Destiny Payton Claps Back After LAMH Fan Taunts Her About Possible Firing from Show

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Some LAMH fans are complaining that the drama on the show has become repetitive.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Melody Shari said she can understand why some of the fans have already expressed concerns about the current season. During the season premiere, Stormi Steele confirmed her disappointment about her friendship with Melody. She doesn’t like that she didn’t hear from Melody for a bit after the cast wrapped up the previous season. Interestingly enough, Melody already dealt with a similar scenario with Destiny Payton. However, the difference is Melody may have cut down the phone calls to Destiny. But she did continue to keep in touch via text messages. Regardless, Destiny said it wasn’t cool that Melody stopped calling her frequently. And she wanted more than texts.

To make matters, even more, deja vu-like, Stormi’s mother Miss Bettie has been coming for Melody on the show as well as on social media. So some fans feel like Stormi’s current storyline is just a repeat of Melody’s past dealings with Miss Wanda. Wanda interjected herself into Melody and LaTisha Scott’s feud. So these fans aren’t okay with Miss Bettie following the same playbook.

Destiny Payton clapped back after a critic taunted her about being pushed out of LAMH.

Although Carlos King denied that he intended for Stormi and Miss Bettie to replace Destiny and Miss Wanda, some aren’t so sure he’s telling the truth. Regardless, Melody said that interesting revelations will be made in later episodes. And it turns out Miss Bettie may not have been honest when she explained her reasons for disliking Melody. On the season premiere, Bettie claimed she didn’t like Melody after their first meeting. However, Melody confirmed she discovered Bettie was bashing her online before Melody met her and Stormi. Considering Carlos confirmed that Melody was a big reason why Stormi was cast on LAMH, Melody acknowledged that she may need to be more careful about who she helps get on the show moving forward.

When it comes to Destiny’s departure, Carlos had been vocal about what led to it. One of his biggest complaints was Destiny wasn’t sharing enough of her life on the show. And he started to really take issue with this after Kimmi Scott was so transparent during her cancer battle. So Carlos’ patience for Destiny wore thin at the conclusion of the previous season.

Well, Destiny may not be on the current season of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” However, she’s still supporting her former coworkers on Instagram. And she made some time to clap back at a critic, too.

An Instagram user wrote, “You watching from the sideline tho dusty. 🤣🤣”

In response, Destiny clapped back, “You been watching ME from your couch for years. So what’s your point Fake page?”


  1. It’s so interesting watching Destiny brag about being on a show for years when she gave absolutely nothing the entire time. But okay. Moving on.

      1. She got paid for doing nothing— and we got paid nothing for watching her do nothing. Who’s the winner? IJS

        1. You must be Destiny because she’s the only person who has such a delusional outlook. Destiny is unemployed and her business failed. She’s not winning at all lol.

          1. Melody is thriving I’m so happy for her I know you discussing what’s her name but I just had to throw that out there who thinks she wanted Martell anyone besides me.

        2. meh, maybe BUT she should have used that opportunity to build her businesses. She is no longer on the show and has nothing to show for it.

        3. Please let us support these talented black women. It can become so cumbersome and difficult to find a place in society. Destiny and Stormi can use our support and not so much our criticism. They are a group of talented women who are working hard to make a difference and I support their efforts and accomplishments! Please join me.

          1. Thank you, this is so true. I have stop watching the show since Destiny left, because I was a fan who appreciated her not dragging her husband, I’m tired and exhausted from all the divorce due to reality tv. Mel and Martell are exhausting to watch their regurgitating storyline of Martell still wants mel but he dating others and still with baby mama.

          2. @ Deeagreeable 1 And here you go with the negativity on this positive comment from Linda. No one stopped watching the show bc Destiny left, including you. And you clearly are checking for Melody and Martell since you are the one who brought them up on here. Linda made no mention of them. Stay pressed.

