Carlos King Slams Gizelle Bryant for RHOP Reunion Comments

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Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon are having a controversial season of RHOP.

Real Housewives of Potomac” fans had a lot to say about part 2 of the reunion. Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon were both put in the hot seat during certain moments. First, Andy Cohen called them out for appearing hypocritical about Wendy Osefo being assaulted by Mia Thornton. Robyn and Gizelle felt like Wendy antagonized Mia. And they didn’t have much sympathy for her. However, they took the opposite position when Monique Samuels assaulted Candiace Dillard Bassett. They refused to film scenes with her. Gizelle even hired a bodyguard afterward when she had to be around Monique at a cast sit-down and eventually again at the reunion.

Gizelle and Robyn were put in the hot seat again when the topic of colorism was brought up. It was argued that Robyn hasn’t been labeled as aggressive despite her past blowups with Monique and Ashley Darby. Robyn disagreed. And she said that she has been called aggressive a lot since appearing on the show.

The moment made Candiace very emotional. She was especially grateful that Ashley acknowledged that she has special privileges due to her lighter skin tone. Karen Huger also said that colorism is a subconscious thing. And it’s something that was ingrained in Black people.

Gizelle Bryant is receiving backlash for her behavior at the reunion during the colorism discussion.

Interestingly enough, Gizelle didn’t appear receptive to a lot of the things that were said during this segment. She also said that colorism isn’t an issue that their group has. And sometimes the women on the show genuinely do not like each other. This isn’t due to skin tone.

Well, Carlos King took issue with the segment. He doesn’t feel like it was long enough.

In a YouTube video, he said, “I’m very angry and I’m very disappointed with what was displayed on the ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ part 2 reunion. I am disgusted.”

He had some words for Gizelle as well, “And what I saw displayed on that stage tonight was some ********. How dare you sit up here and give a topic of colorism two minutes to a cast full of Black women? Let’s be clear. This program is watched by Black viewers. We are invested in the ladies and we’re invested in this program. I’m pissed. I was so disgusted, disappointed. And Gizelle how dare you say, ‘Okay finally we can move on.'”

Carlos said Gizelle disrespected her ancestors.

“You are the granddaughter of a Civil Rights activist. Your name holds weight in the community of activism. How disrespectful Gizelle was that to your ancestors to say finally we can move on from this and talk about something else? Talk about what?!”


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  1. I think he has her confused with Porsha. Gizelle’s FATHER was the activist, right? Anyway, this was a waste of time. Gizelle doesn’t care. The only thing she cares about is a check.

    1. No, Gizelle’s dad was a big activist in the civil rights movement. His dad and uncle were the first African-Americans to own an ESSO gas station in Louisiana, and he served 8 years in the Texas State Legislature starting in 1967. She has a legacy which is so disappointing given her stance on the colorism issue. When she said that she didn’t like Wendy so she had no problem being a hypocrite about Mia attacking her….I was done. Gizelle is a horrible human.

      1. Yes she is I constantly asking how could she have been a First Lady of church I no she kept a lot of friction among the congregation she a devil.

        1. Girl,
          she the one that breaks the cymbals on the tambourine and ask the praise and worship team why they ain’t using them!!

        2. I’ve been asking myself and thinking the same thing about Gizelle; I believe in my heart that she was an awful First Lady.

        3. Gizelle has said over and over that it’s important for a man to have a big D_ck.

          As a previous first lady and a woman of a mature age, is that what’s most important to you? No wonder, Pastor Jamal Bryant was slinging it around, as they say.

          I’m 62 and what’s most important to me is a God-Fearing Man, who has Morals, Respect, Manners, He’s Protective, has a Sense of humor, Good Hygiene, Smells Good and can Dress Well because that’s what I like and do. Everything else at this stage of my life is secondary to all of the above.

        1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again about Gizelle, she’s so disconnected from everything. She gives us all a clear view of why she wasn’t a good first Lady and can’t have important conversations with her daughters or teach them how to be good friends to anyone, not even each other. Trust is so very important in any relationship, and clearly she doesn’t trust her own daughters to have conversations with them about female issues that we face everyday with our bodies. What a d-mn shame?

