Juan Dixon’s Alleged Side Chick Responds to Robyn Dixon’s Version of Events

Photo Credit: Bravo

Juan Dixon and Robyn Dixon’s relationship is a hot topic on social media right now.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Robyn Dixon had an interesting recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.” As we reported, Robyn and Juan Dixon remarried recently. In fact, footage from their big day was shown during the season finale. Not too long after the wedding was confirmed, a woman came forward with some controversial accusations. She told Blogger Georgio Says that she allegedly messed around with Juan. And communication between them didn’t end until January 2022. Robyn addressed the accusations on “Reasonably Shady.” She said that Juan didn’t sleep with the woman. Robyn also said that there’s a good reason to explain his name being on the hotel invoice.

Despite this, Robyn said that Juan did communicate with the woman. The issue was one that they really had to work through. So it was one of the causes of their wedding being delayed. Robyn also stated that she figured one of her co-workers would bring this up on RHOP. And she planned to talk about it then.

Robyn also said that she would share more details about the situation on Patreon. This didn’t sit well with some RHOP fans. And they didn’t think it was cool that Robyn didn’t address Juan’s situation on RHOP where she’s paid to be transparent.

Andy Cohen had some questions for Robyn when she appeared on WWHL. And Robyn’s explanation of Juan’s name being on the hotel invoice was a controversial one. She alleged that Juan briefly communicated with the woman on Instagram. He learned she lives in Canada. At some point, the woman sent him a DM asking for his help. According to Robyn, the woman lost her wallet in the hotel’s casino. So Juan came to do a good deed and pay the hotel bill. Interestingly enough, Robyn also said that the woman came to Maryland to see a Baltimore Ravens player she was dating.

The alleged side chick said Robyn Dixon’s version of events is inaccurate.

Some fans took to social media to question Robyn’s explanations. They just couldn’t believe Juan would pay for a woman’s hotel room if she flew into another country for another man.

Well, the woman has responded to Robyn’s recent comments. She had a recorded conversation with blogger Georgio Says.

On the Ravens player, Georgio Says said, “So you reached out to Juan first. And he obviously entertained the conversation as we saw in the DMs that you put forward. And from what Robyn said on Patreon, Juan was not interested. But mainly was just being nice. And so, you had reached out to him and you had told him you were coming to Maryland because you were dating a Ravens football player. Or something like that? Can you talk about that because that didn’t add up to what you had said to me actually?”

Juan’s alleged side chick answers, “I have no idea where that story came from. It’s very confusing. I had no reason to go to Maryland other than to see Juan.”

When she was asked how long she communicated with Juan, she answered, “It was like a year. I wanna say at least a year because there were restrictions with Covid that is true and there was no crossing the border at the time.”

She also denied dating a Ravens player. And she said it didn’t make any sense that Robyn would say this.

After Georgio asked if the woman spent any time with Juan while she was in Maryland, she said they did. She denied losing her wallet.

Another interesting thing is the woman told Georgio that Juan told her that his romance with Robyn is just for television.

“He made clear the relationship was for TV. It was for the fans, it was for a paycheck. That was just their obligation, right? They just did what they needed to do pretty much for TV. But he made it clear he does have that respect for Robyn. It was not a real relationship. There was no…there’s not a real loving relationship. It was just more of co-parenting and kind of best buddies.”

She added, “I’m not here to hurt Robyn, I was never trying to hurt Robyn. And like I said, I’m not a malicious person like that. So I’m not gonna get into all those details. He didn’t just get me a hotel room…get me a hotel room just to say goodbye.”


    1. Women are the worst. Even if Robin didn’t want to share every disheartening moment regarding Juan cheating, that’s ok. Nobody on this platform would. Calling her names and saying hurtful things won’t make it better. Women have got to do better. Y’all so negative sometimes

      1. Yeah, you don’t get to the pull the “women are the worst” card when it’s Robyn you expect us to feel sorry for. Jerri, Robyn has literally mocked, laughed at, and lied on MANY women since the start of this show. In fact, if sisterhood was really important to you, you wouldn’t even like Robyn. She treats women terribly with the exception of Gizelle. You tried it though. Like we said, Robyn’s job is to share her life on TV. If she’s not going to do that, she can exit stage left. She’s boring anyway.

