Toya Bush-Harris Throws Shade After Anila Sajja’s Exit from ‘Married to Medicine’ is Confirmed

Photo Credit: Bravo

Toya Bush-Harris and Anila Sajja’s friendship fell apart on television.

Married to Medicine” fans have been hearing a lot of rumors about the upcoming season. This isn’t surprising considering how controversial the recent season was. Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb were the targets of messy accusations. Quad was accused of sleeping with her married contractor. In fact, Dr. Simone Whitmore thought the rumor made sense because she didn’t understand how Quad could afford her lavish home as a single woman. Quad denied that there was any truth to the gossip. She also took a lie detector test as well. But when she came to the reunion thinking the negative test results would prove her innocence, Toya and Simone were not impressed.

Toya was accused of cheating on Dr. Eugene Harris with a man who lives in their neighborhood. Eugene didn’t believe the gossip. Toya denied cheating on Eugene. And she suspected that Quad was behind the rumor. Interestingly enough, one of Anila and Toya’s neighbors had something to say about the drama. They accused Anila of making up the cheating rumor about Toya out of spite.

Anila and Toya were already having tension because people were trying to link Toya to Anila’s house being broken into. Quad questioned if Toya had anything to do with the robbery. Anila and Dr. Kiran Sajja also seemed to have some questions, too.

Anila Sajja probably won’t be missed by Toya Bush-Harris.

Eugene and Toya didn’t appreciate being linked to a crime. Kiran and Anila later clarified that they didn’t really think Toya and Eugene were involved. However, Toya felt like the damage had already been done.

Considering Toya and Anila’s history, it’s probably not surprising that Toya isn’t sad now that Anila’s departure from “Married to Medicine” has been confirmed. Hours ago, it was reported Anila and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe will not be on the upcoming season. But “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Phaedra Parks has joined the cast. Plus, Quad’s ex Dr. Gregory Lunceford will reportedly make appearances with his wife-to-be.

After news of Anila’s exit went viral, Toya threw a little shade on Instagram. In a video, she said, “I don’t know y’all. Anila didn’t have a good day.” She then proceeded to have a good laugh.

Check out the clip in the video below.


  1. I figured they would fire Anila when that lady came out and said she lied about Toya cheating. Add that to her trying to pin those robberies on Toya and sis became a huge liability for Bravo.

    1. Anila had to be desperate to act so openly crazy! She just had no shame! Not sure how much I’ll care w/ a replacement being someone who’s more of a snake, Phaedra Parks! She’s a degreed psycho willing to say anything at the drop of a hat and never sweat it! ;-(

  2. I will no longer be watching this show. Bravo has reached an all time low with this Married to Medicine series. I will miss Quad and Dr. heavenly. Watch out ladies — there’s no telling what will happen to you, your self-respect, and integrity. You see what Phaedra TRIED to do to Kandi–PAY ATTENTION.

    1. The article only mentioned Dr. Contessa leaving it didn’t say anything about Heavenly or Quad. Where did you get this information?

      1. I meant I will miss them since I will no longer be watching the show. They were my favorites.

      2. If she won’t be watching anymore, she is only stating she will miss seeing them on the show because she won’t be watching anymore. Not that their leaving the ahow but she wont be WATCHING!THATS IT THATS ALL

  3. I agree. Anila and her husband were not a good fit. I don’t believe they were ready for wealthy, professional Black Americans. Anyway, I’m done watching. Drs. Jackie and Simone had no story line. Toya gets more miserable each season. Drs. Metcalfe and family will be missed, and so will Dr. Heavenly and Miss Quad, as I’m sooooo DONE. Not watching Phaedra on any platform. If she had appeared in any more episodes of Dubai, I would have axed them as well.

    1. That is just a racist remark about they won’t ready for black Americans first of all the are black, Indians are not white, and also the manner in which most of those wealthy black Americans like Toya and Contessa and Simone conduct themselves it’s not a nice look on black wealthy people

      1. That wasn’t a racist remark, it is true. Anila and Kiran are not ready for wealthy, professional, black couples which is why they accused one of robbing them.

  4. Who can blame Toya for being shady? Anila and Quad placed blame for robbery on Toya. That also said she cheated on her husband. She is not going to be sad to see at least one of them go.

  5. I won’t be watching Married to Medicine anymore,Toya your karma is coming you talk to your husband like he’s a punk, and Someone needs to sit here loud behind down. You’re a disgrace too Black women friends like you too who needs enemies

  6. Toya has been a miserable, jealous, insecure witch since the series began. She was never a nice person.

    1. I was wondering if I was the only person who felt like that about Toya. She thought Anila was gonna be her lil flunky and treat her any old kind of way and it backfired liked the rest of the mess Toya attempts.

  7. But why wouldn’t Toya take the same lie detector test?! Her and her husband was saying things to make it seem as tho they knew or had an idea as to who robbed them and Eugene knows Toya is always speaking on how much she’s not being pleased at home!

    1. Because lie detector tests aren’t admissible in court. Eugene and Toya literally asked the same questions everyone else did. You’re just biased. Just understand police concluded their investigation. Toya and Eugene didn’t do it. But this is why Anila deserved to be fired. She has people like you thinking a black couple with no past of criminal activities is out here breaking in houses. Not a good look for a network and show that highlighted support of BLM.

  8. Yes, and what’s with them moving all the time? Toya passes her misery on to others every season. She goes from one to the other with all types of BS. I wouldn’t be her friend for anything in this world or the next. Never know when that knife is going to be in your back!!!!!

  9. Who cares if they move all the time? It’s their money, not ours. I’d rather have Eugene and Toya than a lying a-s couple who doesn’t fit in and can only provide boring a-s nanny storylines each season when they aren’t accusing black people of straight up felonies. Anila lied about Lisa stealing cash out of her purse the first season she came on the show. That told me all I needed to know about Anila. And I wasn’t wrong. I’m actually looking forward to this new season now.

  10. I loved both couples! Anila’s Baby asking who was going to cook pinto beans was priceless. I loved learning about a different culture. I am going to miss Dr. Contessiy. Phaedra is a liar who h as f no reason to lie on Kandi.
    I love the show but will stop watching!

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