altercation, it’s clear that the new episodes won’t be lacking drama in any shape or form.

Despite the cast delivering another action-packed season, some fans have complained that “Married to Medicine” isn’t promoted enough by Bravo. Well, Heavenly agrees with this perspective.

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  1. It’s no longer showcasing professional Women, just a scaled down version of RHOA, all the fighting, screaming and back biting, some old behavior, at least the other Married to Medicine shows stayed professional but no one wanted to see that and they are no longer on air, I stopped watching this show but I do read the recaps just refuse to give them the ratings

  2. After Mariah and how they did her ,being a black woman with a multicultural family, I just couldn’t root for it’s success or watch it. They refuse to even do a shake up because some are dry, evil bullies, and I really don’t know why Quad is even on the show when she’s not associated with medicine in any way, nor was she willing to be truthful about her life. I feel they did Quad husband wrong and didn’t want to show Quads fault or how she insisted to be messy with her divorce. Quad don’t have any professional background so she didn’t have anything to lose like her ex husband. Also, no one seemed to call the doctors out on their foolishnes or call out heavenly of her clear unfounded hate toward Mariah. The one doctor was straight foul for exposing a personal matter and in the same breath played victim cause she couldn’t have kids on her own. She looked straight envious and came off hateful. Heavenly actually said Mariah reminded her of her sister and she was jealous of her sister growing up. Yet no one addressed that like it was okay. It all seem manufactured too. There are many problems and they are delusional to think they have a “great show”. I’m not surprised that they are doing the most, including fighting, to bring interest. The class has left that show and time to call it for what it is.

  3. I stopped watching this show they’re all the same argue sit around dressed to the nines and take trips. They don’t represent anything and I can’t stand mush face the dentist forgot her name .

  4. DR Heavenly her name doesn’t fit her at all THAT IS ONE *IGNORANT GHETTO BLACK WOMAN*
    she a big embarrassment to her Daughter an I know her husband is embarrassed come to the hood with that bs they will put u right in ya place I thought is was great to see black Doctors in the house but that dam ignorant Dr Heavenly she could never work on my mouth she truly needs to grow up an stop being so ignorant its not cute all all shaming our black people

  5. Wow..every one of the above comments are exactly everything I wanted to say! Especially Esoteric Truth.. BOOM!!

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