        1. I can respond when I want to. Grow up I gave my opinion just like you and I stick to what I said. Karen is a liar and it’s been proven. I never said I was team Robyn . I don’t feel like they should have share everything down to the wire. Karen’s not. Again when it comes to back women lately it seems there is a disconnect especially for unity. If you can’t see that. I’m not sure Ray Charles could help you

          1. Like I said, you don’t get to pull the fake sisterhood card when you’re on here constantly defending Robyn out of all people. She is a certified bully so you can have a stadium of seats acting like you care about sisterhood. The audacity of you calling Karen a liar like Robyn hasn’t been caught in about 20 lies in several days. Talking bout sisterhood and black women need to unify like Robyn didn’t just laugh at Wendy being assaulted. Keep embarrassing yourself.

      2. Just like Robin comes for the Grand dam and say that she needs to be transparent and be accountable so does Robin. Instead of lying all Robin has to say is I’m not speaking about her and her husband. The young lady juan has been seeing isn’t lying, Robin is the liar and what Robin said doesn’t make any sense.I live in that area. All all of the hotels that young lady stayed in Cambria, it was right around the corner from where Robin and juan lives. There’s plenty of hotels near the airport she could’ve stayed at or closer to Arundel Mills

        1. I’m not debating about the area. It’s the lack of respect that black women carry for each other. If I’m correct. Karen is always coming for Robin

          1. You’re not correct and you rarely are on these Robyn posts. Instead of holding Robyn accountable, you prefer to deflect to Karen like your faves Robyn and Gizelle do. Robyn has been coming for Karen unwarranted since Season 1. She deserves all the smoke Karen is finally returning. You don’t really care about black women being more sisterly, hence you being a Robyn defender.

          2. Definitely not!! What show are you watching? Robin is a follower she does everything Gizelle does. She always in other people business and bullying and picking. But soon as someone brings up something in her life she wants to come for people character. She dishes stuff and can’t take the heat when it comes. I’m definitely not a fan of her’s or Gizelle. And I dnt laugh at other women’s pain but what goes around comes around.

      3. Exactly! As for the mistress she should be ashamed to even speak out. Once she find out Juan live with his woman she should’ve moved on with no comment.

    2. Okay! She is willing to keep a man that clearly didn’t tell the truth. The real side chick told the truth. Bye robin, you’re a buddy but kept Michael’s name on her tongue

  1. No one with common sense believed anything Robyn said. It seems like Juan cheated. Robyn and Gizelle came together to invent that dumb a-s story. It made sense to them because they’re both idiots. But they think they’re the most clever in that group.

    1. Riiiight!! She looked and sounded like a straight idiot!!! And to feed that BS to people was sad! Not to mention have people “pay” for additional FAKE and FALSE information on her podcast is even more sad!!!

    2. Robyn and Gizelle are both desperate women who are not above using their ex husband’s for a story line and a paycheck. They both better check. The mistress didn’t say anything viewers didn’t suspect already.

    3. Thank you. When people lie it doesn’t make any sense. Robin making herself look stupid, I don’t see that as being clever.

    1. Robyn,
      Guuuùrŕrrl! Come on now! You and Cynthia Bailey are by far the Dumbest women in the ftanchise!! My first thought when I heard Robyn speak was does this dumb a** woman hear herself?! Juan cheated in your first marriage because he could and he is continuing, veacause he can. He is showing your sons how to treat women!

      1. TT that was my nickname when I was younger, now, we just use T, but you are spot on with your commentary. It truly makes me cringe to see a clueless woman.

  2. Lawd! She just had to come out and say something to justify her hoe-osity. Now when people find her and start calling her a side chick she’s gonna cry harassment. No one in their right mind believed that story so she coulda just kept quiet and went about her life but she wants the spotlight and the spotlight ain’t that friendly.. smh

      1. I’m definitely not blaming her. She has no obligation to Robyn. Robyn’s man will be probably embarrassed her again (sadly)
        I just hate that all this time now she speaks out and Robyn & Giselle both have fans that will dig up all your info then you get harassed. I would feel no need to defend myself with this SM world. It’s a no-win battle. Oh, and when I say Hoe-osity, I’m sure she has a tv or SM she knew who they were. I’m just saying the onslaught is not worth it.

