Melody Shari Feels LaTisha Scott Was Shady First + Doesn’t Accept Miss Wanda’s Apology

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Destiny Payton and LaTisha Scott continue to shade Melody Shari on LAMH.

LaTisha Scott and Destiny Payton had some interesting things to say on the recent episode of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” Both women aren’t in a good place with Melody Shari currently. So they had plenty to say about the drama that occurred at the MaDonni reopening event. Melody had a bone to pick with Miss Wanda. After Melody said that LaTisha’s father had been in her DMs, Wanda decided to clap back. But she did so by questioning the paternity of the youngest Holt child.

Melody and Martell Holt felt like Wanda crossed the line. Since this isn’t the first time that Wanda has commented about their children, they were furious. So Melody had no regrets about how she handled the situation. On the recent episode, Destiny and LaTisha blamed the events of the day on Melody. And both women seem to think that Melody is full of herself. As for Melody, she thinks there are double standards with the cast. And she doesn’t think it’s cool that cast members are okay with their family members coming for her.

Melody Shari isn’t interested in mending things with LaTisha Scott and Destiny Payton.

Interestingly enough, Melody discussed the state of her past friendships with LaTisha and Destiny recently. During an interview with Hey Girl Hey, she was asked if she thinks she could ever repair things with her former girlfriends.

Melody answered, “So my answer for that really has been consistent since even when Tisha and I first were at odds which is interesting to me because when everything first transpired it was literally that I had pulled back from her, right? That was the thing, I had pulled back and I’m like but I didn’t have an issue with you. You thought I had an issue with you but I didn’t. I literally was experiencing a crisis in my marriage at the time.”

She added, “And sometimes as humans…we all do it. You tend to pull back sometimes when you’re trying to figure it out. But it doesn’t mean that the person has done anything necessarily to you. So first it was that.”

Melody feels like it was Martell who caused the drama. But she also said LaTisha was shady first.

“I didn’t even make the cheating allegations, my ex did. But then we had a coffee scene, where it was brought up to me. But before that, even with the laughing jokes and all of that season one about what I was going through in my marriage and if you guys go back and watch season one you will see all that. Like the little sly remarks like, ‘I heard he got a little thing around town.’ I wasn’t doing that.”

At this point, Melody doesn’t think she can be friends with Destiny or LaTisha ever again, “So it all led to us getting in a place that I would say is not a place where we can return at all to where we were as friends. I have no desire to.”

Melody Shari discussed the boycott.

She also opened up about her thoughts on fans boycotting the show, “So for me, I feel that at the end of the day when it comes to supporting Black women, supporting no bullying, no harassing, none of that..coming together for a cause like that, that’s always a positive to me. And that would be for me…it doesn’t matter what network it would be on, I don’t care. Even if it wasn’t me when it comes to standing for something or falling for anything so to speak, absolutely.”

Melody continued, “So people being privy to seeing all the things online against me and again I don’t even know them for real…I definitely understood and I also agreed with the fact of no matter who it is, we’re not going to tolerate people being harassed and being bullied.”

Miss Wanda was brought up. Melody said that she thinks it’s a bit unfair that she said nothing when Wanda came for her a lot over the years. And she didn’t even say anything when she came for her children the first time. She was raised to respect her elders. But she reached a breaking point once her youngest daughter’s paternity was questioned.

Melody also revealed that Wanda did apologize to her for this at the reunion. However, she wasn’t moved by it.

“At the reunion, she apologized after being asked multiple times do you want to apologize. After many of minutes of trying…everybody almost on stage, not everybody but almost everybody on the stage trying to justify what she said. Then asked multiple times to apologize, then she apologized. And I was like nah, I’m good. Like I don’t accept it. Y’all will see it. But I’m also not sitting here waiting on an apology because I’m not.”

She added, “And when at look at the events that transpired after this apology, I know that my spirit was right when it told me don’t accept that ****.”

Melody Shari has a production company.