      2. Hey now! Always happy to see a comment from you. I had no idea Gizelle has this kind of family history. Knowing this now makes her look even worse.

        1. Hi love, I unfortunately can’t comment like I used to but occasionally something will propel me to make a divine effort – like commenting on the loathsomeness of Gizelle and her sidekick Robyn.

    2. You are correct, Porsha’s grandfather, Hosea Williams was 1 of the civil rights activists along with Martin Luther King

  2. Giselle acted as if the whole subject was boring her and not worth the time or effort. Ashley is messy, but she acknowledged that she and the other light skinned get away with things because of their skin tone. Robyn trying to make like her actions were judged and treated the same. Robyn is even bigger than the other ladies, but even than she never received the same heat. Giselle is a disgrace.

    1. Exactly because he is not handling the major problems on his own platforms. He’s fired up about this but didn’t seem to care about Martell’s violent outbursts and abusive behavior. Nor did he understand how Wanda making fun of little black girls hair was anti black and wrong.

      1. At the reunion Carlos did address Martell and he got in Wanda’s ASK. The topic of colorism
        was not addressed but he did defend the children and his distaste for Wanda’s actions.
        At least Wanda don’t try to hide she foul and ghetto. Church lady is much worse because people actually pause and listen to her.

        1. I disagree boo. Remember Martell had to ask Carlos why he didn’t do anything when Wanda came for his daughter’s hair. He went off on Carlos too. Carlos doesn’t do anything really about the awful behavior on his own shows. That makes him hypocritical.

          1. I’m sorry Ms Morgan,

            I had taken Carlos out of the equation but I receive your message. It’s sad all the way around. Maybe, we will get back to real tv soon.

            I actually like Love/Marriage DC because right now they are showing real family trauma and successes. Now, it looks like they’re going to throw some messy stuff in their but I’m hoping that it will stay meaningful.

          1. Umm no. Martell is the one who brought up what Wanda said about his daughter’s hair. And that is the point. Martell had to address it. Carlos didn’t address it when it happened 2 years ago. So how can he beat his chest about colorism when he didn’t even understand how what Wanda said was foul? You can like Carlos and tell the truth.

    2. Carlos King should express an opinion about these matters just like the rest of us and he is, after all, a Black man so he should have some feelings about this issue of colorism in particular. He has a voice and a platform and he is as invested in these shows and people as the viewing audience and maybe even more because, in all likelihood, he knows many of them personally. 🤷🏾‍♀️ So I welcome whatsinevah he has to say cause his opinion and voice is as valid as yours and mine.

      1. He should keep the same passion and energy for his own shows which are equally problematic and toxic workplace environments.

  3. While the message is valid, the messenger is not. At this point if Bravo is done with him, he needs to be done with Bravo. His shows have too much drama to be judging what Andy has going on. I’m tired of hearing him consistently speaking down on the ladies as if his lack of morals isn’t the reason why he was kicked off the network to begin with.

  4. I think Giselle knew what point Candice was making when Ashley chimed in to make it clear. I think Giselle was trying to make Candice look as if she was off base when knowing all the time. She and Robyn are something else. Maybe they will figure it out in their aging bodies. PITIFUL! 👏🏾👏🏾 for Ashley.

    1. I agree with you. I was so disappointed in how it was handled. They basically let Candiace take the lead and no one really had anything else to say except for Ashley who acknowledged the colorism amongst Black people.

      Robin, Gizelle and Mia got away with colorism this season 10-fold. They all should be fired and the fact that Mia couldn’t apologize to Wendy again on national tv made me lose all respect for her. No wonder she’s losing her businesses. When God sends his wrath you can’t hide. They are all falling down slowly. You can use your color and beauty and think you’re better than others. Lookout Podcast! You’re next! It’s coming and Robin and Gizelle guess who’s going to feel that wrath. Good Luck! We all have to learn lessons in life. Here’s one of yours!

  5. Carlos is obsessed with Bravo and it’s very weird. He hasn’t worked with them in years. Let it go and have this kind of passion for your own shows because they are even more toxic than RHOP. If Andy obsessed over Carlos’ shows like this, Carlos wouldn’t like it. He doesn’t even like it when Love & Marriage is criticized. I’d rather hear from the actual cast on this. And Candiace and Wendy handled it eloquently.

