‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Puma Seemingly Shades Ceaser After Recent Comments Go Viral

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Puma and Ceaser’s friendship couldn’t withstand Ceaser’s exit from “Black Ink Crew.”

Ceaser recently shared some of his thoughts about the latest season of “Black Ink Crew” and his controversial departure from the show. As we reported, some massive changes have been made. Puma and Teddy are trying to move forward without Ceaser. They decided the best way to do that is to find new tattoo artists. And open up a new tattoo shop together. Puma suggested they hold mixers to accomplish these tasks. So much of the show’s focus will be on the new artists and whether they have what it takes to continue the show’s legacy. Thus far, Ceaser is not impressed with the show’s new direction.

He recently answered some questions from his supporters via Instagram Story. Ceaser called out Puma. And he accused Puma of betraying him and secretly wanting to be him. In Ceaser’s opinion, no one left on the show has any real loyalty to him. So he wasn’t surprised that they would partake in the show moving forward without him.

Ceaser also said that the recent episodes are not a good look because Teddy and Puma haven’t found a shop to conduct business out of. Regardless, Ceaser said that doing the show without him doesn’t make sense because he is the creator of the Black Ink brand.

Did Puma throw some shade in response to Ceaser’s latest comments?

Another interesting thing Ceaser said during his chat with followers was the accusations he made about VH1. He said that he feels he was pushed out of his own show unethically. And he doesn’t make any money from the new episodes he’s not featured in. So he feels the show was stolen from him.

Well, Ceaser’s accusations about VH1 and Puma went viral on social media. And while the network hasn’t responded, Puma may have thrown some shade.

On Instagram Story, he reposted a quote from Theodore Roosevelt. It reads, “If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.”

He also posted a photo from his beach vacation with Silkk the Shocker’s hit, “It Ain’t My Fault” playing in the background.


    1. He’s still getting money from the show because it’s his name Black ink there’s no way he’s not getting paid and like you said who the H-ll he thinks is going to stop working for Him! Crazy smh

      1. Ceasar said he’s not getting any money. They cut ties with him which I don’t understand legally. 🤔 It’s his brand. But if you read the article from Urban Belle before this one, you can read where he says he’s not getting paid for it. It’s crazy to me how he’s not. Because I even think we’ll hear Ceasar’s vc in different episodes. Ion know what’s going on?

        1. I read somewhere that vh1 owns BLACK INK CREW which is different from BLACK INK. Which is why they are not shooting in the shop’s anymore. And why he isn’t getting paid

    2. Cesar shot himself in the foot and now expects the other crew members to suffer. Is it he wants another show and needs them? I don’t recall Cesar on camera too much the last two seasons. He fought Puma, the V-gina Slayer, kicked a dog all on camera and now wants somebody to follow him? WTH!?!?! Good luck, Cesar!

  1. That’s what haters do! You made sure Teddy had a paycheck for years and what did he do? Don’t worry Ceasar, everybody gets a turn. Your next up will be there down. Hah! That’s a guarantee.

    Sometimes, it’s best to deal with people whom you don’t know. Others who know you start feeling entitled to your works.

    Team Ceasar all day long!

    1. You do realize he became full of himself and is no longer a nice person? At least not on screen

    2. Cease did this to himself ppl have family’s to take care of! He is still getting paid from the show cause he created it..unless Vh1 bought it from him!

  2. Please as much as I love the show ceasar ain’t on the show because of his own actions..his cruelty to animals got caught on camera period point blank that ain’t got nothing to do with the rest of them getting they paper he can’t possibly feel no way about that that’s just straight selfish on his part he gonna still get paid just not on camera….

  3. Caesar a ho I ld be happy their trying to keep black ink live and also cousin and puma gotta keep working or it would be back to the streets
    I understand Caesar also but sometimes you gotta let that pride go and let people live their life

  4. Caesar did not create the show. VH1 did. He owns the Black Ink shops. He does not own ‘Black Ink Crew’. He is not making any money off the show since being fired. The only people still at the shop is Spyder and that buck tooth guy.

  5. Forgiveness is the number one way of healing..
    I think VH1 went to far! Did they every like Caesar

  6. What happened to giving a person a second chance. It’s disappointing that people are cheering this man’s downfall. Lord knows what this world would be like if a lot of people wasn’t given second chances to redeem themselves….no matter how you all feel about Caesar, you can not deny that he made it possible for a lot of his employees to create their own brand just by being on the show. Teddies and Puma can not even tattoo and they have benefited massively. I am not condoning what Caesar has done; he was wrong to beat his dog and he could have handled his family’s situation better. Caesar allowed his ego to get out of hand last season and I think this is what pissed off a lot of the fans of the show.

    1. You right alot people get second chances, look at martha stewart. Stole money ,and did prison time ,she on tv all time , look at snoop he was on a murder charge and beat it , and throwing gang sign, he on tv as well. All second chances

  7. What I find interesting is that black people are being carried like dogs in America in real life and this network is going to take this man’s lively hood! Question did the dog die.. question because of Cesar and his company, did MTV prosper tremendously? The one bedroom.🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. I think puma should just run with the show he’s a great leader has his wife in his corner and will do amazing things with the new shop, but I think they have to deep six the newbie rich, he’s not gonna work
    TEAM PUMA ALL THE WAY (and his awesome family)

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