Former ‘Married to Medicine’ Husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford Engaged?

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Dr. Gregory Lunceford and Quad Webb’s divorce was very controversial.

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb was very open about her marriage to Dr. Gregory Lunceford on the show. They clashed over many things. One topic that was a sore spot for them was having children. Gregory wanted to be a parent. However, Quad said she had reservations. For her, it didn’t make sense for them to bring children into the world when they were having so many issues in their marriage. And most of the time they struggled to get along. Regardless, they did try to work out their issues. They asked for help from other couples they formed friendships with. Plus, therapy was also something they utilized to see if they could get to the root of their problems.

Interestingly enough, therapy and advice from other couples weren’t enough. The last straw for Quad was when Gregory was accused of cheating on her with another woman at a hotel. Gregory denied that he slept with the woman. However, Quad didn’t believe he was telling the truth. So she decided to pull the plug on the marriage.

The divorce was just as messy. The former couple fought over furniture and all of their drama only made things uncomfortable for the rest of the cast as the others still wanted to maintain their friendships with Gregory.

Well, Gregory was pushed off the show after his marriage to Quad ended. Regardless, he’s been keeping fans of the show up to date about his new life since his divorce. And it seems as if he’ll be getting married again very soon.

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  1. Beautiful home. I’m honestly happy seeing him and Quad at peace in their new chapters. Their relationship was toxic from the start. And they should have never gotten married in the first place.

  2. I said that Greg would get married and have kids once the divorce was finalized. Dr. G is a black man who makes 6 figures in Atlanta. He wasn’t going to be single for long. LOL.

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