    1. Hi Peachy,

      I don’t know the history with Carlos and Bravo so I cannot speak on this. I can say “Church Lady”wanted to move on from the topic because SHE benefits from being “Becky with the good hair!”
      Even Mia, the “Miss I’s Got It All!” admitted it was a real thing and displayed some

      The only reason Church Lady and her side kick Deacon” are still on the show is because most of the viewers love their messiness. They tune in every week, so why change! They take the term “Grumpy Old Women” to an entirely different meaning and level.

      If Chris, Eddie, or Mr Ray Baby Back Karen had an “entanglement”, the reunion would be 6 part’s instead of 3!!!! They showed they are hypocrites and mean spirited. But Karma is fluid… it will reach you. When someone shows you who they are….. believe them!!

  6. Gazelle and Robyn need to go. Especially Gazelle. She believes she’s superior. It’s uncomfortable for her to talk about colorism because it’s talking about herself. She hated Monique and she hates Wendt because they have more and are more accomplished than she is. Both she and Robyn are hypocrites. Right is right and wrong is wrong. If it was wrong for Monique to put her hand on Candace it was just has wrong for Mia to do the same. When Monique did they would nolonger film with Monique. Gazelle hired body guards. They told Wendy she was being antagonizing. Yet Candace kept saying hit me Monique. Wendy did none of this. They talk about everyone’s business but they won’t talk about the bones in their closest.

    1. I agree 100%. And I recall Gizelle making a comment about taking somebody’s face off. I’m glad they showed Robin threatening Ashley and Monique. What she did was no worse than wjat Mia did in my opinion

  7. Just say you don’t like Gizzelle and end it. Who really watches this show and can say colorism is a true issue. Gizzele not liking Wendy doesn’t have anything to do with the color of her skin and everything to do with the way she treated her. Gizzel didn’t bring the rumor to Wendy she said she wasn’t going to say anything Ashley brought it to her. Wendy didn’t say anything to Ashley immediately went off on Gizzell her daughter and her girls father even though families are off limits. Threaten to beat her which she always does but never follows through with then when Gizzell tried to talk to her in the pool she threw her braids turned her head and refused to speak. Y’all want to say it’s because she’s darker skinned stop, Candice has talked about Gizzell like a dog called her a c##t in the confessional talked about her appearance dwindling uterus buts that’s okay with y’all Gizzell is not calling people out of their name or saying yo mama black people know that’s automatic but she’s a darker skinned woman and wants to use colorism and cry for sympathy when her and Wendy are the aggressors y’all want to play dumb how long could Wendy say all the stuff she said to Mia to you before you threw a drink. Nobody is discriminating against them nobody is treating them unfair because they are darker they are the rudest ones there and as a result they are tolerated. Tell the truth own your truth Gizzell did she doesn’t like her and she has that right after the way she was treated. Colorism is real and it’s serious and it shouldn’t be thrown around for sympathy because Candice never said someone on the cast said it she said the fans and the audience said it. So I understand Gizzell wanting to move on because what Candice was talking about was BS. Was it colorism when Monique snatched her up they’re both the same color no it was her mouth own it Candice and if that’s you be prepared for the consequences. You’re trying to get likes and fans for Tv but you’re going to find out in the real world everybody ain’t acting. My opinion

    1. Girl thank you for this. You are 💯% correct. People just want to hate on Gizelle so much. Candiace likes to run her mouth too much and is always looking for sympathy, the same way OG did on Basketball Wives. We see how that worked out. It doesn’t matter who Gizelle’s father or grandfather was, it was wrong of Carlos to put all that on Gizelle. Candiace should have spoken as she did, because she’s the only one with the issue. I think people forget Gizelle was friends with Wendy & Candiace until both of them showed their true colors and attacked her so viciously. At the end of the day this cast cant be blamed or help that the fans were attacking Candiace about her ways. Now the fans may have made it a color issue but these ladies definitely did not. Gizelle has three beautiful daughters at home the same color as Candiace. So the whole conversation was probably bs to her. I wouldn’t have wanted to entertain it either.

