Quad Webb Reacts to Critics Saying She Brings Nothing to ‘Married to Medicine’

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Quad Webb has been receiving backlash for the current season of “Married to Medicine.”

Toya Bush-Harris has strong opinions about the current season of “Married to Medicine.” One of those opinions is she believes the accusations being made are very damaging. At this point, Toya feels lines have been crossed. And she’s even considering filing a lawsuit. She has been accused of cheating on Dr. Eugene Harris. However, she feels the most dangerous accusation was people suggesting that she had something to do with Anila Sajja’s robbery.

Quad Webb was one of the first cast members to question Toya after the crime took place. And viewers feel like she’s pushing the issue more than anyone else on the platform. So fans have been asking what happened for Toya and Quad’s feud to be so dark. And Quad recently told a follower that Toya allegedly tried to have her fired from the show.

Well, Quad had more to say during a recent interview with DJ Richie Skye.

She’s upset about a past Instagram Live session that Toya did with Dr. Simone Whitmore and Cecil Whitmore. Toya had some drinks. And she gave her opinions about the cast. When it came to Quad, Toya questioned what she brings to the show. In Toya’s opinion, Quad no longer contributes anything of substance. She also thinks it’s nonsensical for Quad to be around when she’s single. Simone shared similar sentiments.

Quad Webb hates that she’s no longer friends with Mariah Huq.

Quad addressed Toya’s belief that she doesn’t bring anything to the show. She brought up her feud with Mariah Huq.

She said, “So it’s interesting for her to say that I bring nothing to the show when I brought me being a newlywed to the show, right? When I brought me and my ex-best friend and I really hate that at this moment we’re still not friends. But it is what it is. For a number of years, that was drawn out. Whether I wanted it or she wanted it, it was still drawn out. And you saw the breakdown of two really, really, really close friends basically lose their friendship.”

Quad continued, “And everybody kind of latched on to that. Everyone was able to latch on to that and have their opinion and draw their sides or whatever. But it kept them, their own personal lives out of the forefront for a very long time because everyone was focused on my ex-best friend and I.”

She said her divorce was a major plot, “Who do you now know who went through a very turbulent divorce and then had to square off and sit on a stage with their then ex-husband as they…I think at the time we were still going through the divorce and we had to do a face-off.”

Quad went on to tell Richie that her reunion segment with Dr. Gregory Lunceford went on for like an hour. So she helped her costars get paid.

Another interesting tidbit is that Quad said that it was Anila who told her that Toya is allegedly cheating on Eugene with a neighbor. And previously, Quad claimed that Anila was calling her telling her Toya had something to do with the robbery. She’s starting to feel like Anila is throwing her under the bus a bit, but this will come up at the reunion for Season 9. Part 1 airs this Sunday.

You can check out the full interview below.

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  1. Notice that Quad could only list contributions she made to the show about 5 five years ago. Nothing current. And that is Toya’s point. Quad brings nothing to the show NOW. And to be honest, she hasn’t brought anything to the show since the divorce was finalized. It’s also interesting how they are all bringing up Mariah these days. What’s that about?

    1. That’s what I noticed. She couldn’t name anything recent. So that proves Toya’s point right there. Quad needs to rethink her strategy. Fans liked her more when her storyline on this show was her life. For the last few seasons, she’s made storylines out of attacking Toya. It’s boring and obsessive now.

      1. Please take Quad of the show. The show is about Married couples who are married to doctors!!!!!!! She brings nothing to the show. Quad stuck on herself dont know why. She is JEALOUS of Toya always trying to bring her down. she probably want Eugene.

        Quad is NEGATIVE always spreading rumors. She jealous of all the ladies MARRIAGE.She brings nothing to the show.She got nerves trying to bring down another Black lady saying Toya was the one to break in Anila house or knew something about it.
        Anila boring too, get her off the show too,. Anila dontfit in with the
        girls. Quad like to talk bout people but she cant take the HEAT

        Heavenly need to keep her mouth shut. She need to be check by all the ladies. They need to bring Mariah back and send Quad on her way.

      2. Please take Wool Worth messy boots off. Eugene has a boo / wife/ pending wife.
        Quad is battery with erosive posts , will not start after cleaning or pouring coke .
        My thought go to Wal Mart get a battery and return the used battery.
        A new battery might give you needed insight and class.
        Leave the show , go to place where all dead batteries are disposed .
        I pray for Mason , blessings

    2. I also noticed Quad & Toya name dropping Mariah on the show. The Producers had a video of Quad on their Instagram handle with footage of Mariah. I know how much Purveyors of Pop hate Mariah….I was shocked they included Mariah in the footage. Poor Mariah!!. It’s sad Mariah was pushed out of a show she created. Cecil acknowledged Mariah on Twitter for creating the showing and casting for the show. I have never heard Jackie or Simone acknowledge Mariah for creating the show. The show had it’s lowest ratings this season. Quad does not bring anything to show. The producers seem to like her.

      1. quad is a selfish self centered you know what I never liked her and she used her ex-husband for the come up and that’s all I quit watching the show because of her

    3. Tell me exactly what each one of them are bringing to the show.If you don’t mind, seeing as you are saying that Quad isn’t bringing anything to the show. I recently started to watch. It appears as if Dr. Jackie is the cool calm, laid back person without the back and forth drama.

