Carlos King Stirs RHOP Fans with Latest Tea Amid Controversy Involving Robyn Dixon

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Robyn Dixon is currently in the hot seat with RHOP fans.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Robyn Dixon continues to be a hot topic considering the latest news involving the current season of the show. As we reported, it all started after Robyn accused Karen Huger of being fake and thinking that she is off-limits to the other women. Karen clapped back by alleging that Robyn and Juan Dixon‘s wedding is what is fake. She wasn’t convinced that they are actually together. In fact, Karen alleged that Juan has a girlfriend that Robyn knows about. So their plans to tie the knot without onlookers outside of their sons sounded sketchy to Karen. Regardless, Robyn brushed off the accusations. She denied them and said that Karen’s accusations were the first time she heard Juan had a girlfriend.

Well, Robyn would later make a revelation on her “Reasonably Shady” podcast. She and Gizelle Bryant confirmed that the woman who spoke out on Juan recently reached out to them, too. And Juan did in fact communicate with the woman. However, Robyn doesn’t believe that Juan slept with the woman despite the hotel invoice she gave to blogger Sergio Says.

While Robyn doesn’t think Juan was intimate with the woman, she said Juan was being an idiot. And they had to work through the situation. It seemingly was one of the reasons why their wedding was delayed. She also said that she may share more details about what happened on Patreon.

To no surprise, Robyn’s admission didn’t sit well with a lot of people. Her critics called her out for refusing to share her life on the platform that pays her. And suggesting that RHOP fans pay her to be open about it on Patreon.

Carlos King made some controversial accusations.

One person who really takes issue with Robyn’s actions is Carlos King. The “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” Executive Producer took her to task on his YouTube channel. Interestingly enough, he also spilled some tea, too. And “Real Housewives of Potomac” fans have a lot to say about what he alleged.

Carlos said, “It’s very disappointing to learn that we spent this entire half *** season with these made-up storylines about Chris Bassett. And yes, I’m gonna say made up. I’m gonna say that because I allegedly was told that a few of the housewives had a meeting before filming about what the ‘storyline’ was going to be. Now this Chris Bassett stuff was part of that conversation. That’s what I was told, allegedly that’s what happened.”

He continued, “Based on Robyn’s admission, I now believe it. I believe it. You got on a podcast to spill tea about Juan cheating on you, y’all dealt with it, he was being an idiot. And it took a minute to get through it and maybe, this is your words, not mine…maybe that had to do with the wedding not happening. What you talking about, Willis?”


  1. Sounds like the tea Carlos got was one sided so that means he got it from Candiace (calm down stans). What I mean is Candiace hates Monique and Karen too much to admit that the same thing was done to them. But I don’t doubt that this meeting wasn’t just about coming for Chris. It’s obvious the other part of the plan was to defame Karen with Charrisse. Ashley, Robyn, Charrisse, and Gizelle were all involved.

    1. It does sound like Candiace told him this because she would leave out the part about Karen being targeted too. I wish her and Karen could work out their issues. That’s the problem here. Karen, Monique, Candiace, and Wendy could have been something special vs the GEBs. But we will never get that now.

    2. Oh Ashley was def involved. She brought that dusty friend of hers around for the sole purpose of slandering Chris so she can one up Candiace.

  2. Can’t wait for the reunion!!!!!!!!!! It’s not right to lie on ppl for storylines ….Robyn… Gizzard…drunk Charisse and Ashley and her forehead!!!!!

  3. Shouldn’t Carlos be more pressed by the fake storylines on his own show? Why is he bothered by shows that have nothing to do with him? He is such a bird.

  4. Robyn and Giselle have a history of fake storyline drama and bringing dusty Charisse to back up what ever lies they are pushing for the season. I think 🤔 Ashley was included because Chris sent her that message. Plus, she never knows when to shut up and sit down.

  5. Carlos running his mouth about this show is because he doesn’t care for Andy. Because he got kicked off of BRAVO.

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