Outside of the show, Melody is making some serious business moves. She has a production company called Tilted Crowns Productions. And she has a show on the Impact Network called “Mind Body Money.”

“So I just finished up a movie, “Marriage Mansion,” which was amazing. I had some amazing costars. They were all great like great actors man. The chemistry and vibe between all of us was just…it was one of the coolest sets ever. In terms of shows, yes, we do have shows we’re actively pitching. We do have shows…I actually have a contract in my email right now. But we do have shows we’re actively pitching.”

Melody is excited to help people go after their dreams, “My partner Dawn Michelle who’s also my manager, she has over 30 years in the entertainment industry. And my showrunner who’s a part of Titled Crowns, he is actually with Paradigm. And he was brought on by the president of Paradigm. He’s great, he has a lot of shows out already so for us, at the end of the day we’re trying to do our part to give people…help people reach their dreams if that dream is to be on television or if that dream is hey I’ve written this this movie or I’ve written this play. And trying to help them figure out the next steps to really get it out there.”

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  1. Wanda, Destiny, & Newbie, need to go off the show. Wanda (messy), Destiny (why), newbie (don’t support black businesses)!!!!!!!!!! Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye!!!!! The show will survive with the others😄😄😄😄😄😄

    1. Melody is a class act in every situation. She has been victimized and betrayed the entire show. Wanda’s loud vile mouth needs to go, while Destiny adds nothing but insults to the show. For people that supposedly support black businesses, they sure sabotage each other with pettiness and evil every step of the way!

    2. Melody shouldn’t have confronted Ms Wanda in front of a crowd of people. She got in ms Wanda face screaming, she can’t talk calm. I know people like Mel more because of what her husband did to her. But sorry Melody was out of character the way she approached Mrs Wanda.

  2. I’m beyond the point of caring about who cares about who…who wants to be friends with who.
    This show has taken a turn I don’t like.

    1. It’s already on its last legs. I think that’s why Melody is working so much outside of the show. She sees the writing on the wall. This show can’t be sustained and I blame that on the producers.

      1. You got that right this debacle of what use to be a decent show is definitely on it’s last leg it’s run it’s course and Carlos only has his own messy self to blame Good ridden.

  3. I feel that Mel could handle that show herself without Carlos’s period. I texted Mel and told her Carlos wasn’t her friend. The same way he did Kandi as long as he has known her and worked with her. Now they even coming out saying he was behind that lie Pheadra Park told on Kandi. She didn’t known Mark was coming on until he was, they. Now Mel does that sound like a friend that got your back. I am sure other thins has happen you didn’t know about until it happens.

  4. I’m truly surprised at Mel she started alot of the drama with how she treated people and was on a higher horse then others. I don’t like how she panted aa weak narrative of Tesha. I bet Tesha was a good friend to Mel but alot have said how she will disregard. I wonder how the show would go if ther was no Mel.🤔Yet Carlos King took messy for that. Mel get it to gether & pull it all back together before there be no bag for anyone everyone matters &have something to bring to the table & Tesha & Destiny both has value and if people don’t see that then🤦‍♀️ MY opinion. Nevertheless, better pull it together quickly before no body get a bag & I don’t think anyone on the show can get it elsewhere more then they are now. Hopefully she will change the narrative and with everyone half way on 1 accord they will do better.🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    1. I agree Mel doesn’t take any responsibility in none of this, those comments from Tisha was in response to you inserting yourself in there marriage as well, implying her husband was cheating as well, no one speaks of this # accountability Mel

      1. Martell told Mel that and he also made the remark to teshia husband. Put that blame on Martell. When they say Mel was cheating, she was not staying with her exhusband. This man took a hold baby home.

      2. If Melody was a true friend to Latisha. She wouldn’t have told her to roll up on your husband. She act like she want Latisha to be hurt like she has been hurt. What is wrong, with saying honey until you have proof, walk with your man. Every woman knows when their man change. Why keep throwing it in Latisha face. Like you was in the bedroom while they was doing it That is not a friend that keeping slapping your face with words. Melody is mean. Even when her husband tried, she was mean to him.