  3. My father always said Do Not let a man make a fool out of you. He also said don’t love any man more than you love yourself 💯💯💯💯💯

  4. Side Chick said what everyone else was, is, saying; Robyn story made absolutely no sense. Robyn’s version made a fool out her and no one else. Robyn and Giselle think that they are the smartest people in the room, must be when they are the only ones in the room.

  5. Fools fall in love the same shut different year! Why didn’t side chick call the Ravens player to pay her hotel bill. Wisdom don’t come with age when it comes to Robyn. It made her look foolish when she said it out loud & her friend let her dig herself in deeper. Money makes you loss common sense!

  6. At the end of the day, a side chick is still trash. Juan married Robyn regardless. You can crawl back into the hole you crawled out of ma’am…

  7. The entire show is lifeless, I can’t and will not invest anymore time watching foolishness. There is absolutely no one on this show is worth watching.

    1. Yaaaaaaaasssss honey I agree this show is a bunch of foolery how can so called grown black woman be soooooo stupid and make a laughing stock of themselves to line the pocket of the . This is not entertaining this is awful.

  8. Stopped watching it a long time ago. When will these shows lift women up? Reality TV either make you are break you…the world is watching…

  9. Why does Bravo or Andy keep giving Robyn and Gizelle hall passes for their antics? Both and Ashley like to drag people through their bs to stay relevant. No wonder Gizelle is no longer a first lady because she is so underhanded, calculating and deceitful. Robyn is just her minion helping her with her dirty deeds. Wendy got it right…Devil actions. Robyn may want to keep her family together and that’s commendable but I believe Juan did and said exactly what his side chick said.
    Robyn & Gizelle especially Gizelle are the issues and antics are getting boring and tiresome to watch including Ashley who does her crap with a smile.

    1. All of them have issues. Karen is the worst. It’s her turn this coming season for the rest of her trashy moves to be aired. ALL OF THEM BOOGIE!

  10. This is really sad. Robin may have wanted her family to work. On the show she never dated no one else.In reality, Juan wanted to have his cake and eat it too. Just for the fame of the show She decided not to have Juan sign the prenup. When Juan was making the money he made Robin sign one.

  11. This suit Robin just right because she is always in other peoples marriages look how she talk about Karen with Blue Eyes, karma is a b-tch Robins Karen was trying to tell you but you try to play it off. Now Robins eyes is on you with your lying a-s

  12. This is sad, WOMEN ARE THE WORSE!!! She is trying to hurt Robyn!!!.FIND YOUR OWN DAM MAN, and leave hers alone. Just f-cking messy!

  13. I for one was not surprised about Juan and Robyn. I felt it in my heart that Juan, was having an affair on Robyn, and she knew it too. She tried to make it work for the sake of T.V. She knew it quake like a duck. And it was a duck. She excepted it all. I knew she wasn’t going to insist on Juan, signing that prenuptial either. She knew the wedding would be off, and the truth would come to life, about his side piece. Robyn, definitely don’t believe in “When a person show you who they are, Believe Them. Unfortunately, I do not see this second around doing well at all. It will be very short lived. And she is going to hate herself for not getting Juan, to sign a pre nup. Sadly, she didn’t pay attention to what has happened to Wendy Williams and other women in her circle. Real sad case here. Watching their wedding, was a very sad situation too. Glad she changed her plans on her solo wedding. To keep it real. Robyn, is married. Not Juan! His action shows it.

  14. To the person that said thats probably why Gizelle isn’t 1st Lady anymore. She’s not 1st Lady because she divorced Jamal Bryant for the affairs he had while married to her with some women in the congregation & out of with a few Baby Mama’s. Sleeping with the Pastor, that’s another reason you can’t pull young ppl in. If the Church acting up why go, you can get that in the world.

  15. They are both bad for tv, bad role models. Hott pocket has daughters so she is not showing a good example for her daughters being on TV looking like a damn fool. And wana be down, Robyn is lucky she has sons. Her woman presence is awkward as h-ll, what is they to think. Smh

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