Juan Dixon is No Longer Employed by Coppin State Amid Lawsuit Controversy

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Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon’s relationship has received criticism over the years from RHOP fans.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Robyn Dixon has been in the headlines for the last several weeks. As we reported, Robyn made a controversial revelation on her “Reasonably Shady” podcast. She confirmed that Juan Dixon had been in contact with a woman who accused him of hooking up with her at a hotel. However, Robyn said that Juan didn’t sleep with the woman. But the hotel invoice that the woman sent to a blogger was authentic. However, Juan paid for the woman’s hotel room out of the kindness of his heart. According to Robyn, Juan told her that he only communicated with the woman via social media. She traveled to DC to see someone she’s dating who plays for the Baltimore Ravens. The woman lost her wallet at a casino and called Juan to help her out.

Well, the woman denied Juan’s version of events. She said she isn’t dating a Baltimore Ravens player. And she only came to DC to see Juan.

The situation had a lot of people talking on social media. They questioned why Robyn didn’t discuss the matter on the show. Instead, Robyn said she would share more details on Patreon. Regardless, Andy Cohen asked Robyn about the matter during her recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.” She said that she strongly believes that Juan told her the truth.

Juan Dixon is no longer employed by Coppin State.

Interestingly enough, Juan was tied up in another controversy involving his role as the head coach of the Coppin State men’s basketball team. A student filed a lawsuit and accused Juan of not reporting that they were allegedly sexually assaulted and blackmailed by an assistant coach.

When Robyn was asked about this at the reunion, she alleged that Juan didn’t do what he’s been accused of. And he was just being used as “clickbait.”

Hours ago, it was confirmed that Juan and the assistant coach are no longer employed by Coppin State.


  1. Well, sadly this seems like the right course of action. If the student reported it and he did nothing at the coach, he is partially responsible. If you permit it, you promote it.

  2. That’s why she didn’t speak on the lady who came to D C to see Juan. That is because he had that Lawsuit pending. Some how or another your lies always catch up with you. Should she come back next season no.She always in other folk business ,and have something to say about everybody else ,but she keep hers under wrap.(private)

  3. This is such a serious situation but Robyn was so nonchalant about it at the reunion. I think her and Juan should take a break from RHOP.

  4. Juan’s has been losing as a coach for 6 seasons, something like 50-60 wins over 500 loses. Dude was a bad recruiter and Coach. All the cheating drama with RHOP and the assault lawsuit was not a good look for the college or Juan. He had to go.
    Now Robyn can support him like he did her during their first marriage. He can now show up for the show and maybe answer questions with answers that sound good.

  5. Y’all do know Robin is on a reality show stop always saying someone needs to be fired that’s those people livelihood I understand about Robin’s husband he should have reported that those young men are in his care

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