Quad Webb Believes She Was Treated Unfairly at ‘Married to Medicine’ Reunion?

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Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb have been hit with some messy accusations.

Married to Medicine” fans have been very vocal about part 1 of the Season 9 reunion. A lot of focus was placed on the controversial accusations that have been made this season. Quad Webb was accused of sleeping with her married contractor. She denied this. But she wanted to bring proof of her innocence to the reunion. She took a lie detector test and handed the results to Andy Cohen. Andy said that these tests aren’t admissible in court, but some of Quad’s costars still believe that she is innocent of what she’s been accused of.  The ladies also said that they do not believe that Toya Bush-Harris cheated on Dr. Eugene Harris with a neighbor.

Quad Webb has been vocal about the “Married to Medicine” reunion.

Although both ladies are being labeled as innocent by their co-workers, this hasn’t made Toya or Quad feel better about what they have been accused of. In fact, Toya is angry that she’s also been accused of having something to do with Anila Sajja’s robbery. Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Dr. Simone Whitmore put Anila in the hot seat. Contessa questioned why Anila would continue to hang out and travel with Toya if she thought she had something to do with the crime. As for Simone, she told Anila she created the mess from day one with her Instagram post. In the caption, Anila hashtagged accountability in the post about the robbery. And Simone says she did it to hint at her thinking Toya was linked to it.

Quad has also been accused of taking Anila’s theory and running with it due to her feud with Toya.

Well, Quad had some things to say hours ago as fans commented on the reunion drama. And she feels like she was treated unfairly in comparison to the other ladies she shared the stage with.

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  1. Quad really is a piece of work. She sat on that stage and accused Toya of being involved in a felony. That was the worst accusation made the entire season. I really tried to give Quad a chance this season. And I was warming up to her at the beginning. But it’s clear to me that Quad will never change. I can’t support someone like her ever.

    1. Get Quad off the show. She doesn’t have a husband and she thinks because she has a big house her dodo doesn’t stink. No one wants to be like her butt. Yes, she sleeps around to get what she wants. Girl bye

    1. Ratings have been trash since Mariah was fired. Heavenly and Simone have already said that they all received pay cuts. I think this is why some of them are doing the most this season. But it’s not working because ratings are still low.

        1. It’s time to bring the creator and executive producer back to her show Mariah Andy Cohen already paid out 20million to NeNe Quad married her ex husband to get on this he didn’t want to do it she is not married but Mariah can’t be on a show she created who is married to medicine Quad think she is so much better than these ladies than go to say they robbed that girls house is evil

      1. Heavenly mentioned they received pay cuts two years ago despite good ratings. I hear from a reliable source they had to take another pay cut this season to help pay towards Mariah’s financial settlement from Purveyors of Pop.

        1. So why continue ! it’s not like most of them if not all needs that money, why still go to tv and embarassed yourselves for less money.

        2. Look at God. Now they all worked so hard to get Mariah off the show. They said that she was just a glorified EP. Now they can’t make as much money because they must contribute to her settlement. Not fun when the rabbit has the gun.

    2. The show had it lowest ratings this season. They had over 1m when Mariah was a cast member. Toya’s altercation with Audra had the highest ratings this season.

      Episode 1 700k
      Episode 2 660k
      Episode 3 640k
      Episode 4 680k
      Episode 5 670k
      Episode 6 630k
      Episode 7 650k
      Episode 8 650k
      Episode 9 680k
      Episode 10 620k
      Episode 11 750k
      Episode 12 700k

      1. Yikes! So this is why Quad is doing the absolute most. She’s trying to save her job and get the ratings back up. She’s def going about it the wrong way because her actions are making people quit the show altogether. I love that despite all the bravado and stunts and lies that Quad isn’t the ratings magnet she said she was. That’s actually Mariah apparently. Ha!

  2. Quad didn’t realize that the questions for her were going to be hot? The Lady accused Toya of robbery multiple times. She pumped up Anila and Audra and threw rocks like it was hailing. She brought that herself with her behavior.
    Still no heat for Heavenly or Simone after they, both, admitted to telling the contractor rumor.

  3. Girl bye. Quad needs to take a page out of Gizelle’s book. Don’t be the villain but then low key want all the fans to love you too. It doesn’t work that way. Gizelle does her dirt, lies on people for storylines and accepts being hated by the majority of the fan base. She doesn’t whine about it either. If Quad can’t handle being hated, she needs to stop being so evil. She’s trying to be the villain and victim and it’s annoying.

  4. I wish all this energy was on Quad when Mariah aired her out and told who Quad really is. Look.At. That. Quad will be quad and she has exposed herself removing the veil from others. Quad should have left back when she split with her ex . Her life is full of smoke and mirrors

  5. Quad is so fake now she’s the victim 1st and foremost I don’t believe that she did that house walked the house renovated the house designed the house decorated the house on her income where does she get the money from all she wants to talk about is her her what’s really going on in her life besides the little boy and her come on now people don’t be taken in by her thorn shade on everybody to take the attention off for her she is fake she is phony and she needs to be off for show that calls married to medicine you’re not even a friend a medicine

  6. Obvs this my opinion only, but I’ve watched it and thought Heavenly got it worse than her which I was surprised by. Now I will say most castmates seemed a bit more lighthearted and amused when it came to Heavenly. I think they all came to the realization that Heavenly is not capable of better, not that she’s getting a pass. Whereas Quad def is aware, knows better, and chooses to be foul thinking she’s better and smarter than the rest. Girl loves to dish it but can’t take an ounce.