  8. I’m glad Carlos King made a comment. He has a large platform. He saw it the way I believe most of us saw it.

    Does colorism exist? Yes, I am a baby boomer who has grown up with colorism all my life. I have made it a point to treat people the way they treat me. As I have gotten older, if I can’t treat you kindly, I will remove myself from your life. Giving you bad energy, gives me bad energy. I’m not trying to befriend the world. I am a believer but the bible does say and Eye for an Eye.

    Mia, Robin and Gizelle are happy to get a paycheck. Their earnings have strictly been from their male counterparts. Not like, Candiace (Generational Wealth) and Wendy (Commentator/Professor). Karen came from generational wealth but not on the platform of Candiace and Wendy.

    All of the ladies came from what appears to be great parents. However, the world has changed and Black women are thriving by the minute. So, competition has risen when it didn’t need to. We all can have a piece of the pie. And, putting each other down to get a piece is not the way to do it.

    I can tolerate Robin and Mia more than I can tolerate Gizelle. Gizelle has brought absolutely nothing to the show. Even her daughters don’t appear to respect her decision making. She makes very bad choices in men (a big D_ck is most import). She’s a serpent with green eyes. Mia and Robin are followers. Yes, they are aggressive but they follow Gizelle’s lead.

    Andy Cohen, Carlos King and VH1 need to do a revamping of reality tv. It draws out attention but is it beneficial to our souls. I’m all for Black prosperity but at what price.

    That’s my take!


    2. I understand your take and it’s fine but the point was about colorism if you don’t like Gizzelle fine but how do you accuse her of colorism how has she discriminated against anyone? She didn’t start the rumors she repeated them just like Candice repeated the one about Karen where is the colorism? It’s cool though it’s clear Gizzelle is not liked for whatever reason and do some investigating before repeating Wendy’s credentials. Not the only black Professor only an associate at the college and a few guess appearances doesn’t make you a commentator. Google Gizzelles worth and Robyn’s they both went to college pledged and graduated I’m sure generational wealth is there also but they’re not talking about it. Nobody would have known what Candice mom was doing for her if she didn’t tell everybody. Ashley made the statement but it’s Gizzelles fault. Gizzlle is not constantly moving or renting she bought the land with a dwelling on it then remodeled it to her liking increased the resale value and did it by herself and I’m sure she was joking about the big D but if that’s what she wants she can take care of herself with the rest she’s very smart and you won’t find her on social media discussing castmates but living her life. I’m done with this nice talking with you it’s Lent for me giving up social media. Stay Blessed

      1. I receive and respect your opinion. Telling me/us what we could just say is not allowing us to state our opinion. It sounds like you have a lot of admiration for Gizelle. That is fine! I personally think she’s a beautiful Black woman who has the greatest pair of legs on any woman except for my cousin. And, I know that her and Robin are educated. I’m educated! I can tell that Gizelle’s dad is a highly successful and educated man as well as Robin’s parents. I’m not comparing Robin and Gizelle to Wendy and Candiace as far as education. I’m saying that Wendy and Candiace are who they are too! Colorism! You want to minimize Wendy’s accolades. No need! We all should have some. If not, we should aspire to get some. I acknowledge all of those women but I see what I see and Gizelle, needs to go back to the Dr. Psychiatrist and take Robin and Mia with her.


        Best Wishes!


      2. Very well said. Candace can soew some of the most hurtful and ugly language out if her mouth degrading anyone who doesn’t agree with her, but everyone over looks that! I’m not prone to violence but she would make it very hard not to want to put my whole fist in her teeth! She has a very foul mouth. And I know we learned sticks and stones at a young age, but I’m going to need you to stop talking to me in that tone and using those words! She is not loyal to anyone of her cast mates. She is what you call a shifter. Even when the ones she says she’s cool with she laughs and takes digs when they are being ridiculed or berated by the group. I’m a darker skinned female and I didn’t see or haven’t seen any colorism on the show. This is poppy cocktail lol!

  9. I agree with the people who said Carlos needs to clean up the mess and anti-blackness on his own shows. What’s the difference between Gizelle’s actions and Miss Wanda coming for innocent black children multiple times? She wasn’t fired until the boycott and ratings dropped. So how is Carlos better than Gizelle on this issue? Even Martell had to point out his lack of action at the reunion. Like this whole rant is a joke. And I say this as someone who can’t stand Gizelle and likes Carlos. It’s a lot of soapbox standing going on.

