Quad Webb Answers When Asked Why She’s So Angry with Toya Bush-Harris

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The accusations about Toya Bush-Harris are controversial.

Some “Married to Medicine” fans haven’t been too happy with Quad Webb‘s actions on the current season. And they feel she’s been coming way too hard for Toya Bush-Harris. It’s to the point that they have been calling her out for her choices on social media. The preview for the upcoming episode definitely caused a lot of conversations earlier in the week.

In the trailer for the new episode, Anila Sajja is once again discussing her house being broken into. Quad previously told her that Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Dr. Simone Whitmore believed Anila staged her own robbery. Interestingly enough, what Simone and Contessa actually questioned was the claim that Kari Wells made. Kari alleged that Toya allegedly told her a hit was put on Anila prior to the crime taking place.

Toya denied ever telling Kari this. And she’s considering suing Kari for defamation.

As for Quad, she said she’s willing to take a lie detector test to get to the bottom of things. In a green screen interview, Quad insinuates that Toya won’t take the test because she doesn’t have clean hands. She also dared Toya to get violent with her after Toya’s altercation with Audra Frimpong.

Quad Webb explained her anger for Toya Bush-Harris.

Some fans just think it’s disgusting for Quad to run with this narrative about Toya. So they want to know why Quad has a lot of anger for her costar.

One Instagram user wrote, “What’s the root of the beef with you and Toya? You guys seem really hostile towards each other?”

Quad responded, “For me it’s the fact that Tacky tried to get me fired but didn’t happen because she has no power!!! But the fact that I know and I have proof that she tried. It’s a complete turn off.”

Another Instagram user said they feel Quad is fighting Anila’s battles, “Quad I feel like you’re fighting Anila’s battle more than her. Let her fight her own battle. And it doesn’t seem like she wants to battle.”

Quad then wrote, “I’m not really fighting her battle but she did call me every single day saying that Tacky had something to do with her robbery. I have my own issues with Tacky but on the real I’m just going off the chain of events.”

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  1. Well Quad is a liar so Toya probably didn’t actually try to get her fired. She’s obsessed with Toya because what other storyline does Quad have?


      1. Simone and Heavenly spread the contractor rumor, but Quad blames…Toya? Quad invited Zaina 2 her party but blamed Anila 4 spreading the rumor. Why is Quad even still on this show? She is NOT married to a doctor anymore, and she certainly isn’t a doctor. She wants these women’s lives.

  2. I absolutely agree with the prior comment. When Quad got moved to a friend position. Toya said good. Quad thinks she’s all that. She isn’t Married to Medicine h-ll she’s not married to anyone. Toya even asked why is she still here. Quad is a liar and messy. Look what she did to Mariah. Her ways her extremely UGLY!!!!

    1. Exactly that part Renee. Why is lying Quad still on the show. I can’t understand why Andy or Bravo continue to allow Quad having any narrative about anyone. She is a horrible character. This supposed to be reality tv, not!!! Cause in real life, accusations like setting someone up to be robbed is very very serious. The rumor about an affair is nothing compared to a robbery on national TV and to say a black woman had anything to do with it is devastating for Toya and her family. Does Quad realize what kind of hatred that can cause? Better yet Quad don’t care, same thing she did with Mariah about drugs. People can’t bounce back from that quickly. I wonder what would Quad do if the narrative was reversed back to her. Karma is a b****.

  3. Quad has a weak lie for the ready. Toya said those things on the show on camera. She was not hiding her hands about asking why is Quad there.
    We all saw Quad lying about what was said.

  4. Quad, watch the words you say they will come back to eat you. You may be up the ladder today,But what goes up must come down. Let’s not use that word tacky because that would include you as well for sure!!! Your secrets will find you out.

    1. Why are the friends tearing each other down? You all were close friends before all these new people got on the show. Quad and Toya stop acting like spoil kids and get your friendship back on track and show the world that stupidity and outside forces do not come between real friends.

    2. Quad thinks she’s better than all the Ladies.Quad where is your man?You act like a child you got your nephew and who ever in they right mind let you see after they kid Quad stop going for Toya why you want chest ties Heavenly, everybody know you slept with your contractor that’s why you don’t have a man you just a MESSY A-S OLD GROWN WOMAN go get your cane and sit down because you are not a sweet potato maybe a rotten potato that needs to put in the trash because you really are Trashy

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