Drama Ensues Between Wendy Osefo & New RHOP Housewife + Their Husbands Clash Too?

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The latest season of RHOP was very controversial for multiple reasons.

Real Housewives of Potomac” fans had a lot to say about the most recent season. Candiace Dillard Bassett‘s feud with Gizelle Bryant took centerstage. The accusations Gizelle made about Chris Bassett resulted in their friendship falling apart swiftly. Although Gizelle did eventually apologize for misconstruing some of the comments made by Ashley Darby, Candiace wasn’t moved. She believes Gizelle lies about people for storyline purposes. And Candiace believes this makes Gizelle a very dangerous coworker. Plus, Candiace and Wendy Osefo also expressed that they feel there is a colorism issue at play. She accused Gizelle of using her “proximity to whiteness” to get away with making horrible accusations about people season after season.

Of course, Gizelle and Candiace’s issues weren’t the only controversies of the season. Mia Thornton received a lot of backlash on social media for assaulting Wendy. The two ladies clashed because Peter Thomas told Mia that Wendy stalled on their potential business deal. Wendy and Peter were in talks to open up a Nigerian lounge. At the time, Mia said that Peter was a good friend to her and Gordon Thornton. So she thought it would be loyal on her part to interject herself into his situation with Wendy.

Then there is Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon’s controversial situation. As we reported, Robyn neglected to open up about a recent issue she and Juan dealt with. According to Robyn, Juan had been in contact with another woman. Although Robyn said it was innocent when Juan paid for the woman’s hotel room, most RHOP fans weren’t buying this.

Wendy Osefo is clashing with the new housewife?

Well, some were thinking that all of the drama would lead to a major cast shakeup for the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Potomac.” But the only major change being reported is the addition of another Nigerian housewife, Nneka Ihim.

Blogger TV Deets broke the story about Nneka joining the show as a new full-time housewife. According to the publication, Nneka is an attorney from Boston who happens to be married to a doctor. She’s also the owner of a champagne line. And like Wendy, she has plenty of experience as a political commentator as well.

Since there are so many similarities between Wendy and Nneka, some fans figured that the newbie was brought into the group by Wendy. However, TV Deets is now reporting that Nneka and Wendy clashed at Karen Huger‘s event. And things got so messy that their husbands, Eddie Osefo and Dr. Ikenna Ihim got into it as well.


  1. I really hope these producers didn’t bring in a new Nigerian housewife to discredit Wendy and Candiace’s valid feelings about colorism.

        1. Watch the reunion again? Specifically the exchange between Candice and Wendy. Wendy is dismissive of the colorism issuem within the shows cast memberss

          1. I’ve watched the reunion and that clip multiple times sis. That is not what Wendy said at all. Not even close.

  2. I knew this would happen the moment they said she’s Ashley’s “friend.” I was so excited about another Nigerian joining RHOP. But she’ll just do Ashley and the GEBs dirty work.

  3. So they brought another Nigerian and her husband on to take down Wendy and Eddie. But Gizelle’s punk a-s is sitting right there unchallenged yet again despite her being the dirtiest one there. This show is trash.

  4. Bravo wants to fire Wendy without triggering social media backlash. Social media will claim that it’s colorism but Wendy does not add any value to the show and she should go, they shouldn’t have to sidestep like this, just let the girl go.

      1. Why? Gizelle has done much worse and keeps her job. So Wendy and Candiace will stay right where they are.

        1. Exactly and if any of them should go it should be Mia, Robin and Gizellelle and Cherrise should not be back either.

    1. You really can’t speak for everyone. I would stop watching if Wendy was fired. Especially if Gizelle and Robyn are not. I only watch for Wendy and Candiace. I think you all really don’t like it when dark skinned women point out the obvious.

      1. Team Wendy!!!
        Also, Team Candiace EXCEPT when her mouth is UNclean; it’s just too much some times.

    2. Wendy brings plenty of value to RHOP. She’s beautiful, intelligent, successful, happily married, classy and the haters (Gizelle/Robyn/Mia) need her for a storyline every season!

  5. Everyone just needs to GTFU..and stop acting like jealous a-s mean girls!!. Who’s to say that “all” Nigerians, stick together?!!. All Americans, don’t stick together!!.

  6. Bravo created the monsters Wendy and Candice have become. They are not ready for prime time. Candice is a total embarrassment. Wendy is the typical African that tries to downplay African Americans. Send them home

    1. Monsters? When Gizelle is right there, seriously? When did Wendy downplay African Americans? You’re really not beating the colorism and xenophobia accusations, sis.

    2. The fact that you think Wendy and Candiace are monsters but Gizelle and Ashley are not is colorism. Keep telling on yourself.

    3. I just love (NOT) how people attack everyone else on the show and disregard the menacing bullies that are Gizelle and Robin (who USED to just be a follower until someone must’ve told her she needed to get her head out of Gizelle’s backside and next thing you know SHE’s a monster too – walking up on people and all up in their faces. She’s lucky no one has swung on her.). Gizelle is an instigating, lying (creating drama as a camouflage for her friend to hide Juan’s mess) which could’ve been potential destruction in Candiace’s marriage which makes Gizelle also EVIL. And all these ppl make the Brown girls the mean ones and gloss over and ignore the GEBs. Sickening. 🤮

    1. Nah, if the light skinned women are allowed to stay when they cause way more drama and do worse, Candiace and Wendy don’t need to go anywhere. You can stop watching or keep seething. Your pick. You’re likely a colorist as well.

        1. I’m light skinned but you do sound like a colorist. Colorists typically like to call dark skinned women insecure instead of having thoughtful discourse on colorism. Y’all do that to silence them. And that is called gaslighting.

        2. Are black people insecure when we point out racism? No, correct? So dark skin people aren’t insecure when they call out colorism. You sound ignorant. Morgan’s skin tone is irrelevant to the topic at hand. Do better.

    1. And she’s still a colorist which is why she said James Harden looks like he smells like fried chicken and watermelon. Colorist light skin women marrying dark skinned men is very typical. There are racist white people with biracial children. Read actual books on systemic racism and colorism so you’ll present yourself better on here.

      1. And let’s not forget, it’s also why she (Gizelle) so effortlessly referred to Karen’s husband, Ray, as “Uncle Ben”. Being an African American light-skinned person who marries a dark-skinned African American, does not automatically absolve you of being a colorist, in the same way that a white person marrying a Black person doesn’t absolve you of being a racist.

  7. Y’all really want the dark skinned women fired for the smallest things but swear it’s not a colorism problem. Meanwhile it’s crickets when the biracial/multiracial/light skinned girls are way more problematic. I hate it here. Black people have learned nothing from racism and it’s sad.

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