  2. I’m so baffled at how much Destiny fumbled the bag. Martell gets in their ear and the downfall starts from there. And they still don’t see it. They swear he’s the greatest though. 😂

  3. So she was just happy to be on TV. That’s really all this has ever been about. Thirsty people crying about dumb sh-t for storylines because they just want to be on TV. Grown a-s women crying, complaining, and throwing up to be one woman’s friend when they really don’t like her and are envious of her fan base. Ask them what Mel did and it’s always she doesn’t kiss their a-s enough and call them every day. Throw the whole show away at this point. It’s so unserious.

  4. I don’t miss her. OWN is crazy to think pushing Stormi into the Destiny role was a good idea. That’s why the ratings were so bad last week. It’s more of the same and we’re tired Carlos.

    1. It’s very disappointing. I wanted them to make Stormi full time to see her running her business because I think the hair industry is so fascinating. But all we’re getting is Wanda and Destiny’s old storylines with a dash of Tiffany and Louis’ baby storyline from last season. Boring. Stormi’s mother is absolutely embarrassing. I didn’t think someone could be worse than Wanda but she actually is. I may need to stop watching.

  5. Stormi Kruger and Betty Kruger are some very deplorable people. Will stop watching soon if Carlos doesn’t remove them. Stormy is so unattractive with the nose and lips and her mother could at least get a make up person to cover the Raisin Bran but surprisingly they have the nerve to criticize others…smh

    1. Stormi is a beautiful Black woman, including her nose and lips. That comment was unnecessarily rude and there’s no reason to attack her looks, whether you like her or not. I’m not a Mel fan but she’s still a beautiful woman.

      1. I agree stormi is beautiful but I don’t want to see her follow the path of Destiny. It won’t be good for Stormi’s business, character and ratings.

      2. I totally agree. There is absolutely no reason to attack Stormi’s looks. She is beautiful and she’s a remarkably intelligent business owner.

        1. Stormi is beautiful but her first story is me and my momma don’t like Mel was a instant turn off. I was like ohhhh so you starting to be the new Destiny now you gonna team up with Tisha ? No thanks !!!

  6. I think Destiny shut down after her divorce was final. Everything had happened at the same time…the baby, the divorce.
    It seemed out of the blue or maybe being seen together just made it unsuspecting.
    I also fhink she wanted out and that’s fair. So why continue to bash her?
    Destiny needs to ignore folks on social media or get off it.

  7. I really liked Destiny at first. So unfortunate how things played out. Truthfully, I wish women had more grace in general when they don’t hear from their friends as much as they want to. Sometimes people really are going through it and need a little space. That doesn’t make them a bad friend or person.

  8. Love me some Destiny. Thank you for not sharing your family business.
    Carlos, we still waiting for the…COME BACK GROUP…They haven’t built NOTHING, only thing going is BLAQUE CIGAR BAR, all.we hear about is Mel Mel, Martel Martel, baby momma, Who cares anymore..This show is more about Ppl.hurting each other, instead should be BLACK BUSINESS MAKING THINGS HAPPEN IN THIER COMMUNITY.

    1. You are so right, besides I’m so sick of the mel worshippers bashing the whole cast that I want them to send Mel to the DC cast. I want them all to win, but I will not watch until Destiny comes back and mel and Martell stop regurgitating old azz storylines and they both move on with their relationships.

      1. Tell the truth though. Mel’s fans bash her coworkers because they keep trying to gang up on her every season and we’re tired of it. Leave that woman alone and her fans won’t bother y’all. But as you can see, you and her coworkers seem to like our attention so here we are. Why are y’all so obsessed with Melody and her fans?

  9. Im tired of the same storyline. Haters of Melody success. Stormi rich in her mind she should be in Melody place but Melody wrote the show you didnt. Tisha want Melody in the comeback group for her connection what else since we all know she hates her. Martel embarrassing sheree on national tv saying he not exclusive with noone then sent his ex 10 dozen roses. Make it make sense

    1. I agree with you 💯….if Mel got a dark soul why Tish want her to be a part of the comeback just to use her!! And Stormy Kruger rich in her head frfr…Carlos better get Froot Loop off the show asap or show gonna get cancelled…she hates Mel #ToxicJealousy cause she definitely not on the same level as Mel in looks or finances‼️

      1. Just read up on Stormy and she actually has made quite a bit of money. Business insider 2021 reports that she made $20 million in sales in 2020.

