OG Pens a Post About Karma After Malaysia Pargo Confirms Departure from ‘Basketball Wives’

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It’s the end of an era for Malaysia Pargo.

Basketball Wives” star Malaysia Pargo has been dealing with a lot of personal life issues during the current season. In fact, she opened up to Jackie Christie and Brandi Maxiell about the contention that’s taking place in her co-parenting relationship with Jannero Pargo. Malaysia has accused her ex-husband of not doing his part to help out with the children financially. She’s been stressed out trying to do things on her own as a single mother. So she was considering taking things to court so she can be able to get some help via child support payments.

Malaysia’s comments got back to Jannero. And Malaysia believes that it was Brandi who ran back and told him her plans. Interestingly enough, Brandi denied going back to Jannero with this information. She said that she doesn’t talk to him or Malaysia like that. Malaysia isn’t buying this though.

She also had drama with Jennifer Williams, again. Years ago, the women clashed after Malaysia was pulled into Jennifer’s past feud with Evelyn Lozada. Malaysia felt like Jennifer used her to get under Evelyn’s skin. She was so angry that she threw a chair at Jennifer during a cast trip. Regardless, Jennifer and Malaysia were eventually able to get to a cordial place. But all of that fell apart once Malaysia brought Zell Swag back around the group.

Zell has dragged Jennifer in the past in defense of Malaysia. So when he came around again during the current season and didn’t spare Jennifer, she decided that she was done with Malaysia. Jennifer accused Malaysia of only bringing Zell around to do her dirty work. She began to cool off on Malaysia. And Malaysia hung up on Jennifer while she was on a call with Brittish Williams because Jennifer said that it wasn’t cool that Jackie was attempting to push them to play nice with Malaysia.

The drama didn’t stop there. Jennifer got even with Malaysia by making a very controversial accusation. She alleged that Malaysia lost her Atlanta home via foreclosure. This was the moment that Malaysia figured that it was time for her to leave “Basketball Wives.” She confirmed her decision to DJ Duffey and Jackie during a recent episode.

OG posted about karma after Malaysia Pargo confirmed her exit.

Another person who had a contentious relationship with Malaysia on the show is OG. The two women didn’t agree after OG alleged that there was a colorism issue taking place on the show. And she was a victim. Malaysia also took issue with OG accusing her of bleaching her skin. This is something Malaysia has denied.

Interestingly enough, OG posted a message about receiving karma not long after Malaysia’s exit from “Basketball Wives” became a hot topic on social media.

In the Instagram Story, OG posted the definition of karma. She also wrote, “…Have good intentions. Always defend yourself. And try to keep your hands clean…”

You can check out the screenshot here.


  1. Karma doesn’t mean what she thinks it means. We all have karma. It’s not good or bad really. It doesn’t mean we’re God’s golden child and he’s going to destroy everyone we don’t get along with. It means life is a sum of decisions and consequences from those decisions. We can do things to fix our karma and get the outcomes we want. It’s a spiritual thing most are too superficial to understand. Malaysia chose to leave the show when she was ready. And she can return to it when she chooses to. There are levels to this…

    1. That was not what happened at all and ya’ll need to stop pretending like OG was bullied when she was a bully herself. The first time OG met Malaysia she was rude and insulted Malaysia for no reason. Then OG got at that reunion and said Malaysia bleached her skin. Even after that Malaysia still tried to talk to OG and she was rude yet again. Malaysia didn’t do anything to OG. OG hated her from day one. Stop lying on here.

  2. Sigh…anyway, Malaysia made the right decision. She can always return to the show when and if she ever wants to. Walking away from a situation you’re not feeling and walking away from people who don’t care for you is what you do when you love yourself. I’m proud of Malaysia.

    1. Amen 🙏 Malaysia did the right thing making the choice to leave and let.them so call grown women’s continue to act Childress and have the drama.

    2. I’m very proud of her…she didn’t stoop to Jennifer’s level I applaud her for walking away. Good job girlfriend 👏 😘 👍 👌 🙏❤️

    3. I total agree. Malaysia did the right thing by leaving a toxic show. What is the purpose of BBW?? All this petty cat fighting and fake friendships of beauty Black women is exhausting.
      Jackie, Jennifer and most of the cast are an embarrassment 😳
      The shows time slot should be used to promote positive family life.
      Good for Malaysia.

    4. I agree with Malaysia with her decision to step away. Jennifer saying she lost her house, so what if it’s true Jennifer sleeping with all these men who she thinks has money. The one she with now going to drop her if she don’t get off that name brand kick. Brandi you are just a BITCH, you don’t know how to be a friend. Malaysia has had your back every since you came on the show, she has even been willing to do your fights and you just sit back and watch the same way you doing Duffy, about time Duffy open her eyes. To tell the truth nobody and none of you know what sisterhood or friendship is. Malaysia do what you have to do for your kids. The he’ll what all those girls say. You are a very good mother.

  3. Once again Toeg wants to revelant. Does everyone remember when Kristen tried to relate with toeg she shut her down.

    1. When you make child support your big ticket to living YOUR best life, things can change for you & cause you to lose all the lavishness you were flaunting. I understand a man is suppose to provide for his children but all too often mothers use CS to live a lifestyle they could not afford to if they were not getting it.

      1. She was married to her husband and he provided for them. She is not receiving child support now so how is that relevant for her? She is living her life and proving for her kids the best she can off of a Bravo check he is not contributing to his family anymore.