  10. I think a lot of this won’t age well for a lot of people. And I’m not talking about Gizelle. I’ll revisit this in 5 years. Y’all are going to wake up one day about these reality stars and EPs. None of them are saints.


  11. At this point they may as well shut RHOP all the way down because colorism isn’t the only serious issue. It’s one of many. All these girls do is bully each other in the most horrible of ways. The only real friendship is Robyn and Gizelle. That’s a problem. It’s not all that entertaining anymore. It’s just too negative now.

  12. Meeee, do you really think that Gizelle and Robin are the only ones with a true friendship. I totally disagree. I may not know all of what true friendship is but I definitely know what it isn’t. If you can’t speak the truth to your best friend, you are not a true friend. Robin has bit her tongue a lot with Gizelle. She ended up confronting her one time and she did it like a humbling poodle. As if, please don’t hate me because I’m speaking my truth. I’ve been told and I believe it that if you don’t have one friend in your life who speaks the truth to you, then you don’t have a true friend. Friendships has to stand the test of time just like family and/or other close relationships. When you hurt each other, you speak your truth, forgive and move on either way.

    I have truth tellers in my life and although it’s sometimes uncomfortable and hurts, I’m glad about it.


    That’s my take!

  13. Then you totally missed my point I’m not a fan of any one person more than the other my point is where is the colorism? When did Candice and Wendy get discriminated by the lighter skinned women? Where have they been treated unfairly because of their skin tone? My point when you treat a person a certain way and they respond it’s not colorism. No one on the show is trying to be superior to anyone else because of their skin tone. If so what did Wendy mean when she said people like you call me Dr Wendy to Ashley people like who? My point is it’s unfair to use a topic as serious as this for a means to get sympathy. That’s why the segment didn’t last long there weren’t any claims that’s my point.

    1. Sheila, you actually made very good points. Colorism is too serious of a topic to use to uphold personal reality TV biases or build a fanbase. You asked for examples of people actually being colorist on this show, and they never gave you any of that. No one can verify any colorism occurring on this show. But we know for sure that it was Candiace and Wendy who screamed elitism/classism since day one.

      1. Well, you left out Karen!

        However, Charisse did it too with her Champagne room. Isn’t Candiace and Wendy at an elite status? Didn’t Ashley join the show from an elite status. She was married to a rich Wh_te man, lived in a high-rise condo and owned a restaurant.

        I’m sorry but what you are saying to me is the typical colorism statement. If you are of a specific color within your race and you talk about your accomplishments, you think you’re better than others. However, if you were married to sports figures or mega church pastors and you speak on how you live, then it’s normal. They did the same thing to Monique. Do you remember when Gizelle had her business set up at an expo in the 1st or 2nd season. She was talking about what was Karen doing. She sent Robin to Karen’s house with the pizza to see if she really lived where she says she lived. Yes, it is colorism in my eyes.

        I am a brown skinned woman about Candiace skin tone color. To a lot of Bla_ck people, I am considered dark skinned. I have not spoken up at times in my life because my accomplishments were not recognized by some of my own family members of the lighter skin.

        It’s real and it has been since the beginning of slav__y.
        That’s my truth and I there isn’t anything that will change it.

        1. My stance isn’t changing either. There’s no colorism issue on this show. If y’all had concrete proof of it, it would have been listed already. Instead, you all are just rambling about irrelevant topics. Disliking someone on a reality show doesn’t make them a colorist. I hate how much y’all made a serious topic so unserious because you take reality shows more seriously than actual bigotry and prejudices. I don’t recall seeing you on here this passionate when Candiace had to address homophobic tweets she wrote. Y’all are selective with the outrage and I see you. This is about hating Gizelle and nothing more. Goodbye.

          1. Jojo,
            Why do you think that I don’t like your opinion? I may be a lot of things but one thing I’m not is a person who doesn’t respect others right to their own way of thinking and opinion. If that’s what you got from me and you find it offensive, it wasn’t attended to be. I look at many post and the ones that catch my attention, I may or may not respond.