    4. And to be honest, it was Jackie and her cheating husband that was talked more about. Quad only bring gossip and mess.

  2. Quad is such a narcissist that it’s hard to watch her scenes and interviews. She really changed for the worse. I don’t think she brings anything either. She just finds someone she thinks is an easy target to attack all season long (Mariah, Lisa, Toya). Simone has done much worse to Quad than Toya. But Quad will never had the courage to come for Simone like she does Toya.

    1. Quad is back on the show because her spot on the sister to sister show is not on. Why was she on a couples trip and she not a couple?

  3. It’s the audacity of Quad crying about Toya questioning what she brings to the show when Quad literally did everything possible to get Mariah kicked off. What worse?

    1. Quad seems to be that two faced friend that has no loyalty. I stopped watching when Mariah was pushed out after her so called friend turned these dumbasses against her. Now reading these comments I see nothing has changed

  4. Quad is so exhausting. I try to hear her out but I just can’t do it anymore. I get why Heavenly and Q said she’s hard to be friends with. She drains people.

  5. I’m starting to wonder if Quad is one of the reasons why the ratings are down so much. They probably should have brought Mariah back instead and Dr. G with his new wife. Quad’s story isn’t interesting anymore.

    1. I don’t know if Quad is the reason for the ratings being bad. But she needs to switch it up and do something different next season. Like why hasn’t she ever had any smoke for the doctors (Simone, Jackie, Heavenly)? They come for her the hardest. Since she always picks fights with those she knows won’t hit back hard, it makes her look cowardly. Simone literally said to her face that she’s been telling people she slept with a married contractor because she knows the contractor’s close friend. Quad just ate that and proceeded to go in on Toya. Like girl…what are you doing? This is why fans are not feeling you. You don’t go after the right people.

  6. In my opinion….if she didn’t bring anything to the show..Why would they continue to bring her back on the show?!?!…. Evidently she’s bringing something to it!!! Make it make sense somebody!!! 🤔💬

    1. Does that logic also apply to Kandi and Robyn? And to be fair, Quad was actually fired and demoted. She’s only back because Heavenly begged producers to bring her back. I don’t think producers fire, demote, and drag their feet on bringing back people they think are valuable. Just saying!

    2. It doesn’t make any sense at all because Quad doesn’t bring anything to the show but perpetuate drama. Anyone can do that. If it wasn’t for Mariah, we wouldn’t even know anything about Quad and she would have irrevelant. Although she and Mariah are no longer friends, she has never acknowledged or gave homage to Mariah for giving her a platform to promote her businesses. That’s why I have little respect for Quad.

      Keeping it real!

  7. Quad and her bogus excuses make me tired just listening. She hasn’t brought anything but lies about others in the last few seasons. Toya’s right what is she bringing besides negative energy? She blamed Toya for trying to get her fired, and all kinds of things. It is her sour attitude that is turning fans from her.

  8. You know everybody was all coo with Quad when she was married to her cheating an abusive husband, but when she got divorice and her and mirhia’s friendship fell apart then everyone wants to go against Quad, these ain’t friends these are AQUANTINCES. My mother always told us that EVERYONE YOU CALL YOUR FRIEND AIN’T YOUR FRIEND. and a REAL AND TRUE FRIEND’S YOU WILL BE ABLE TO COUNT ON ONE HAND MAYBE BOTH HANDS. So Quad them ain’t your friend’s them are your AQUANTINCES. Quad I love you one the show I hope they keep you on the show you bring a lot to the show true realness all 100%. GOD BLESS YOU QUAD.

    1. Just fact checking but umm, you do know that Quad was arrested for being violent to Greg, right? The cast didn’t side with her about Greg because they know she lied. They were all hanging with Quad at the time of her arrest back then. Y’all got to start using your common sense. These people don’t hate Quad. They just know her a lot better than you or anyone here commenting.

      1. The crazy thing is the arrest was discussed on the show as well. So for them to still be calling Greg abusive when Quad’s violence was documented with a mugshot is insane. That man is getting married to another woman. Time to leave him alone and stop defaming him.

    2. This right here is why a lot of people no longer like Quad. She tells very serious lies about people, even accusing people of crimes she knows they didn’t commit, and her fans like you believe every word. Imagine someone telling damaging lies about you on a TV show watched by millions and their fans don’t care to do research or use logic before parroting the defamation on the internet. Y’all aren’t helping Quad’s case at all.

      1. Please take Karen I meant Quad off that show with them married women! She brings nothing to the show only narcissist vibes what a very selfish woman.

  9. Just more lies, narcissism, and deflection from Quad as usual. They made a huge mistake pushing out Mariah and keeping Quad around just for her to look silly on couples trips and defame people to be more interesting on the show.

  10. Her voice is like chalk on a black board…I skip when i can so as not to hear her talk about herself. The big lie “I did it by myself” ahh Mam you did it with Dr. Greg’s money mam.. And where is that man’s sleep number bed you took? LOL

  11. Mariah will always be the goat and a bigger asset to this show because unlike Quad, Mariah feared nobody. Unlike Quad, Mariah called everybody out on their mess, including the doctors. Quad did absolutely nothing when Simone told her to her face that she slept with her married contractor and she has receipts. Quad always lets the doctors son her and it’s embarrassing.

  12. I’m rewatching M2M in season 2: now I realize why I never liked Quad….. she wanted Mariah’s position and quite frankly, Bravo let her have it. I’ve encountered women like her and she’s one of those exhausting, delusional, narcissistic chicks that thinks everyone is against her! They should’ve been pulled Quad, she’s bringing down the whole curve for the show!

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