        1. It’s a Vh1 check and your right Malaysia has been caring for THEIR kids on her own…she should have been gotten support .

      2. She wasn’t relying on just his money because she has a business of her own. Buy with three kids he is supposed to help and I’m sure it got hard when he decided to stop helping.

      3. What makes you think she making child support her big ticket to living, you sound crazy that was his wife not some random side chick who got pregnant. Regardless he needs to take care of his kids and for the longest she was trying to avoid child support giving him the opportunity to do what he ought to on his own. Don’t be closed minded. You would say that if he was the average guy can’t have it both ways.

  4. Meanwhile Malaysia didn’t throw any shade when OG was fired and doesn’t discuss her at all. Interesting.

    1. OG you made it a color issue, and to me that is jealous. I am not light or dark but if I was it is how God created me. Stop being jealous and acting like a man and do what ever you like.

  5. I’m trying to understand why “I’m always on a higher level” Jennifer would share that Malaysia’s home was in foreclosure. Why do that Jennifer? It’s already a sad situation. You could have at least added that maybe Jennifer couldn’t make a go of it by herself because she wasn’t getting essential help from her ex-husband. At least add that in. Don’t throw out there that Malaysia is out here failing her family without giving the full story.

    1. My bad. She ain’t failing her family. Poor choice of words on my part. Any parent who does the most for their children never fails them. And Malaysia has shown time and time again that she gives it 150% when it comes to her kids. OG just trying to get back in because those checks stopped abruptly and she needs another payday like Malaysia needs child support.

    2. Jennifer now feels she is riding a high horse because of her new found relationship. She better hope homeboy isn’t looking for 15 minutes of fame in her coat tail. Looking at her EX I can say she may need bifocals and should not be one to throw stones. Did she forget him throwing a glass of an alcoholic beverage in her face? I didn’t. Get a life Jennifer !

  6. Jennifer & Jackie are the messiness GROWN women trying to be TOP DOG on Basketball Wives. Jackie is bored & boring & Jennifer has the substance of spoiled applesauce.

  7. Whew chile I want her to heal and have peace one day. Malaysia left by choice so how is it karma? She’ll say anything to make her feel better I guess.

    1. First of all OG shouldn’t be saying nothing you mad because you got fired. Malaysia chose piece over drama, so I’m trying to figure out where do the karma come in here and Jennifer when you got hard because when Evelyn was gonna show and tell me you were scared of your shadow girl

  8. OG is just ughhhhhhhh! Came on there looking all swole & trying to fight everybody, but oh baby when the tables turned, she yelled colorism! Girl goodbye, you mean bullyism?

  9. No OG actually used the word Karma in it’s proper context. One thing about that hot mess show is they love to dog pile people. Especially that main group most of which is now gone (Shaunie and her nostrils, Tammy until it was done to her, Evelyn, Jennifer AND Malaysia). Malaysia has been on here Season after Season getting up in people’s faces trying to fight, she tried to hit Jennifer with a freaking table. This Season everyone is dog piling her, including people she dog piled with like Brandi Maxwell. Now Jennifer Williams and British Williams too. Her and Duffy are on shaky ground as well.

    1. She didn’t use it in the right context. Karma is actually taken from a spirituality that y’all are confusing with Christianity. Reaping and sowing isn’t the same thing as karma. Not even close. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  10. Weird flex because as it stands, all the people OG thinks wronged her can return to the show whenever they please. She can’t. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  11. I agree to disagree. I like Malaysia and I like O.G. They both stand up for what they believe in is right and call out the wrong. Never have I seen them both that I can recall lol..that they did some little beef but the only why they didn’t like o.g. was bc of her job and her having a good man..which majority of them didn’t. He let her shine be her and express her truth. Even for Malaysia with or without a man she stood ten toes down on everything and I mostly give her credit for it. But it’s also a time to look at the bigger picture, they do exploit and these the woman do vulnerable things just for clot..Jennifer especially..if anything she should have been gone a long time ago with all the drama and dumbass bobblehead shit she has cause. I really wonder, how much of Shaunie ass she really had to kiss to get back on the show…Remember she(Jennifer) really needs to humble herself bc if I do remember too when she was down.. nobody and I mean NOBODY but nia gave a couch to sleep on…where was the rest of her cast mates then…. 🤔

  12. Og quit trying to ride on the cocktail of this season. You mad because they made you leave because he was a bully and violence. And talk about colorism girl ain’t nobody do that to you dished out but you can’t take it and more people need fire Jennifer is the main one that needs to go if you want to talk about karma Malaysia Malaysia toxic people like og and Jennifer is destroying the show.

  13. OG, GIRLLLLLLLL. Malaysia left because she wanted to unlike you who wasn’t asked to come back.(right decision)You were not a good fit. Malaysia was the best thing on this season of BBW besides Duffy.

  14. I love Malaysia and I commend her for knowing when to hold’em and knowing when to fold’em she folded at the time she deemed it necessary to do so… Malaysia is a stand up woman.. she articulates herself very well and is a very classy person… good for you Malaysia

  15. I don’t care for Jennifer she is bitter. She always in some mess and acts like she better then someone. Jennifer was the same one disrespected by her ex husband that threw a drink in her face. She throws rocks and hides her hands. As far as her and the Malaysia I never seen them as being friends they have nothing in common besides they run in the same circle. I’m proud of Malaysia she has been through a lot and I can see she is healing and don’t want to be around the drama anymore and popping off trying to fight. I’m definitely gonna miss her in the show but I think it’s time for her to exit BBW

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