‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Ryan Responds When Fan Calls the Show Boring

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Cast changes continue on “Black Ink Crew Chicago.”

Black Ink Crew Chicago” is in the middle of its seventh season. And there have been a lot of cast changes over the last few years. Kat was the first to go. She and Ryan clashed after it was revealed they hooked up despite Ryan being in a relationship with Rachel. To no surprise, the drama caused a lot of tension at 9 Mag. So Ryan decided that it wasn’t a way that Kat could continue to work at the shop. After Kat left, she started her own tattoo shop in Beverly Hills called Enigma. And she’s now a part of the “Black Ink Crew Compton” cast to show the inner workings of her successful business.

Another major departure of an OG is Van’s. His friendship with Ryan fizzled out after Ryan decided to close down the original 9 Mag shop. Before making this decision, he hired Van to be the manager. But the drama between staff members made Ryan realize it would be best to focus on his new shop. Plus, Ryan also was upset that a past tattoo Van did on a client resulted in a hefty lawsuit that he had to pay because Van didn’t.

Charmaine is the latest OG cast member to make her exit from the show. Before announcing her departure, she accused Ryan of talking trash to producers behind her back. Ryan denied this. And he said that he and Charmaine’s friendship started to take a turn once Neek got too involved. So he didn’t have much sympathy when one of Charmaine’s employees said they believed backlash from fans of the show became too much for her after her father passed away from cancer.

Regardless, Charmaine said the real reason she quit was that Draya accused her of colorism. And she wasn’t about to accept that narrative.

Well, some “Black Ink Crew Chicago” fans have been complaining about the show. And Ryan actually responded when someone said the show is now boring.

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  1. The show isn’t boring the problem is that they’ve grown up and have learned how to handle the issues like adults. Adults behaving properly has always been exciting to watch. They probably just need to go ahead and cancel the show. Because although the target audience says they want them to grow up, now that they have grown up the target audience no longer wants to watch because happy people aren’tas exciting to watch as unhappy people.

    1. This cast is not happy. Don still fights with Ashley, Phor doesn’t get along with his baby momma, Ryan is overworked and dealing with trauma, Kitty is grieving, Draya and Prince whine about everything, etc. The show is still boring. For crying out loud on the last episode they faked a ghost being in the shop. The viewers aren’t the problem. This group has no more interesting stories to tell. It’s all been done.

  2. I feel like it’s really the new cast in general. The show doesn’t have the same spark it had when the old cast plus others were on there. Prince is cool and everything but I honestly don’t think they should’ve made him and draya the main cast members of the show. I even find it a little weird that kit is even a main cast member considering that she never really had a valid storyline while being on Chicago other than being friends with Charmaine and pretending to work at the shop. Both Black Ink new York and Black Ink Chicago have gone downhill and that’s just what it is

  3. Wait…I love the show! I watch knowing it’s not going to be the same crew. That makes me happy. It’s only an hour folks. Y’all spoiled expecting an Emmy-nominated show. Take it for what it is. Support or turn the channel. Don’t constantly knock the show. It’s Chicago for goodness sake! The scenes of the city and it’s people get me hyped every time! And then there’s Ryan. 😍🥰

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