            I wish time could go back to Dynasty, Knotts Landing, Updated Good Times. Almost everything on tv today causes some type of conflict and unrest.

            Please go in peace as I will do on my end.

            Best Wishes!

  14. Shelia,

    I won’t bother with trying to point out where the colorism is on the show. Many have made mention of it and it seems to be something that you either can’t/won’t see… perhaps because you are guilty of it yourself who knows.

    I will say this much, it is interesting that you can see something in Candace/Wendy that you clearly feel may be colorism as you continue to list thing’s weirdly as a defense against colorism of the other ladies. Yet it shows you feel a certain way about the darker women on the show.

    I will end this with two thoughts, 1. Just because you don’t experience it or see it doesn’t mean it’s not there or real. 2. Dr. Wendy is how she should be addressed as she holds a doctorates degree. Just the same as you address your physician as Dr. Do to his/her degree of medicine.

    You found this to be condensing when in reality it’s the actual appropriate way to address her/someone who has earned that title by their hard work.

    You can reply but I am only here as I wait for my flight. And won’t log on again. But I am sure that won’t stop you.

    Have a great evening!

    1. Well said, Lovie!

      I don’t think Sheila gets it because she doesn’t want to get it.

      May God Bless Her and All of Us!

  15. I bet Giselle doesn’t care about any of this so called backlash. I am willing to bet she is more pissed at Andy because they both know all her antics and evilness is in her CONTRACT, including having first chair at each reunion! She looking bad in these streets but she signed up for it and she will continue to perform for her check! Periodt!

  16. I will say a couple things,for the folks attempting to minimize the acts of colorism and the conversation about it at the reunion. Those women film each season daily over the course of 3 months, which is then condensed down into hour-long segments each week. We will never see everything that happens because it just isn’t possible. But, we ALL know that several times we’ve seen edited/unseen footage that didn’t make the show and wondered why, because it was either so good or so enlightening about a specific cast member or situation. We can’t say colorism doesn’t exist on that show when we don’t see every second of it. If Wendy and Candiace are saying emphatically that it does and has happened to them, I believe them. Especially given the way Gizzard, Robyn and Mia act.

    Also, the reunion is filmed over 10 hours. We don’t know how long that colorism conversation actually lasted. To say it was a waste of time because it was too short is giving that you’re a new viewer who doesn’t know anything about the taping of the reunion shows.

    Okay, mini rant over!

  17. There is no colorism at play here. What’s happening is those who don’t care for Gizelle, Robyn, Ashley, or Karen are screaming colorism because it’s the one thing they can use to push them off the platform and silence them. Candiace and Wendy use it to grow their fan bases and prevent termination. Candiace has been homophobic, transphobic, racist, fatphobic, and anti black well before RHOP. It’s laughable seeing y’all come on here and try to shame people over her like she ain’t been problematic for years. Wendy came in telling Ashley and Mia they are inferior because she has more education. She screamed at Ashley for bringing her baby on a trip. Candiace called Ashley a slave and bed w-nch. Sis speaks and tweets like a KKK member daily and y’all are putting on capes 😂. Wendy and Candiace worked with the light skin girls y’all are lying about being colorists to push out another brown girl (Monique) who Candiace still refers to as a hood rat (elitism/classism). And to make it even goofier, Wendy and Candiace still showed their v-ginas to those same girls. I immediately got off the Wendy train when she said she’d let Mia touch her v-gina after Mia assaulted her. You’d let a colorist and the person who attacked you touch your private parts? Use your common sense folks! The hate for the GEBs has some of you lying to yourselves. No one on this show is a victim. They are all selfish and mean spirited. This season was very eye opening for me.

    1. OG did the same thing and ruined basketball wives. Just for her to fan girl over Chris Brown and tell her own fans it isn’t her business when they told her he is a colorist. These people don’t actually care about colorism. Most have no idea what it even is either. It’s sad because they’re going to trivialize the topic. Weaponizing colorism to drag people you don’t like on reality shows isn’t much of a moral stand.

  18. We see things out of a different set of eyes. Colorism is definitely real on RHOP.

    And yes, they are all reckless by the mouth and they can all be messy. That’s the plan because it keeps us watching and talking.