  7. I think they are mad because they thought that after Quad and her husband broke-up that Quad was not going to make nothing out of her life. You have to admit her house is bad. And the fact she did it on her own without a husband makes some of them women jealous. Quad might say things that she should not say but they all do. Toya is unhappy that Quad owns her house and is not renting. Maybe if Toya got a job she could help her husband out instead of always buying name brand clothes. What does Toya do any way?

    1. Toya showed that she brings another 150k to the household. Her salary from M2M, and she has her husband’s Dr’s salary. People keep saying she don’t work, well the only reason we know who she is, because we watch her at work. I truly do not believe that Toya is jealous of Quad.

    2. Agree to the fullest
      ..I can’t stand Toya..she was picking on Quad from day 1 when Mariah was on there.. that’s why Mariah beat her butt ans I love when Audra 3 pieced her ass..lol

  8. No one on this show is jealous. They are all millionaires. Jackie is the wealthiest, followed by Heavenly and Simone. I think fans need to be a little bit more observant. I thought it was obvious by now but I’ll just go ahead and say it. These women have all been put in certain boxes for entertainment purposes and producers made it this way because fans like us have shown them we prefer negativity over women getting along. Quad’s role is the annoying and egotistical troublemaker. Toya is the airhead housewife who can’t support herself. Simone is the loud and sassy doctor that Jackie isn’t allowed to be. Jackie is the peaceful one. Heavenly is the firecracker whose mouth causes problems. Contessa is the military vet who is a girls girl but ready to put anyone in a headlock if need be. But the truth is these women aren’t really these things in real life.

    For example, Toya actually has a graduate degree. She made a lot of money in medical sales before the show. And she actually out earns Eugene with her multiple incomes. Quad is never in any mess outside of M2M. In real life, she’s sweet and drama free. Jackie actually has a huge personality and speaks her mind without a filter when she’s not on TV. I mean I can go on. This show is not real. It’s not a reality show and hasn’t been in a long time. All of these women are typecast and they fake drama with each other for our entertainment. Why do you think Toya and Quad were all close and cuddling each other after they argued and almost fought? In real life all these women are good and support each other. I just wish the fans would stop taking it so serious. Like y’all really be picking sides and accusing them of being jealous when they are just doing their jobs. It’s not that serious.

    1. “No one on this show is jealous. They are all millionaires.” Please say it again for the ones in the back. LOL.

    2. I sure hope this is true! THIS is the show I would love to see. I absolutely prefer when they’re getting along, being funny, and laughing.

      Also, I remember way back in the first season hearing that Toya had an MBA. I’ve always wondered why that hasn’t been mentioned since then.

      And thank you for this because I was shocked when Quad asked to switch places and sit by Toya when they were in Blue Ridge. At first I was scared because of the previous conversation at the table, but when Toya seemed to think nothing of it, I was really confused, but glad nothing popped off.

      AND… I’ve been feeling that Heavenly secretly likes Toya because the few heartfelt scenes they’ve shared are syrupy sweet! Lol! Your explanation (theory?) makes me believe more than ever that I’m right.

  9. I don’t see why anyone needs to be jealous of Quad when she’s not self made. Mariah put her on after she was homeless, Aydin gave her a job when she was jobless, Gregory gave her a lifestyle she couldn’t give herself. He told her to her face he took care of her and she couldn’t think of a clever and flamboyant response because it was true. Everything Quad has is because of all the people who helped her. And that is okay. Not everyone is self made. But it’s weird when those who aren’t want so much praise. I just wish she would stop trying to read everybody because she’s not secure with herself. Her house is beautiful. On another note, why must we pretend like being an independent black woman is exceptional? Black women are overworked and do for ourselves because we have to. That isn’t anything to brag about and honestly, it’s quite sad when you think about it. We are the only group of women who do this well into our late 30s, 40s, and 50s. Reasearch the stats on our mental health too while you’re at it. Very sad and telling.

  10. Toya has a job and apparently more jobs than Quad does which is why her net worth is much higher than Quad’s. Last season Quad was renting that town house. Not a peep about her renting though, right? Exactly. It’s always double standards with the cast and fans. Quad would not even be on this show now if Sister Circle wasn’t cancelled. So we can stop pretending she has Beyonce money. Next!

  11. Quad is one of the most delusional people I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Is it mental illness? Sis really thinks everyone wants her life and to be divorced like her. Umm no ma’am. She’s the last person on the show I’d want to switch lives with. But the fact that she brags about being single on a show called Married to Medicine is exactly why people think it’s time for her to leave the show. She doesn’t fit anymore.

  12. She always runs to Twitter and IG for damage control because she can’t handle the backlash and her rehearsed reads didn’t land 🤣.

  13. Quad’s obsession with Toya has gotten old. She keeps comparing herself to Toya. And it’s pathetic. Her marriage to Greg was never good. Didn’t they get arrested the night before their wedding because they fought? This is why the cast didn’t try to get them back together like they did Simone and Cecil. They weren’t even having s-x like that. Greg was Quad’s way to get on tv. Toya and Eugene aren’t perfect but they actually love each other. Quad’s marriage was never about love. So she can stop the comparisons. She didn’t love her husband. That’s not everyone else’s reality.

  14. This season felt really short. My faves are Heavenly, Mariah, and now Toya. Quad started off likable and then crashed right back into annoying territory unfortunately. I think her loyal fans are giving her bad advice and enabling her.

  15. Is Quad okay? She’s talking and defending herself online a lot more than she usually does. She seems really pressed this season.

  16. Yawn. Quad is one of the meanest and nastiest to come from this platform. I do not care and refuse to fall for her pity parties and victim hood. Quad actually made me like Toya this season.

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