    2. How can you say teshia was a good friend. do good friends laughing and go out to together and making smart comments. And you don’t why she is doing this. To find out she is doing this because she known your husband is dating other women. I don’t need these kinds of friends in my life

  5. The comment from Heavenly Mee said it best Mel initiated a majority of all this nonsense because she was so bitter about Martell and his cheating antics she then tried to create the narrative to Tisha that Marsau was cheating because let’s be clear misery loves company and when she couldn’t bring any receipts to confirm it that’s when she and Tisha begin to drift apart and when she couldn’t get Destiny to be a puppet for her then they begin to drift apart as well. Mel is a master manipulator that’s her true personality and if the show tanks it will be because of her wannabe non talented self and that snake Carlos Queen and I have never felt sorry for people who have clawed themselves with their own hooks and those two would be those type of people.

    1. Why you can’t get it in her head Meldoy was going by what her husband said like teshia believe everything her husband say. Martell made the same remark on Carlos show and to the men.

      1. Why can’t you get it in your head that Melody continued to perpetuate the lie when she knew Martell was lying. The reality is they are made for each other Melody & Martell they are both cut from the same cloth Blanton liars.

        1. Oh please. Y’all are so fake. Not you on here pretending you’re the moral police! Marsau was out here running errands for Martell, hanging out with Martell’s side chick and was buying her flowers and paying her d-mn bills before Melody even knew she was being cheated on! Why do you Melody haters keep trying to pretend the Scott’s are saints?! Melody owes Marsau absolutely nothing. He was supposed to be her friend but the whole time he helped Martell cheat. He’s been trying to ruin her life for a long time now and he’s still at it because he’s Mark’s puppet master as well. Don’t play on here today. Marsau and Martell are cut from the same cloth too. Yet you don’t bash him or Martell on here. I wonder why Melody is the only one you have a problem with but not the catty and problematic men who aren’t any better. Boy bye. Typical misogynist!

          1. I was wondering when anyone else was going to notice that the women on this show aren’t the problem. It’s always been the men. Martell and Marsau literally caused all of the problems everyone is having now. They have their hands in everything. It’s crazy. They are absolutely the messiest cast members. Not Wanda, them. But they get a pass and everyone blames the women instead (Melody, Latisha, Wanda, etc).

  6. I agree with Melody. LaTisha and Marsau actually started all the problems the show has now with the help of Wanda. They were fake friends to the Holts and it just showed me their true character. I’m not going to get on a TV show my friends put me on and shade and laugh about a cheating situation that ultimately broke up their family. Then it was Martell who said Marsau was cheating first but since the show is full of pick me’s and misogynystic men, they placed all the blame on Melody until Martell once again got on IG and accused Marsau, Maurice, and Louis of cheating yet again. Then Latisha finally admitted it was Martell who caused their problems and started the cheating stuff. That’s when she smartened up and refused to work with Martell. The good thing is Melody was smart enough to use the platform better than everyone else so she can afford to leave whenever she chooses. And I’m out when that day comes. Now she has a production company, fashion line, real estate courses, a singing career, new movie and huge social media presence. I’m so proud of her. Love you Melody!

  7. Latisha was so happy Melody was cheated on back in season 1. Still is. Then Kimmi came out at the reunion season 1 and said that her and Latisha sat on the phone and badmouthed Melody. Wanda and Tisha got mad at Kimmi for being honest. They ruined this show because all of them let their jealousy of Melody become an obsession and dictate everything they do. Latisha and Wanda especially are the most jealous. They know Melody is the star.

  8. I don’t think a boycott is necessary, but a redirection is. What started off as a show presenting young, black, married elites making power moves has now become a s&$+ show. Get rid of the unmarried troublemakers, Destiny & Wanda, as the only moves they make are heated aggression.

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