    For me, I am guilty of watching when I know that it was not created for my generation (baby boomers).

    That’s my take!

  19. This is so ridiculous. So this is where we are now? These ladies sign up to be paid handsomely to degrade, drag, and bully each other. Now all of a sudden the issue is colorism? Everybody has gotten into it with everybody. But now it’s colorism? Whatever.

    I guess Love & Marriage will be the next show to use this same lie. Or Zeus Network. It just can’t be that problematic people on reality shows are paid well to not get along and gasp they are just doing their jobs. I’m starting to see that it takes a certain level of emotional intelligence to watch reality shows now because people just want to be offended at this point. And they are only offended by the people they don’t like. How convenient.

  20. I receive and respect your opinion. It’s probably going to always be as you stated for them and us until they put something more meaningful on tv. I do believe there’s colorism and a whole lot of other mess.


  21. I’m Team Wendy, Candiace, and Karen this season. But I can’t in good faith say colorism is happening with the cast. That’s too serious to play with. Gizelle has beefed with Katie, Karen, Monique, Charrisse, Ashley, Candiace, and Wendy. Robyn had beefed with Katie, Karen, Ashley, Monique, and Wendy. Mia got into it with Candiace, Ashley, Karen, and Wendy. Karen got into it with Ashley, Gizelle, Robyn, Charrisse, Candiace, and Wendy. These women really don’t discriminate with their bickering. Carlos knows this but let’s see his reaction to Latisha saying she is a victim of colorism on LAMH. She said that 2 days ago and Carlos has been quiet. Interesting. Oh this is a general comment and I’m not responding to a particular person on here. Old post I know.

  22. Babygirl, You said a lot. Yes, those are the many unhealthy dynamics on the show. I don’t think it is so much the individuals who has it in there heads to play on colorism. I think it’s the producers and Andy Cohen who allows the perception of colorism to occur. Like Robin when she antagonized Wendy. Had that been backwards (Wenday truly antagonizing Robyn), Andy would have eaten her up. Robin got away with it because (I believe) of colorism. They dragged Monique because of Gizelle’s and Robin’s opinion. Not Karen, Wendy or Candiace. The bottom line is something has to change before something truly hurtful happens. I wish them all the best. Andy Cohen may be paying them good money to act that way but you can bet his bottom dollar that he is being paid top $$$$$.

    1. Thank you, well stated. They all know it’s a problem but it doesn’t affect them at all.
      Ladies look at them in REAL LIFE THEY CANT GET A MAN OR KEEP ONE.
      Gizelle is going to get all her back because her daughters are not light skin at all.
      Gizelle needs to tell the story of how she end up in the Mental Hospital after her Big Pecker husband
      was sleeping with the women in the church. That’s right heifer tell that story and then maybe people
      might understand you a little better. You and Robin (BigBird) are utterly disgusting together and should be stopped. Y’all always trying to ruin someone else’s marriage when no man stays with Gizelle long enough to say I have a man. Robin, you’re a disgrace to women, you’re allowing your sons to see their father disrespect you everyday for what? He can always be their father, but girl you dumb, stupid look like a darn fool in public, this man has no respect or care for you. You only married him to keep from testifying against him,,DUMMY GIZELLE, ROBIN AND ASHLEY A WASTE OF LIGHT SKIN privilege, because it didn’t do them any good at all.

