‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Toya Calls out Anila + Quad & Anila Clash

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On the recent episode of “Married to Medicine,” the cast discusses the cheating rumor involving Toya. Toya feels like the whole situation is an attack on her and her marriage. And she thinks Quad and Anila worked together to attempt to take her down. While Quad takes accountability and apologizes for her actions, Anila struggles to give Toya the honesty she’s in search of. 

And Contessa and Heavenly still can’t get past their issues. Heavenly doesn’t think she was wrong to comment on Contessa’s marriage on her YouTube channel. As for Contessa, she’s not understanding why Heavenly can’t see the error of her ways. 

Here’s a recap for “Reunion Part 2.”

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  1. Toya’s selfishness, lack of self awareness and accountability is sickening. I am not understanding why the other cast members make excuses for Toya’s attacks against them and follow up with, but, she has a big heart. So, you stab me in my back, but you buy me a Louis Vuitton backpack to cover it up, is ok? There is no excuse for any relationship to be a tear down, nothing about Toya exemplifies positivity.

      1. Exactly , I had to recheck the name 😂😂😂. When people don’t like a character they go a long way to make them fit the narrative.

  2. Anila may never understand why repeating rumors, that you don’t believe yourself on camera is worse than sitting around of camera doing it.
    Jackie just sitting there like a Queen watching her cast mates attack. She acts above it all but is waist deep in the trash.
    Anila and Quad had a snapfoo, Anila didn’t know she was supposed to take the blame
    Simone ” Why would I tell Heavenly anything when she tells everything on social media?”. Didn’t Quad say Simone told her Toya was cheating in person?
    Quad’s lies are hard to keep up with.

  3. Hmmmm….Quad the Fraud says the rumor came from Simone- who I am beginning to suspect is a LOT more backstabbing than I realized. Toya however, chooses not to confront Simone but goes after Anila. What’s that about? Jackie says NUTHIN on the couch until Andy asks her a question. Contessa is right…she’s not going to go against Heavenly for whatever reason. Tells Toya all she did was tell her what she did wrong when Curtis was cheating.Tells her she never listens when they try to tell her something. MS. Jackie…your husband told you for 2 seasons that you spend all your time charting from work till all hours of the night. Did YOU listen to him? HMMMM?? So he found another way to spend his time. And Jackie setting up a s-x event? Saying I feel moist to Curtis was cringeworthy for me. He didn’t respond in any loving way. Youv’e been cold and haughty since the show began…I can’t see Jackie in any other manner. IJS my opinion.

  4. I hate this show! What examples they are of how professionals are supposed to carry themselves. What role models they are 🙄🙄🙄!!!

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