        1. This is what makes Stormi’s jealousy and high school mentality so puzzling. She should not have time for childish nonsense like being mad at a single mother of 4 for not calling for two months. Most successful businesspeople don’t have time like that to waste. So either someone lied to Business Insider or Stormi needs a really good therapist. I’m going with the latter.

  10. First, why do we still have Montel on the show n why is Carlos giving him therapy. Montel knows exactely what’s his issue is, his mother n himself. He thinks what’s he did is cute, he is a needy man/boy who is very immature. Get off the show n go sit n a therapist chair n grow up. U r not cute. U look country n dress counry.
    As 4 Kisha, get a back bone n stop b n a jelly back. U r a very smart woman who is afraid 2 step out on faith n let your light shine or allow yourself 2 shine. U don’t need no Melondy or a man/husband 2 build n empire that u have already conquer.
    As 4 Melondy, move on from the show. The show needs u 2 thrive u dont need.
    Go do u n let the show find its own way.

  11. You may think you cute on the outside but that ugly lowdown attitude makes you uggggly.. #StormiKruger #BettyKruger

  12. Look everybody always talking about Melanie this and Melody that Melody ain’t nothing but the devil herself just like Tisha said and Melody think she’s another Nene leak running the damn show and Carlos King need to start treating everyone the same it was no reason to fire destiny or Wanda.

    1. Work on your envious spirit, sis. The only evil person on LAMH past and present is Martell Holt. He’s literally dangerous in real life.

    2. What rock did u crawl from under,go back under ur rock,you are looking at a different show or don’t understand what u are looking at, but it is the other way around do u not understand.

    3. You said it Velma! I agree 100%, Destiny and Miss Wanda gave Melody a run for her money. Carlos said he wasn’t going to fire them, then turns around and does just that! Destiny supposedly wasn’t transparent enough, apparently neither is Carlos!

      1. You Destiny fans are just as delusional as Destiny. Y’all don’t really support her and only hate Melody. That’s why Destiny’s business failed. She doesn’t have genuine support. Destiny was rightfully fired for being the only cast member who was rude to producers and showed zero of her life. Good riddance and keep seething.

        1. YES THEY ARE why should the show continue to pay someone to be on a REALITY show not showing ANY of her REAL,,,ITY …and Wanda she does not deserve a Miss is just RATCHET as they come at her age talking about a husband and boyfriend what kind of example is that for younger women…..GOOD RIDDENS to them both…

    4. Thank you for the TRUTH and my friend said mel on the show this season not wanting to talk about her dating life, why? She is supposed to be an open book. To be honest I had more respect for Destiny than I had for anyone on the show.

      1. Oh girl please. You haven’t missed an episode. Melody being an open book is why Destiny even had that job in the first place. Why do you care so much about Melody’s man and life anyway? You Melody haters are really her biggest fans.

  13. Bring Destiny back to the show…give her a chance to get her life together just like you have given Martell and Melody!!

    1. Don’t bring Destiny back! Ms. Wanda either! Both are miserable! Tisha is the whiney Devil herself!

  14. I don’t miss Destiny because everyone new that come on the show she always start something with them and don’t like nobody with her bad attitude. Stormi and her Mother needs to tend to their business and leave Mel alone because that’s a turn off. Why these Mama on the show are always taking up for their grown Daughters I don’t understand. Tishia are so jealous of Mel until she can’t help herself. Trying to talk about Mel have a dark soul she needs to look in the mirror with her sneaky self. I don’t care that much for Tisha.

  15. The fact that these bitter Destiny fans are bringing up Melody is exactly why Destiny is unemployed right now. Y’all don’t even find Destiny interesting enough to stop focusing so much on Melody. This is why we keep telling y’all Melody is the show. Y’all make everything about her.

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