  23. Its a reality show that is edited to showcase the cast in a bad way or a good way depending on the season, the ratings and the reactions from the fans. I do not know those women personally from watching them on television and I don’t believe everything on social media. People hear something then they ran with it. Candiance is running around acting like she came from generational wealth. Her mom probably provided well for them but that does not fall under generational wealth. Candiance has the hang up with her color that is why she married a white man and she has said several times that he has a big brown D–k. This show was for entertainment purposes only now people are going back and forth about skin color. The problem I have with Candiance and anybody else is this. Candiance has a young mentality and she proves it with the words that come out of her mouth. When it not received well she shouts colorism and starts that d-mn crying. Candiance is prejudice against a lot of groups of people and she verbally attacks them but she can not take it when they get back with her. She is not ready for reality TV she needs therapy and time to figure out why they can make her so angry. I do not have a problem with Wendy’s credentials. What I do have a problem with is you getting on your high horse wanting to be called Dr. Wendy and being drunk and wanting to bump v-gina’s. Get the h-ll out of here. Karen looks like the d-mn creep keeper, Robin knows Juan is a cheater, Gizelle will say and do whatever it takes to get a paycheck, Mia and Ashley need paychecks. They married those old a-s men that act and do crazy sh-t. The one that just came back on the show came back because she probably needs the money. Inflation is hitting everybody. All of them get a paycheck to get on television and show their a-s. They do not get paid to be classy or give anybody any positive life lessons. I know I don’t look at it for that. The housewives shows are ratchet TV period. The way they talk, cuss, twerk, strings up their a-s, s-x talk, drinking etc lol

  24. AMC3, I must apologize in advance for this comment. You are stating the same thing that you’re saying others are stating. I guess it’s hard for all of us at times to accept the differences. You don’t believe Candiace came from generational wealth, I do & it’s okay that we see it differently. You say Candiace has a colorism issue and I say she doesn’t again, it’s okay.

    All of what you said is your opinion and it’s okay to agree to disagree. it is a realty show and I agree that I don’t know any of those ladies personally. I also agree that the producers edit the show so that you and I can have this type of dialogue. Let’s hope that we can be the change in our words that the world needs to read.

    Thanks for your opinion and Best Wishes!

  25. Inger I am stating what I see which I said is my own personal opinion. We all see and believe what we want to according to who we like, dislike, our experiences etc. All of those women do and say crazy , mean, inappropriate stuff season after season. They spread rumors, they talk bad about each others husbands because there would not be a show without it. You don’t have to apologize for your response to me because I stand on what I believe and Candiance has been watching the politicals shows and she is doing what most ignorant uninformed people do. They jump on the bandwagon and start repeating everything they hear on MSNBC. All of them do crazy stuff but Candiance and her colorism is her deflecting and wanting sympathy. Ashley’s father is white but she identities as a black woman. So yes I do believe that Candiance married a white man because of her own color issues. She is the only one that made a racist comment ” bed winch” well the proof is in the puddin who does Candiance gets into bed with?? Oh yes Chris.

  26. Whoah! AMC3, I had much respect for your difference of opinion until you start calling people names such as ignorant and stating why people are making comments about who they like or dislike.

    One thing that neither you or I can do is determine whether someone we don’t know is ignorant or determine why others have a difference of opinions because of who they like or dislike.

    Definition of ignorant = lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated:

    In my opinion, those who call people out of their names are no different than the person who they’re speaking about. That’s my opinion and I agree to disagree.

    Best Wishes!

  27. Inger fortunately for me this is just entertainment television to be perfectly honest. I stopped watching when Monique left. I only watch the reunion shows and I read the articles on Urban Belle. All of the housewife shows follow the same script. They go on a vacation, they go out to dinner and events. Nothing now. All of these women are making their money to take care of their homes and I say more power to them because at the end of the day I really don’t care because what they do has no baring on my household. Apparently this is a little more serious for you. You cannot wait for someone to reply so you can pick it apart and come back with your opinion lol and keep throwing out dialog and now you think it is appropriate to send me the definition of ignorant. Really??? Just like I don’t need you to education me your respect is not something I am seeking either. I had no idea this blog was this serious. Carry on Inger clearly this is your platform it is not ready for my dry warped humor. I know I know you lost respect for me and you should probably send me some manners. Lol here’s one good thing about me I think on my feet , you know like George Jefferson. I know you know who he is because you said you was in your 60’s. I don’t take life that serious because the whole damn world is angry all the time and I come here and what do I get???? Ummmm

    Now Best Wishes To You
    You are funny because you try to sound so intellectual with every post and you always sound like you are chastising everybody. 🤔🤔

    1. No name calling!

      I received your message with all respect. I can’t say who you are because I don’t know you.

      But, what I will say is everything you stated that I do in dissecting what people write is the same thing you just did to me. You have dissected my character and summed up who you think I am.

      All I can say is, I will continue to be Inger.
      Go with Peace & Best Wishes!

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